Making the most of mobile social media

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Making the most of mobile social media . A strategic guide for nonprofits. Brad Wilke Founder & Executive Director Flash Volunteer. agenda. Defining Mobile Social Media (MSM ) MSM usage and growth Key uses of MSM Essential MSM tools Telling your organization's story Case study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Making mobile social media work for you</p> <p>A strategic guide for nonprofitsMaking the most of mobile social media Brad WilkeFounder &amp; Executive DirectorFlash VolunteerDefining Mobile Social Media (MSM)MSM usage and growthKey uses of MSM Essential MSM toolsTelling your organization's story Case studyPractical exercise Questions</p> <p>agendaWhat is Mobile Social Media?</p> <p>Msm usage and growthAll data from State of the Media: The Social Media Report, Nielsen, Q3 2011</p> <p>Msm usage and growth</p> <p>About 80% of active internet users visit social networks and blogs Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other U.S. websiteNearly 40% of social media users access content from their mobile deviceInternet users age 55+ have more than doubled their MSM usage since 2010 Msm usage and growthKey uses of MSMManage online social networks from mobile devices</p> <p>Key uses of msmUtilize location-based services</p> <p>KEY uses of msmCreate, share and consume media on the go</p> <p>Key uses of msmConnect to mobile sites via social networks</p> <p>Key uses of msmShare third-party content</p> <p>Key uses of msmPlay games with friends</p> <p>Essential msm tools</p> <p>Let your mission drive your messageMaintain unified but distinct voices in each channelBe social, generous and relevantLess is moreEngage your audience by showing them what you do </p> <p>Telling your organizations storyTelling your organizations storyCase study</p> <p>Flash volunteer cause crowdsCause Crowds </p> <p>EmailNameJackson Street Clean Up!Saturday, 27 August 201110:00 AM 2:00 PM320 17th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144 (Central District)Sign in</p> <p>Thanks for signing in for the Jackson Street Clean Up!</p> <p>Thanks for signing in for the Jackson Street Clean Up!</p> <p>Share: Like</p> <p>Unique QR code for event check-insMix of traditional and online promotionMobile optimized Flash Volunteer check-in pagePrompt to recruit friends via Facebook and TwitterData capture through Flash Volunteer backendWillingness of nonprofit to employ experimental approachLive tweeting via MSM Twitter appPredetermined hashtags (#HSDCPark, #nptech, #volunteer) Periodic photo sharing on Flash Volunteer Facebook pageResult: one drop-in volunteer Lessons learned:Push notifications required for random recruitmentMultiple tweeters; not just more tweets (network effects)Traditional on-site recruitment signage Flash volunteer cause crowdsFlash volunteer cause crowds</p> <p>Get out your mobile device (smartphone, etc.)Download Twitter mobile appLog-in via your organizations account[If you dont have an account, make one now]Create a post about tonights NetSquared MeetupAdd #hashtags (#Seattle, #NetSquared, #nonprofit)Add a picturePublish your tweet</p> <p>Practical exerciseQuestions?</p> <p>@flashvolunteerFlash</p>