Latin American Independence

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Latin American Independence. Test 2/9. Late 1700s -American Revolution & French Revolution Early 1800s -Colonists in Latin America were tired of watching Spain and Portugal gain riches at their expense. . What world events influenced the Latin American independence movements?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Latin American Independence</p> <p>Test 2/9Latin American IndependenceLate 1700s -American Revolution &amp; French Revolution</p> <p>Early 1800s -Colonists in Latin America were tired of watching Spain and Portugal gain riches at their expense. </p> <p>What world events influenced the Latin American independence movements?</p> <p>Mestizo People of mixed Spanish and Native American descent.</p> <p>Hacienda A plantation owned by the Spaniards or the Catholic Church.</p> <p>Encomiendas The rights to demand taxes or labor from the Native Americas given to the Spanish settlers.Vocabulary3Hacienda</p> <p>Revolution A political movement where the people overthrow the government and set up another.</p> <p>Criollo Of Spanish parents but born in Latin America</p> <p>Caudillo Latin American leaders trained by Bolivarmost were strict ruling military officers.</p> <p>Mullato - A person of mixed white and Black ancestry. Vocabulary5Mexicos (New Spain) Multilayered SocietySpanish- ruling class (peninsulares)Natives &amp; Africans (slaves)largest groupMestizos &amp; MullatosCriollos- military leaders*Draw this chart.*61789 Slaves were given freedom after the French Revolution . . . HOWEVER , in 1791 they changed their minds. </p> <p>Toussaint LOuverture A former slave who was educated led the revolution in Saint-Dominque (Haiti) beginning in 1791.</p> <p>Haiti became independent in 1804.How did the Caribbean gain its independence?</p> <p>7Haiti was the first Latin American country to break free from Imperialism.However, they have lived under harsh dictators and are the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere</p> <p>In 1810, Miguel Hidalgo, a priest from Dolores, Mexico began the revolution in Mexico. He believedSlaves should be freedLand held by Spain should be returned to Mexican farmersSpain should stop taxing Mexican citizens so heavily</p> <p>Cry of Dolores- Hidalgo rallied the Mestizos and Criollos and rang the church bell to go against the Spaniards. </p> <p> By 1811 Hidalgo was executed, but revolution continued. </p> <p>1821- Spanish troops leave Mexico; Hidalgo is known as Father of Mexican IndependenceHow did Mexico gain its independence?9Father Miguel Hidalgo</p> <p>Spanish control in South America for 300 years</p> <p>Who controlled the gray area?</p> <p>Two men worked their ways around South America fighting the Spanish for independence.</p> <p>Simon Bolivar from Venezuela - nicknamed El Libertador</p> <p>Bolivar fought for 15 years to liberate many countries in S. America.Bolivia was named after him.</p> <p>Jose de San Martin from Argentina </p> <p> The Spanish were defeated in 1821. But there is still Brazil?How did South America gain independence from Mexico?</p> <p>12In the 1800s French invades Spain and Portugal. </p> <p>Portugals royal family flees to Brazil for safety. </p> <p>Kings son Dom Pedro was left behind to rule the colony</p> <p>1822 Dom Pedro declared Brazil independent. How did Brazil gain independence from Portugal?</p> <p>13</p>