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  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn



    Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means youve decided to

    look beyond the imperfections.

    It took me a while to realise this, but I got there.

    Looking back on my life, I laugh at my mistakes and smile at how far Ive

    come because of those mistakes. Things happen for a reason and sometimes they

    bring good things and sometimes bad things. But no matter what, you just have to

    live through life with a smile.

    I have lived, loved, laughed and lost. The four main factors in life.

    I am happy with my life; I wouldnt change a thing about it.

    Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today

    and make a new ending because sometimes its the smallest decisions that change

    our life forever. Dont hold back from them and dont let anything get in your way

    from those decisions.

    Some people say the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you

    cannot do. Sometimes youll feel guilty just trying to prove someone wrong and

    sometimes youll feel so damn glad that you proved you could do it. So live you

    make sure you live your dreams the way you wish and dont anyone tell you that you

    cant. If you aspire then you can gain. If all goes wrong then you can say at leastyou tried, because its the thought that counts.

  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn


    Don't live in the past, yet never let go of the memories. A life without

    memories is a life without experience. Don't look towards the future, yet keep your

    head open minded. If you have no goals then where are you going to go? Live in

    the present and take life as it comes. Don't stress about what you can't change, or

    anything you want to prevent from happening. All that time spent worrying is

    wasting your time living. In the end, the future depends on what we do in the


    So never let anyone tell you youre not worthy. Never let anyone say you

    havent lived. Never let anyone ruin your dreams. Because your life is yours. You

    were given it, so its your chance to live it.

    And thats what I did.

  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn


    Chapter one

    The white lines on the grey road drifted behind the car as I stared through the back


    Sit straight in your seat! my step father ordered.

    I slouched around and faced the correct direction. Why do we have to move

    to this bore of a town anyway? I questioned.

    Because Rick got his job transfer here, mum stated in a monotone voice.

    I scowled at where her head was in the seat in front of me. Yeah right, Ricks

    job lets him be anywhere. As long as there is internet he can live there. He works

    from home.

    Well maybe some people move to towns like this for peace and quiet

    Cecelia! Rick snapped. And bratty teenagers like you should shut your trap before

    youre forced into the world to live on your own. Respect the factthat youll have a

    home you selfish, spoiled, little worthless piece of

  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn


    Thatll do Rick, mum interrupted in the same monotone voice.

    Youve sucked the life out of my mother, I muttered.

    He slammed on the breaks and got out of the car. He yanked open my car

    door and pulled me out onto the road.

    Youre nothing but a speck of dirt on my shoe. You mean nothing to me. I

    can chuck you out whatever I want. So you start showing some respect! he spat

    into my face.

    I glared at him resulting with him taking a blow to my face causing me to

    collapse to the ground.

    Worthless, he spat again.

    I struggled to my feet again and clambered into the car, my mouth shut this


    Mum glanced at me in her mirror, her grey eyes looking at mine in a

    disapproved matter.

    I hate her... with every single bone in my body, I thought to myself.I hated my mother so much. I hated her weedy grey eyes, her Botox tight

    skin, her big full lips, mountains of make up on her fake tanned skin, and her puffy

    brown hair and her silicon chest.

    Rick has dark brown hair and square glasses that cover his dark brown eyes.

    He was rather fond of lots of cigars and always reeked of alcohol. He calls himself a

    writer but I call him an alcoholic.

    He was as pathetic as my mother.

    I on the other hand have long messy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I

    always covered my eyes in dark make up. My nails were always painted black. And

    the only shoes I wore were my combat boots.

  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn


    This is your room, mum announced as we walked through the house. It was

    an old Queenslander home that looked like it was on the edge of falling apart. The

    floorboards were so old and squeaky, the walls were so dusty and grey, and the

    windows either didnt open or didnt close.

    Home sweet home, I whispered as I slumped onto the mattress of the


    I slowly shut my eyes and let the darkness take me into a deep slumber.

    Get up! mum shrieked into my room.

    Of course my immediate response was to lay there. Why would I do what she

    says? Shes never shown me any kindness so I see no use showing her any

    kindness in return. Treat people how they treat you I always say.

    I slowly started to drift back to sleep till I was yanked out of bed by the hair.

    When your mother says gets up, you get up!

    He shoved me into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. School

    starts in an hour. Dont be late or you wont see food for a week.

    I sighed and thought to myself, ungrateful pig...

    I rinsed off my face and released my hair from its braid. I didnt have time to

    do anything else. I walked back to my room chucked on some skinny jeans that

    were covered in rips, put on a shirt that was way too big for me and tied it up with

    one of my mums belts and put on my boots.

    I picked up my side bag that only contained one book and one pen, then I

    walked out the door not bothering to say good bye to my parents.

    Lake Gloria.

    Its the town that always looks like its in a state of Autumn.

    Situated in the middle of nowhere.

    Dont bother even looking up because youll never find it.

  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn


    Population? Oh about 5 000. 100 of them are attending high school. 200 in

    primary school. 300 maybe are in their younger years. The rest? Well theyre

    mostly farmers or people who run their small convenient stores. It was worse than a

    jail. And I was stuck here, in the confinements in the land of nothing.

    You want to go to the movies? Oh theyre playing the same movie on the

    projector from back in 1960. You want to get some new clothes? How about blue

    jeans and a flannel shirt? You want to get your hair done? A five dollar dodgy hair

    cut at the only hair dresser will do it. I hope you like the one hair style, a bob.

    There was literally nothing to do here. So I had to find some task to entertain

    me... something to keep me occupied. Or else Ill go insane.

    So I walked up the dusty dirt road over the hill and into the main part of the

    town. I stopped quickly at the grocery store and bought myself an apple to munch

    on. Then I continued making my way to school, oh fun.

    Finished with my apple I threw it to the ground and walked over to the front

    office. The receptionist in the office glanced over me in a look of disgust. Just by

    looking at her you could tell shes one of those pristine farmers wife. Always gets up

    early, makes the kids breakfast, makes sure there is lunch for her husband, goes to

    work and takes care of other business, does the shopping on the way home, then

    falls asleep only to do the same thing again the next day.

    Hi there! she said through a tightly fake smile of pearly whites. Her smile

    indicated that she really did not like me and couldnt wait till I was expelled.

    I need my class schedule, I stated, not bothering with any greetings.

    Of course, are you Cecelia Bloom?

    Are there anyother new students in this bore of a town?

    Her smile faltered a bit and she plastered it on tighter. Youre a funny one

    arent you?

    I continued to stare at her, my face clearly stating that she did not amuse me.

  • 8/4/2019 Leaves of Autumn


    Grade twelve is attending science right now. Its the block just down the

    path. You should see the sign.

    What, no class room numbers in this minuscule town?

    Have a good day, her smile finally dropped.

    I gave her a sarcastic smile and walked out the door.

    Glad you can finally make it, the teacher said giving me a wary look.

    Well at least one of us is glad because honestly Id rather be sleeping away

    in my bed, I responded.

    A few people in class laughed at my sassy remark.

    Very nice, now take a seat Miss Bloom.

    Ahh, heknows my name! Were getting somewhere.

    He put down his pen and walked over to me. Were not going to have any

    problems on your first day here are we?

    Of course not, sir! I shall most definitelybehave.

    I hope so.

    I kept my mouth shut this time and made my way to the back of the

    classroom, pulling up a chair in an abandoned corner.

    A girl with a tight pony tail turned around and scowled at me. She showed

    much resemblance to the programmed machine receptionist in the office. Ah, I see

    much potential in this girl in front of me. Shell turn out to be much like her mother.

    What are you looking at Blondie? I snapped.