KWS Archimedean screw pump KWS Archimedean screw pump

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  • KWS Archimedean screw pumpfor transporting liquid material

    KWS Archimedean screw pumpfor transporting liquid material

    KUHN KWS Archimedean screw pumpHardly any other machine in the waste-water sector provides as manybenefits as the screw pump attributed to the Greek scientist andmathematician Archimedes.

    Extremely durable, low-maintenance and operationally reliable

    Unparalleled efficiency with large control range (no loss of suction power or pressure)

    Gentle conveying process for biological cul-tures. No adverse effect on the sedimenta-tion properties and floc structure - this substantially facilitates the treatment of waste water

    Conveys raw waste water with the coarsest impurities and additional screening at

    pump stations is avoided

    The Archimedean screw pumps are extremely resistant to blockage

    Service with shorter response durations for all makes and types

    Cost-effectiveness Although the screw pump system is highly resistant and can "copewith" many faults and errors, the service life - and hence the cost-effectiveness - depends on how optimal the concept is, along with theexperience of the manufacturer.

    As Germany's oldest and largest manufacturer of screw pumps, wehave been providing robust and sustainable solutions for over 40years.

    KUHN is the only manufacturer with complete mastery over alltypes of troughs, from rotating casing troughs to special thin-layer

    mortar troughs, and which can determine, design and build theoptimal system for you. After all, there are no poor solutions, just

    incorrect applications!

    RectificationWith regard to the rectification of existing plants, the optimal solutionshould be combined with the most cost-effective rectification process.With our close contact to the leading concrete restoration companies,we are able to offer you unrivalled cross-sectoral expertise. In thisway, we can even accommodate the demands of older optionalbuildings, some of which have been standing for 40 - 50 years.

    Design (technical features)The superior design - of both the components and the screw itself -ensures extremely cost-effective operation and the long-term securityof your investment.

    The trough, as an integral component of the machine, is particularlyimportant. The most cost-effective variant is dependent on whichsystem is optimal; hence, only an experienced expert can determinea sustainable solution for you and provide advice regardless ofsystem.

    Some examples of types of trough are given below:

    Open troughs:

    Site concrete

    Special mortar system

    Prefabricate stone trough

    Basalt tiles

    Steel/Hardox troughs, self-supporting with a compact design

    Steel/Hardox troughs for grout with concrete

    Closed troughs:

    In stationary pipe (self-supporting, compact design)

    In rotating pipe sleeve (self-supporting, compact design)

    The KUHN systemAs an owner-managed family business with locational ties for morethan 85 years, we feel that we have a personal obligation to ourcustomers and our employees. As a result, we have employees withmany, many years of service and consequently unrivalled, extensiveexperience as regards sales, project management, production andassembly.

    KUHN products are durable, cost-effective and good value formoney!

    Made in Germany Experienced specialists

    Best components

    KUHN quality is legendary!

    Low wear Inclination angle of up to 40 High degree of efficiency, up to 85 % Superior and robust Careful treatment of biological cultures No additional screening machines required Virtually free of blockages

    Low maintenance

  • KUHN GMBH Franz-Kuhn-Strae 1-3 D-74746 Hpfingen Telefon: +49 (0) 62 83 / 22 01-0 Fax: +49 (0) 62 83 / 22 01-88 R03/1


    KWS Archimedean screw pumpfor transporting liquid material

    Drive unit cover

    for outdoor installation (optional)

    Non-return device

    in the drive group


    flexible with changeable cou-pling packages

    Compact screw

    Driving unit connected with compact trough or pipe sieveOption: height adjustment

    Trough design

    pipe sieve, compact trough, cantile-vered trough, concrete trough, special bed of mortar design, backfilled steel trough

    Bottom bearing

    As part of the trough (screwed), with inlet structure (classic) grouted


    Permanently lubricated bearing or grease lubricated execution possible

    KUHN hybrid screw pump

    heath recovery from wasted water, cooling aggregate for discharging the heat

    Deflector plates

    To improve the filling level


    Material strength (limited) eligible, special material like Hardox or Binar possible

    Number of gears

    1-3 gears for highest hydraulic efficiency

    Upper journal

    To absorb axial and radial power


    over belt transmission possible, by frequency changer, via mechanic angular adjustment

    Energy-saving motor

    Explosion protected or pole-changing execution possible

    All dimensions in mm

    We reserve the right to make technical alternations

    Data for a 30 inclination angle

    Other sizes on demand

    Any installation angle from 30 up to 40 is possible.

    Intermediate sizes are naturally also available.

    The degree of efficiency of KUHN Archimedean screws reaches until 85% according to the size and design.

    D (mm) 300 600 900 1200 1600 2000 2400l/s 14 68 176 360 715 1210 1845m3/h 51 245 635 1295 2590 4350 6650