LECTURE 7: “REPRESENTATION”. “Cave Paintings,” Lascaux, FRANCE, 15,000 BC

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Text of LECTURE 7: “REPRESENTATION”. “Cave Paintings,” Lascaux, FRANCE, 15,000 BC


  • Cave Paintings, Lascaux, FRANCE, 15,000 BC

  • R E P R E S E N T A T I O N re (again) + present (to show)

  • Rene Magritte, The Treason of Images, 1927

  • Nigari,Selim II Practising Archery, c. 1570

  • Nefertari and the Goddess Isis, Ancient Egypt, 1400 BC

  • Inuit (Eskimo) Dance Masks, c. 1880

  • St. Denis Commissions His Biography, from The Life of St. Denis, 1317

  • Fra Angelico, The Annunciation, 1440-50

  • Giovanni Bellini,San Giobbe Altarpiece, 1480s

  • Peter Paul Rubens, Mars and Rhea Silvia, 1616

  • Gustave Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1849

  • tienne Carjat, Portrait of Charles Baudelaire, 1863

  • Constantin Brancusi, The Kiss, 1908Auguste Rodin, The Kiss, 1901-04

  • A B S T R A C T I O N (noun)a process that involves reducing the level of visual realism

  • Theo van Doesburg, studies for Composition VIII (The Cow), 1916-17

  • Paul Cezanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1904-06

  • Georges Braque, Violin and Candlestick, 1910

  • Ikko Tanaka,Nihon Buyo Poster, 1981

  • Traditional kilim (Turkish carpet) from el Province, TURKEY, 19th century

  • Adnan oker, Mor drtgen, 1995

  • Alberto Giacometti, Man and Woman, 1927

  • Wassily Kandinksy, Composition VII, 1913

  • A B S T R A C T (adjective)non-representational (NOT referring to something seen)

  • Kasimir Malevich, The Black Square, 1920s

  • Anish Kapoor, works, 2009