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LAKE FOREST SPARTAN FOOTBALL PRE-SEASON PARENTS MEETING Slide 2 2012 Lake Football Team Slide 3 2012 Varsity Football Team Slide 4 2012 JV Football Team Slide 5 2012 Freshman Football Team Slide 6 Spartans FOOTBALL This presentation is to clarify the Lake Forest High School Football Program. It is an aid to eliminate any misunderstanding that might occur. It is not meant to eliminate communication between players and coaches, but to make certain the lines are open and there are as few gray areas as possible. Slide 7 PHILOSOPHY OF OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM It is essential to establish and put in writing the philosophy of our football program. This does not infer that our philosophy is the only philosophy, but it is what we believe in and hope all coaches and players believe in. Slide 8 Attempt to get each player a diploma and an education. These are not essentially the same. The diploma will come if you follow the plan set forth by the counselors and coaches. Education is the learning to pour yourself out, learning how to make a commitment to something higher and more rewarding that your own desires. It is the learning to give, the more you will receive; to learn to give all you have and not be concerned with what others may think. Establish an excellence in Football. You must want to play football at a level that our opponents cannot endure for the 48 minutes of play. Demand a higher level of intensity, aggression, and perseverance than our opponents. Our opponents must pay a price for scheduling us. Through the football experience, become better people. It is the intent of the program to teach more than fundamentals. Become good citizens. OBJECTIVES OF THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM Slide 9 OBJECTIVES contd The players will have fun. Football is a game to be enjoyed. To be enjoyed it must be done correctly. Learn the physical nature of football. Between the white lines, we expect the most intense, physically aggressive people. Off the field, we expect perfect gentlemen. Slide 10 WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU To get an education To give your total effort, to make the most of what you have To give unselfish love towards your teammates and to respect them To practice to the best of your ability To be prompt To be courteous To always encourage To be emotional and enthusiastic We expect you to do something worthwhile with your life. We expect you to have great expectations and anticipate having a great day, a great practice, a great season, a great life. Slide 11 WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM YOUR COACHES To provide the leadership and training to achieve our goals To work you harder than you have ever worked before To assist you in any way possible now and after you graduate To treat you as a man and to love and respect you To make all decisions predicated on what is best for the team To do what is best for the individual To do everything within our power to improve our facilities To make Lake Forest the best place in Delaware to go to school and to play football To help you mature and grow as a man and to reach your goals Slide 12 WHAT WE EXPECT FROM PARENTS 1.Keep athletics in perspective Emphasize the right priorities: Family, Academics, and Athletics Remember, you, as a parent at Lake Forest represent the school, the staff, and the alumni. Be involved, be vocal, but do your best to be positive. Do not publicly demean participants in an athletic contest. (Players, officials, coaches, other parents or spectators) 2. Support your student-athlete 3. Support the program Slide 13 RESPECT Respect begins with a person having respect for himself. Respect is an extension of a positive, optimistic attitude. Respect for team members breeds togetherness. Respect has no ethnic, racial, or social barriers. Respect is a two-way street between players and coaches. Make no mistake football is a team sport. Signs of disrespect have negative influences on a team. Slide 14 DISCIPLINE Discipline defined in football terms is doing what is necessary or right in any and all circumstances. Saying no to drugs, the alcohol, the steroids is real discipline. When all of those around you will not, it is real discipline. Discipline techniques can increase enough to make the difference. Spartans Football Technique, no matter the weather, no matter the opponent, no matter the score, no matter the officials, is discipline. Discipline is not an inherited trait; it must be learned. Your outer appearance and language give the first impression of your degree of discipline. Slide 15 ACADEMICS & ATHLETICS Two types of education: one teaches us how to make a living, the other teaches us how to live. Keep your priorities in the proper order. You must pass all of your classes in order to play. A competitor wants to succeed in both areas. If you are able to do this, you will bring honor to yourself, your parents, your teachers, and your coaches. Where theres a will, theres an A. Academics and athletics can and will be a positive influence on each other in the program. Slide 16 ACADEMICS & ATHLETICS contd Athletics is Extra-Curricular Our athletic program is designed to supplement education, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Athletics is not to take the place of becoming educated. This is being an intellectually fulfilled person a communicator a giver to society. This is the key to happiness if a person is not educated, he cannot give much back to society. Less than 1% of Americans make their living in sports, TV, or rock music. Winning a state championship or district championship is something a player will remember and cherish the rest of his life, But education is the key to success and the fulfillment of life. Slide 17 SUMMER PROGRAM Mental age and maturity have been mentioned previously, but this is the definitive test, the proof of the pudding. Boys will not work out without constant supervision. The correct term for this is baby-sitting. Men work out from a sense of self-pride and responsibility. Players look around and see the investment their teammates have made during the unsupervised summer. Slide 18 SUMMER PROGRAM contd Players must understand the coaches have one of two choices when the players report in the fall. They can either get the players in shape, or they can teach them football. Once a player is fatigued, he will not learn, he is simply trying to survive, If a player comes in out of shape, his chances of injury increase dramatically. If he becomes injured, he stays in poor shape while recuperating. When the injury heals and he is able to return to the practice field, he is more likely to be re-injured due to his poor physical conditioning. It is a vicious cycle, and when the season is over, everyone blames the bad luck of injuries, when actually it was simply a matter of the player not being mature enough to handle the summer. A detailed, specific strength and conditioning program is given to each player and it is expected that each player will follow the plan. The program is designed to get young people ready for the football season. Do not be mislead; hauling hay will prepare you for the heat, but it will not prepare you for playing football. Each player will make workout decisions that will affect every teammate. Slide 19 PERSONNEL DECISIONS Team Placement Players are placed on a team and in positions where they will help make the most positive contribution. Talent is the major factor in placement of players. The most talented players will play at the highest level of play. Maturity is the second factor. Maturity is defined as the ability to sacrifice a short-term pleasure, such as sleeping in during the summer, for a long- range goal a conference championship. Slide 20 GAME DAY EXPECTATIONS Mentally Prepare - Visualize the game. See yourself being successful. Respect teammates as they prepare. Be Result Oriented Each player must realize he is responsible to get results. Coaches will spend time preparing a game plan to give the best chance of winning, but you must perform. Be Physical Football is a physical game; it is not a debate. Never Criticize; Always Encourage Your teammate needs you when he makes a mistake; be there to pick up a teammate. Begin with Pre-game A football game begins long before the coin toss. Get Focused. Conclude with Respect At the conclusion of each game, we will shake the hands of our opponents and show our respect for our school and appreciation for our fans. Slide 21 SUBSTANCE ABUSE Abuse of alcohol and drugs is not a new problem. It has been here since the Biblical days. There are things you should think about before you use alcohol and drugs! The greatest killer of people in your age group is drunk driving. If you use alcohol or drugs to crutch a lack of courage, alcohol or drugs cannot fix your weakness. If you use alcohol or drugs to run away from a problem you do not solve the problem you create a second problem. You must understand that you represent some great entities; school, your family, a football family, coaches, etc. You risk hurting every one of these by the use of alcohol or drugs. This is a very selfish act. The world around you will tell you it is okay. The ordinary will do it. Choose not to be an ordinary, selfish person. We can assure you it takes an extra-ordinary person to abstain. Slide 22 SCHOLARSHIPS NOT The primary responsibility of our coaching staff is NOT to get scholarships for players. Our coaching staff will assist our players in playing at the collegiate level if they so desire. However, it is important for players and parents to understand that high school coaches have no power in deciding who receives scholarships. That is entirely at the discretion of the college coaches. We will put great effort into marketing our players to the colleges. We create highlight videos, player information sheets, and other helpful tools to provide to the recruiters in order to promote our players. Slide 23 SCHOLARSHIPS contd There are