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Fifth Year Graduate Student Masters of Architecture Design Portfolio Kansas State University


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    _Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS Fall 2011 - present Masters of Architecture - NAAB Accredited Program_Centro Studi Santa Chiara - Castiglion Fiorentino, Italia Spring 2013_University of Missouri Kansas City - Kansas City, MO Fall 2009 - Spring 2011

    _St. Charles School District R6 Maintenance Department - Saint Charles, MO Summer: 2010 - 2013 Maintained school grounds using weed trimmers, zero turn mowers, and tractors. Assisted full-time employees on repairs or improvement jobs inside of schools. _Midtowne Market Bakery Department- Saint Charles, MO Fall 2008 - Fall 2009 Range of responsibilities including donut preperation, cooking bread, cleaning, and helping customers.

    _College of Architecture, Planning, and Design Fall 2011 - present Ambassador _Wonder Workshop - Manhattan, KS Spring 2014 Collaborative studio community outreach project_Monsters of Design - Kansas City, MO Spring 2014 AIA KC Young Architects Competition_Living Cities Design Competition - New York, NY Fall 2013 Metropolis Magazine steel skyscraper


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    _Autodesk - 3D Studio Max, Revit, Autocad_Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign_Other - Google Sketchup_Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint_Hand - Drafting, Rendering, Sketching, Model Building_Fabrication - Laser Cutting, Shop Craft


    honors _K-State David Alan Kesler Scholarship Fall 2013 - Spring 2014_K-State Deans Honor List Fall 2012 - Fall 2013_UMKC Deans Honor List Spring 2011_UMKC Chancellors Scholarship Award Fall 2009 - Spring 2011_Bud Persons Scholarship for Design Excellence Spring 2011 Academic Design Competition finalist_Search Symposium - 2nd place prize Spring 2011 Academic Design and Research Expo

    _Greg Sheldon - FAIA Associate Principal BNIM Architects / 816.783.1622_Jim Jones - studio professor Kansas State University _Russell Leary - Director of Facilities St. Charles School District / 636.443.4078 _David Pendleton - Jacobs North American Infrastructure / 314.614.4975

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    My name is Lane Garrett Pendleton, I am currently in my fifth year of the Masters in Architecture program at Kansas State University. I have spent my whole life growing up in the Midwest however I have been fortunate enough to travel most of the U.S. and parts of Europe including England, France, and Italy. Architecture has an overwhelming ability to stimulate our feelings and behavior. It is from these experiences that I have developed a deep passion and understanding for the profession.

    BioSelected Works


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  • Island of Manhattan

    Chelsea Neighborhood

    17th Street & 10th Ave


    _pier 58Fifth Year Thesis: Fall 2013Collaborative Living Cities Design Competition


  • New York City and Pier 58 nurture each other through synthesis of tower and urban floor. By cantilevering the structure of our building over the High Line, we can eliminate the boundary between the street and the designed spaces, further illustrating the towers connection to the city through approachable destinations at the public level. Pier 58 is a tower organically connected to the urban floor, actively participating in the prosperity of the Chelsea neighborhood and the revolution of urban living strategies.

    The High Line is New Yorks budding urban floor and has created a rich environment in which to plant great buildings.

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    Mixed Use & Commercial

    Dining and Entertainment

    Public Plazas


    17th Street & 10th Ave

  • The 11th Street Plaza

    The 11th Street Plaza dissolves the boundary between building site and the public zone. The tower is activated by the dialogue between passers through and passers by and patrons utilizing Pier 58s public amenities.

  • Reuse Infuse Invigorate Inspire

    The subway in New York was the citys first response to connecting a dense urban populous, but perhaps the most intriguing solution to density is growing above the street...

    The High Line

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  • The Pier Spa and Fitness Center

    The fitness center offers a lofty vantage point to enjoy while invigorating the body. Enjoy the panoramic views as you jog the circle track, or immerse yourself in a thought provoking, full body swim in one of the sky pools. The facade system on these levels is designed to diffuse the boundary between interior and exterior during suitable weather, so that you can reconnect with your city while you fortify your physique.

  • The Main is the heart of Pier 58, and is designed to offer something to every owner. Here you will send and receive you mail at Pier 58s central post service. The Main has a flexible program to accommodate the tower community as a whole on the sky terrace or privately in the wine bar and library.

    The Main

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  • Dining
























    r Bed






    r Bed







    t Bed


    Up to Private Spaces

    Down to Private Spaces

    Establishing a practical minimum for unit square footage at 400 SF, which would accommodate a studio apartment condition. A 20 x 20 structural grid provides the proper dimensions for a repeating residential module. Modules can be purchased individually for small studio living or as packages to accommodate larger family situations. Instead of designing to a specific demographic of the New York populous, the design is a flexible entity that will always be relevant to the shape of the city as it evolves over time.

    Flexible Living: A Response to the Evolving City

  • !Pier 58 offers the city over 400,000 square feet of redefined city living.

    Public Plazas

    Flexible Living

    Flexible Use Community SpaceRetail

    Dining & EntertainmentResident Amenities

    23,500 SF

    250,000 SF

    40,000 SF

    10,000 SF30,000 SF

    48,000 SF

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  • _kc pac

    MO, USA

    KC Metro Area

    14th St. & Baltimore St.


    The Academy of the Performing Arts presents itself as an elegant gesture to the surrounding Arts and Crossroads District in Kansas City, MO. Celebrating Theatre, Music, and Dance, the academy reveals itself both externally to the community and internally to the inhabitants. Achieving a visual connection to the surrounding Crossroads Arts District as an Arts building was a major concern. To do so, the academy grabs hold of three dominant forms that nestle into a large circulation route throughout. Spatially, the Theatre, Music, and Dance forms are intended to cantilever in both directions therefore becoming the central focus or primary drive of the design.

    Fourth Year: Fall 2012Comprehensive Design Studio


  • Comprehensive studio under the direction of visiting professors James Pfeiffer, Greg Sheldon, and Rick Schladweiler.

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  • _university museum

    MO, USA

    KC Metro Area

    Holmes St. & Cherry St.


    The University Museum was designed behind a concept based on Kesslers Parks and Boulevard Systems. Our sites location is at the split of Rockhill Road and Cherry Street and it is at this point I noticed a strange alteration in the usual grid pattern. Through precedent and research on Kesslers Parks and Boulevard system you learn that his philosophy through the development of the Kansas City street pattern was to follow the shape of the terrain rather than grid like patterns. Three massive fin-like structures elegantly fall down the site acting as retaining walls for the museum. They are used for a large part of the structural support as well as drawing light into the galleries in a unique way. As you follow my Parti you will see that the museum is divided into three zones creating private offices, circulation, and public galleries.

    Second Year: