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A How-To on making your company page a powerful engagement tool.


  • 1. Company PagesCopyright 2011 LinkedIn Corporation.LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail areregistered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporationin the United States and/or other countries. Allother brands and names are the property oftheir respective owners. All rights reserved.10-LMS-001-2 03/11

2. Your company and the worldslargest audience of professionalsOver 100 million professionals are opportunities and keep an eye out for job Whats your Company Page? Its the central hub for your brand.following more than 1.9 million companiesopenings. Members are notified of suchIts your companys profile of record on LinkedIn and a Through your Company Page, you can manage all facetson LinkedIn. Who are these followers?developments via network updates or emails. powerful way to reach millions of professionals through of your brand: your company brand, your employment word-of-mouth recommendations and trusted brand and your product brand.They are job seekers, employees, potential testimonials. When members want to know more aboutcustomers, purchasing managers, currentIts your engagement tool. your company, they look to your Company Its an opportunity to reveal the human side of yourclients, or interested observers. They company. Provide a peek at the individuals behind the Bring your brand to life by showcasing your glowing Page on LinkedIn. recommendations, your standout products, your bestfollow companies to stay in the loop onbrand, and highlight how members use your products employees, and by directly messaging your developments, compare products in their daily lives to solve real problems. In short, your Company Page offers tools for you to bring yourand services, track potential business Its how you grow your business brand to life. virally through word of mouth. Let your employees and customers become brand ambassadors and spread the word about your company through network-aware testimonials and recommendations. Its a rich source of analytics. Gain insights into your followers and measure how their recommendations spread virally on LinkedIn. Company Page 2 3. Why create a Company Page?Create your Company Page as yourMake yourYour Company Page provides you with an anchor on LinkedIn the place to gocompanys interface to millions ofpresence feltwhenever any member wants to learn more about your company, your culture, your products and services. Depending on what LinkedIn members are looking for, you canprofessionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ensure your company puts its best foot forward and provides the most relevant andmembers want to find out more abouttailored messaging.your company, hear of job openings,discover what your company culture is Grow and engageYour company already has a following of committed, interested and engaged, and get recommendations fromyour followers Your Company Page provides a wealth of tools for increasing engagement among your followers via status updates, breaking news, blog posts, Twitter updates, YouTubetheir network on products that may videos, special offers and best suited to their needs.Benefit from the Nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations for generating new business. Andbuzz about yourwhen it comes to making buying decisions, recommendations from friends, peers andproducts colleagues hold far more weight than the marketing messages on your corporate website, or a testimonial from a stranger. Each time a LinkedIn member endorses your products or services, their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections and could spread virally. When you promote and curate these recommendations, you have a showcase of the most credible, authentic endorsements of your products.Promote your Savvy job seekers, especially passive seekers, turn to LinkedIn for professional insights.employment brand The Careers Tab will be one of the first places they look to before responding to a recruiter or researching a potential job opportunity. By investing in a premium LinkedIn Careers Page, you can shape their understanding of your employment brand through video, images and customizable content modules. Your page will automatically highlight your most relevant jobs based on each viewers professional background.Company Page 4 4. What kind of content ison your Company Page?When you set up your Company Page,OverviewThe reception area of your Company Page the Overview Tab provides a friendlyOverviewCareers introduction to your brand. When a member visits this tab, they see everyone inyou have an active role in deciding whattheir network who works at your company, your companys blog posts and Twitter feeds.content to highlight, what informationto include, and how you speak to specificCareers This section provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with millions of passivesegments of members visiting your page.and active job seekers on LinkedIn. Investing in a Silver or Gold Careers Page allowsYour Company Page is viewer-aware, whichyou to feature additional content about your employment brand and your companysmeans you can display different productsculture, showcase your best employees, and tailor your messaging and job postingsand jobs to an IT manager in Pharma thanto target audiences.Products & Services Analyticsyou do to a Media sales professional.Products & Services Heres your chance to catch the eye of prospective customers by highlighting productsYour Company Page is also network-aware,or services that are relevant to your target audience. When a member visits this page,which means members can see who in theirthey see how many of their network connections recommend your product or serviceas well as their works at your company and who intheir network recommends your products.Analytics This tab is visible only to you, as an administrator of your Company Page. UseYour Company Page is made up of 4 tabs: information to understand the composition of your base of followers who they are,what they do and what products, services or jobs interest them.Overview, Careers, Products & Servicesand Analytics. Company Page 6 5. Overview TabCompany Status UpdateIntroducing your company to professionals Follow CompanyThe Overview Tab of your Company PageMembers will be able to:Overview of your Companyprovides visiting members with a rich, Follow your company to stay in the loop on keynetwork-aware snapshot of your company developments, including job openings and otherand provides you with an opportunity toupdates.make a direct connection. Read through a high-level overview of your company.With company status updates, you can send See who in their network is employed by your Members Network company. at your Companymessages and links directly to your followers.They will appear on your Overview Tab and Access the latest news about your company through your blog posts and Twitter members network update stream. Your Visit the Employee Statistics section to get anmessages will spread virally to grow your analytical perspective on your employees. Forfollowing and member engagement. example, they can see what percentage of your companys employees are in engineering, sales or marketing. Or how your companys employee base has grown over time, as reflected by your employees LinkedIn profiles. Twitter Feeds & Blogs Get a quick summary of other key company data that you choose to provide.Data SummaryOverview 8 6. Products &Services TabDisplay BannerBuilding your showcase of recommendationsFollow CompanyFeatured Productsby AudienceYour Products & Services Tab is the voice of Listing all products and servicesyour Product (or Services) Brand. You canYou can create a directory-style listing that includes alluse this tab to showcase your best your product and service offerings. Each product or Network-Aware Moduleproducts and services to highly targeted service can also include: descriptions, features, images, of Recommenders display banners, videos, and special offers.audiences, curate and spotlight productrecommendations and engage withprospective and current customers.Product Listing Product VideoProducts & Services 10 7. Defining your target audience Describing each product or serviceShowcasing recommendations ofDescribe your product in detail, while making sure itsyour products and servicesunique value proposition stands out. Make sure youRecommendations from fellow professionals impactcapture all of your products salient features, provide product and service purchase decisions in a big way.imagery as a visual aid and use video clips for When LinkedIn members visit your Products & Servicesinteractivity. You are also encouraged to createTab, they see how many and which of their professionalspecial offers unique to members following you on connections recommend your products and services.LinkedIn. And dont forget to provide contact detailsof the people behind the product such as your Recommendations that you receive spread virally:Tipproduct manager(s) or sales people that can When a member recommends your product, theirhelp a customer make the right connections are notified.LinkedIn Advanced People Search The recommendation becomes part of the Personalizing content for yourstream and is reflected on the members profile page.can help you identify the right industries to target. target audiences The recommendation lives on your product page andCustomize the Products & Services Tab to displaywill be discovered when any of the memberscontent personalized to your target audiencesconnections visit the page.priorities and interests. That way, you arent showingWe display impressions and engagement rates for eachthe same products to Finance professionals as you arerecommendation so you can measure its impact. You canto Pharma industry execs.also control which recommendations are visible andYou can define up to 30 distinct audience segmentsrespond to members comments.for different versions of this tab, based on a variety ofattributes such as: industry, job function, seniority,Tips for getting greatgeography and company size.Learn MorerecommendationsFeaturing products and services Visit more people who recommend your products andservices, the more likely it is that word-of-mouth buzzHave your most relevant products under the spotlightto download the guide to setting up yourabout your product will spread. Here are someand tailor your offerings based on audience segments. Products & Services Tabsuggestions for getting high-quality endorsements:Select products from your master directory list thatyou believe will resonate the most with a given Ask your best customers via LinkedIns Requestaudience. Since you can define up to 30 audienceRecommendations module. You can invite memberssegments, each segment can have its own set of up to recommend your products and services directlyto 5 products or services. And for any given audience from the Products & Services Tab on your Companysegment, you can enhance the appeal of your offerings Page, using the Request Recommendations button.with up to 3 display banners and a custom video. Seek recommendations as part of all of yourcustomer communications.Products & Services 12 8. Careers Tab Display BannerGiving voice to your employment brandWith a Premium Careers Page, you canCustomizing Contentshowcase your best talent, promote jobYour Careers Page is highly customizable and offers aopportunities, provide insights into your range of content options to bring your employmentcompany culture and hiring practices as brand to life. You can tailor your content to targetmembers based on Industry, Job Function, Senioritywell as interact with both active and and Geography so your message to an engineer inEmployee Spotlightpassive job seekers.San Francisco is different from your message to asales professional in London.Recruiter ContactsIf you have posted any jobs on LinkedIn,You can also choose from a selection of contenttheyll automatically appear in this section. modules to feature the content that is important toIf you have a Premium Careers Page, yourjob seekers and employees. Use these customizedmodules to:jobs will be targeted to the individualmember viewing the page. Tell your corporate story Describe company culture, mission and valuesEmployment Video Outline potential career paths List awards, statistics or milestones Provide detailed information on locations Give details on teams, projects or corporate Custom Content Modulesphilanthropy BenefitsCareers 14 9. Analytics TabGaining insights about your following Unique Visitors Comparedto Similar CompaniesYour Company Page comes with anAnalytics Tab visible only to administratorsof your Company Page. You learn who is Interactions with yourvisiting your company page, which areas of Company Pageyour page interest them, and how this datacompares against similar companies.Easy-to-read graphs dynamically populatewith monthly data about the traffic to yourCompany Page and interactions with itscontent. You can also learn whichindustries, functions and companies makeup your group of followers.Member Visits by Industry Analytics 16 10. Discovery of your Company PageMember discovery of your CompanyOrganic discovery of your Increasing awareness of yourPage, Careers Tab and Products &Company PageCompany PageServices TabYour Company Page will always appear when a memberYou can grow your company followers, multiply thetypes your companys name into LinkedIns search boxnumber of visitors and increase your recommendationsThere are plenty of ways for members toon their home page or on the Companies home page. on your Company Page by taking some simple steps:organically discover your Company Page,Members may discover your Company Page when they: Embed a Follow us on LinkedIn button on youryour Careers Tab or your Products & company website, careers page or product pages. View the LinkedIn profile of one of your employeesServices Tab while theyre doing research(Hovering your cursor over a company name brings Invite candidates in your hiring pipeline to visit youror searching on LinkedIn. up a mini-company profile, which links to yourCompany Page (or Careers Tab) for more information.Company Page). Add your Company Page URL Receive a notification when your products or services ( recommended by one of their your outbound emails or recruitment andproduct communications. See an open position from your company via a jobsearch, under Jobs You May Be Interested In on Include a mention of your Company Page in yourtheir home page or through jobs suggested bycustomer newsletters.their contacts. Promote your Company Page via an email campaign See your company under Companies You May Beor through advertising. Contact us atInterested in Following a recommendation today to get started.for members from LinkedIn. Follow your company and then receive networkupdates.Discovery 18