Making the most of mobile social media

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Making the most of mobile social media . A strategic guide for nonprofits. Brad Wilke Founder & Executive Director Flash Volunteer. agenda. Defining Mobile Social Media (MSM ) MSM usage and growth Key uses of MSM Essential MSM tools Telling your organization's story Case study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Making mobile social media work for you

A strategic guide for nonprofitsMaking the most of mobile social media Brad WilkeFounder & Executive DirectorFlash VolunteerDefining Mobile Social Media (MSM)MSM usage and growthKey uses of MSM Essential MSM toolsTelling your organization's story Case studyPractical exercise Questions

agendaWhat is Mobile Social Media?

Msm usage and growthAll data from State of the Media: The Social Media Report, Nielsen, Q3 2011

Msm usage and growth

About 80% of active internet users visit social networks and blogs Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other U.S. websiteNearly 40% of social media users access content from their mobile deviceInternet users age 55+ have more than doubled their MSM usage since 2010 Msm usage and growthKey uses of MSMManage online social networks from mobile devices

Key uses of msmUtilize location-based services

KEY uses of msmCreate, share and consume media on the go

Key uses of msmConnect to mobile sites via social networks

Key uses of msmShare third-party content

Key uses of msmPlay games with friends

Essential msm tools

Let your mission drive your messageMaintain unified but distinct voices in each channelBe social, generous and relevantLess is moreEngage your audience by showing them what you do

Telling your organizations storyTelling your organizations storyCase study

Flash volunteer cause crowdsCause Crowds

EmailNameJackson Street Clean Up!Saturday, 27 August 201110:00 AM 2:00 PM320 17th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144 (Central District)Sign in

Thanks for signing in for the Jackson Street Clean Up!

Thanks for signing in for the Jackson Street Clean Up!

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Unique QR code for event check-insMix of traditional and online promotionMobile optimized Flash Volunteer check-in pagePrompt to recruit friends via Facebook and TwitterData capture through Flash Volunteer backendWillingness of nonprofit to employ experimental approachLive tweeting via MSM Twitter appPredetermined hashtags (#HSDCPark, #nptech, #volunteer) Periodic photo sharing on Flash Volunteer Facebook pageResult: one drop-in volunteer Lessons learned:Push notifications required for random recruitmentMultiple tweeters; not just more tweets (network effects)Traditional on-site recruitment signage Flash volunteer cause crowdsFlash volunteer cause crowds

Get out your mobile device (smartphone, etc.)Download Twitter mobile appLog-in via your organizations account[If you dont have an account, make one now]Create a post about tonights NetSquared MeetupAdd #hashtags (#Seattle, #NetSquared, #nonprofit)Add a picturePublish your tweet

Practical exerciseQuestions?