Leverage Customer Communities to Reduce Support Costs and Drive Product Innovation

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http://ow.ly/hsc9k, Your customers use your products and services every day. Theyre a great resource your company can leverage for product innovation and development prioritization. You can also turn to them to provide social support and word-of-mouth marketing content by connecting them to other customers and prospects. Watch Zoli Radnai, Senior Community Manager at Prezi, to learn how he uses the Get Satisfaction customer community to: Solicit and prioritize feedback, and leverage customers for product testing Activate community Champions for support assistance and brand advocacy Facilitate open, trust-building conversations between customers, employees, and prospects


1. Leverage Community to Reduce Support Costs and Drive Product InnovationZoli RadnaiSenior Community ManagerPrezi.com 2. About Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction is the leading customer engagement platform, designed to build authentic relationships between customers and companies. 35 million 70,000 consumers/ Customer month Communities To ask questions, Connect with each other share ideas and the companies they and report problems care about @getsatisfaction 3. We Help Companies Acquire More Customers Improve Customer Service Experience Drive Product Innovation @getsatisfaction 4. Drive Real Business Results 1,000 Product Champions per Month athenahealth Client feedback and insight into R&D 1200 Product Ideas from the Community 50% Decrease in Support Costs 75% Reduction in Support Tickets 9 Brand Communities @getsatisfaction 5. Zoli RadnaiSenior Community Manager 6. Agenda Prezi background & business problem GetSatisfaction solution Question & Answer @getsatisfaction 7. About Prezi Launched in April 2009 A virtual whiteboard that transforms monologues into conversations Enables people to see, remember, and understand ideas More than 15 million registered users Has business and education applicability @getsatisfaction 8. Wanted: Customer Engagementfor Support and Product Feedback Began searching for a community management platform when the company was small Wanted open discussion, peer-to-peer support Sought a more action- oriented solution than traditional forums Prezi development is highly feedback-based, so needed a way to capture and track it real-time @getsatisfaction 9. Agenda Prezi background & business problem GetSatisfaction solution Question & Answer @getsatisfaction 10. Why Get Satisfaction Outcome-oriented solution thats easy to use for support, feedback, and marketing content Tight integration with Zendesk In-depth analytic capabilities of GoodData for Get Satisfaction Champions program @getsatisfaction 11. Adoption is increasing and weregetting positive feedback frommembers International English community + Spanish community More than 42,000 topics to date 46,300 people participating About 800 new topics and 2,700 actions per month Tons of product ideas already implemented @getsatisfaction 12. Community for easy,self-serve support! Hiring strategy leverages Get Satisfaction Champions Integration with Zendesk allows for private, personal, as well as social support Engagement and participation are high @getsatisfaction 13. Community for product innovation,issue analysis, & resolution! Get Satisfaction is official peer-to-peer support & discussion forum Easy to let community know whether ideas are Under Consideration, Completed, or Not Planned Lots of product ideas have been implemented Real-time product testing made easy @getsatisfaction 14. Agenda Prezi background & business problem GetSatisfaction solution Question & Answer @getsatisfaction 15. Questions? @getsatisfaction 16. Contact us! Call (877) 339-3997 or visit us onlinewww.getsatisfaction.com/corp/solutions


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