Latin American Independence

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Latin American Independence. Test 2/9. Late 1700’s -American Revolution & French Revolution Early 1800’s -Colonists in Latin America were tired of watching Spain and Portugal gain riches at their expense. . What world events influenced the Latin American independence movements?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Latin American Independence

Latin American Independence

Test 2/9Latin American IndependenceLate 1700s -American Revolution & French Revolution

Early 1800s -Colonists in Latin America were tired of watching Spain and Portugal gain riches at their expense.

What world events influenced the Latin American independence movements?

Mestizo People of mixed Spanish and Native American descent.

Hacienda A plantation owned by the Spaniards or the Catholic Church.

Encomiendas The rights to demand taxes or labor from the Native Americas given to the Spanish settlers.Vocabulary3Hacienda

Revolution A political movement where the people overthrow the government and set up another.

Criollo Of Spanish parents but born in Latin America

Caudillo Latin American leaders trained by Bolivarmost were strict ruling military officers.

Mullato - A person of mixed white and Black ancestry. Vocabulary5Mexicos (New Spain) Multilayered SocietySpanish- ruling class (peninsulares)Natives & Africans (slaves)largest groupMestizos & MullatosCriollos- military leaders*Draw this chart.*61789 Slaves were given freedom after the French Revolution . . . HOWEVER , in 1791 they changed their minds.

Toussaint LOuverture A former slave who was educated led the revolution in Saint-Dominque (Haiti) beginning in 1791.

Haiti became independent in 1804.How did the Caribbean gain its independence?

7Haiti was the first Latin American country to break free from Imperialism.However, they have lived under harsh dictators and are the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere

In 1810, Miguel Hidalgo, a priest from Dolores, Mexico began the revolution in Mexico. He believedSlaves should be freedLand held by Spain should be returned to Mexican farmersSpain should stop taxing Mexican citizens so heavily

Cry of Dolores- Hidalgo rallied the Mestizos and Criollos and rang the church bell to go against the Spaniards.

By 1811 Hidalgo was executed, but revolution continued.

1821- Spanish troops leave Mexico; Hidalgo is known as Father of Mexican IndependenceHow did Mexico gain its independence?9Father Miguel Hidalgo

Spanish control in South America for 300 years

Who controlled the gray area?

Two men worked their ways around South America fighting the Spanish for independence.

Simon Bolivar from Venezuela - nicknamed El Libertador

Bolivar fought for 15 years to liberate many countries in S. America.Bolivia was named after him.

Jose de San Martin from Argentina

The Spanish were defeated in 1821. But there is still Brazil?How did South America gain independence from Mexico?

12In the 1800s French invades Spain and Portugal.

Portugals royal family flees to Brazil for safety.

Kings son Dom Pedro was left behind to rule the colony

1822 Dom Pedro declared Brazil independent. How did Brazil gain independence from Portugal?