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2D TheLascauxpaintings 7DReading 1 Quickly read the text The Find of the Centuryand complete the notes with dates and numbers.

Matura practice 3 Read the text again and decide which1 The boys noticed a new hole in the ground. 2 At first there wasnt enough light to see properly. 3 Some types of animals in the paintings are no longer alive. 4 Scientists and historians have identified the main artist. sentences are true and which are false. Put a cross () in the correct box. True True False False

(1) Its been years since the discovery of the cave. The cave paintings are from (2) years ago. Altogether there are over (3) images. The images of (4) bulls are probably the most impressive. The biggest is over (5) long. After the (6) World War, (7) people visited the site each day. In (8) , they had to close the cave to visitors. Fortunately, Lascaux II was opened in (9) .

True True

False False False

2 Imagine you are interviewing an expert aboutthe caves. Read the text again and write answers to the questions. Work in pairs and take it in turns to be the interviewer and the expert. Y=you,E=Expert Y 1 E Y 2 E Y 3 E Y 4 E Y 5 E Y 6 E Y 7 E Y Oh dear. Lets hope that they can find a solution. Thanks very much for talking to me today. Thats a pity. But are they safe from danger now? Oh really! Thats interesting. And was it really necessary to close the caves? So why do you think they painted them? Do you have any idea of who painted the pictures? Are there any men in the paintings? How amazing! What are the paintings of? How exactly was the cave discovered?

5 A number of the paintings are technically advanced. True 6 The atmosphere outside the caves caused the first damage to the caves. 7 Scientists have completely established the reason for the fungus. 8 Very few people now enter Lascaux I. 9 Lascaux II reproduces all of the caves. 10 Lascaux II cannot reproduce the experience of going to Lascaux I.



True True True

False False False



4 Work in groups. Choose one of the

archaeological sites in Poland below. Research and prepare a short description of it. You can include some maps and diagrams as necessary. Say why the site is important to historians.

Biskupin Chrobry Giecz

Ostrw Lednicki Truso Trzcinica (Troja Pnocy)


Science and discovery Culture Skills Culture

The Find of the CenturyNear the town of Montignac in Southern France there are some of the most extraordinary paintings in the world the Lascaux cave paintings. In September 1940, four teenage boys and a dog called Robot were playing in the woods when they found a recent hole beneath a tree and decided to explore. They couldnt see very much, so they returned with a light. When they entered the first cave. they couldnt believe their eyes. Its walls were covered with paintings of ancient animals from 16,000 years ago. It was the find of the century. It contains more than 2,000 images painted by prehistoric man. The most popular subject of the paintings is horses, but there are also prehistoric cats, bison and even a rhinoceros. Many of these creatures are now extinct. Some of the pictures showed men hunting them for food. Undoubtedly, the most striking images are those of four bulls. In the Great Hall of the Bulls there are four black bulls. One of them is over five metres long the biggest animal ever discovered in cave art so far. It is not clear who painted them, although some people think that a shaman a sort of priest and magician did the work. Maybe he painted them to bring them luck with the hunt. Some of the paintings are extremely skilful and use techniques that werent used again until the Renaissance.

The mostofpopular subject thepaintings is horses, but there are also prehistoric cats, bison and even a rhinoceros.

After the Second World War, the cave became an enormous tourist attraction, with a thousand people visiting the cave each day. Unfortunately, the carbon dioxide from visitors breath damaged the paintings so badly that in 1963 they had to close the cave to the public. Experts have managed to restore the pictures to their original state but they have to check them constantly because of environmental dangers. The most recent threat is from a fungus*. This may be due to the air-conditioning in the cave. Only individual scientists can enter the cave on rare occasions. However, even if we cant see the real thing, we can visit a replica* of two of the caves and their paintings just 200 metres away. Lascaux II opened in 1983 and receives many thousands of visitors without risking the precious originals. Obviously it is not the same as visiting fungus an area of tiny plants that the originals, but it gives us a very good idea of what the paintings are like can grow on an old or wet wall and their setting*.replica an exact copy setting the type of place where something is found





A scientist studies the prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux


Ucz z pasj OdkrywcyPodr to rado odkrywania i patrzenia na wiat szeroko otwartymi oczyma, po to, aby po ich zamkniciu przewija si nam film kolorowych zdj, zielonych lagun, dzikich zwierzt, poraajcych gr i oceanw, kolorowych ludzi, dalekich kultur i obcych zwyczajw. A kiedy zmczeni tym pdem znajdziemy czas na refleksj i relaks, otwieramy podrczniki Matura Explorer. To kurs do nauki jzyka angielskiego o wdrowaniu, poznawaniu, odkrywaniu. To filmy krcone w krajach, ktrych nazw nie potrafimy zlokalizowa na mapie, to artykuy odkrywcw, pasjonatw, podrnikw. I ju wiemy: NationalGeographic!

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www.jezyki.nowaera.plPhoto Credits: Cover and 3a: Lascaux cave painting (Sisse Brimberg/National Geographic Image Collection); 2a: Biskupin (Akivi/iStockphoto); 3b map ( Mapping Specialists, Ltd.)