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  • 1. Beyond imagination exhibits - events - environments

2. About Kubik Kubik designs and builds brand experiences in the form of exhibits, events and environments. From creation till dismantle using our innovative and operational skills and experiences all over the world. Exhibits: Stand construction at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferencesEvents: Brand events, sponsor activation, hospitality & product launches Environments: Museums, office and retail interiors www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 3. Beyond imaginationEvents exhibits - events - environments 4. World Cup 98 Nike Challenge Some assignments challenge our engineering skills as much as our creativity, and the 90,000 square foot Nike World Cup 98 installation was one of those. The most critical moment came during the installation of one of the major features, the Big Board.Highlights Careful planning and research preceded the actual installation of this massive structure, which weighed over 125,000 pounds, spanned 60 feet in width and rose 50 feet in height. On site, kubiks site team discovered that an erroneous specification had been provided, and that while the site would easily support the Big Board itself, it would not support the planned installation equipment! All of our planning including the equipment and methods were no longer feasible. Unfazed, our site crew developed an innovative, technically challenging solution that allowed the installation to go ahead safely and on schedule.Results As always, the kubik team rose to the occasion with clear thinking, resourcefulness and disciplined implementation. No matter what the challenge, the show always goes on.www.thinkubik.com exhibits - events - environments 5. Dutch Royal Wedding Challenge The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince Willem van Oranje, heir of the Dutch monarchy, to his highly popular bride Maxima from Argentina was not only romantic it was historically important. Our role in the celebration was to create an exhibition that would place the marriage in a historical perspective for the Dutch people and thousands of visitors to Amsterdam.Highlights Kubik handled the project in every detail including on-site construction, detailed working drawings, exhibit theme fabrication, packaging, site installation, audio-visual hardware, lighting design and installation, accessibility, mechanical interior work and graphic design. The exhibition concept told the stories of eight historical royal weddings of the Dutch Royal Family since 1791, bringing each one to life with graphics and three-dimensional displays.Results The design concept was applied to all elements of the exhibition from catalogues, flyers, invitations, billboards and souvenirs, to a window in Bijenkorf department store. A miniature version of the Church was even recreated in the Madurodam amusement park! The first two months drew more than 90,000 visitors, illustrating Dutch pride in their Royalty and the success of the exhibit. www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 6. The Amsterdam Marathon ING Bank Challenge How do you connect a major sporting event with ING Bank, a business that isnt exactly sporty? kubiks answer: Make the companys headquarters look like a giant running shoe, of course.Highlights INGs corporate headquarters became the talk of Amsterdam when added laces and all to transform the building with a state-of-the-art wrap that showed off INGs corporate colour. Known locally as the shoe, it soon became one of the most talked-about installations in our company history, and photos of it made the covers of hundreds of newspapers throughout Europe.Results The re-styled building put INGs indelible stamp on the citys annual marathon, and the sheer scale of this project put our work on the radar screen for thousands of people every day. www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 7. The Giant Living Room AmstelChallengeAmstel played a big role as major sponsor in the2003 UEFA Champions League Final, and askedus to help leverage their latest TV campaign thathighlighted friends getting together and enjoyingsports. HighlightsThe advertising message was reinforced in thebiggest possible way when kubik produced TheGiant Living Room a huge outdoor room completewith mammoth TV and enormous inflatablefurniture. The event took over Albert Square indowntown Manchester and boosted Amstels brandattributes of friendship, fun and freedom to larger-than-life status. ResultsThe Giant Living Room was a record breaker in factis was the biggest outdoor living space ever created and played host to thousands of fans over thecourse of the championship.www.thinkubik.com exhibits - events - environments 8. Brand positioning launch Royal Philips ElectronicsChallengeRoyal Philips Electronics was about to launch a newglobal brand positioning, and came to kubik for alaunch event that was true to their latest advertisingmessage: Technology should be as simple as the boxit comes in. HighlightsWe designed and executed a multi-facetedcampaign that was all about the box. We custom-built a Mystery Box as a teaser and set it afloat inthe canals of Amsterdam. The project also includeda giant version of this white box that was usedto unveil the new brand promise. To reinforcethe message at the launch press conference wedesigned and produced the White Room andorganized a blowout wrap party for media andguests. ResultsThe unique and entertaining launch generatedmedia attention all around the world and earned atremendous amount of free publicity as a bonus. www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 9. NikePark Nike FootballChallengeTodays Nike doesnt just do it it does it raw, roughand edgy. That was our brief from Nike Design forcreating a series of street-savvy, multi-media, highenergy sporting events. Targeted at soccer-lovingkids all over the world, 20 events had to be timedto complement an on-going worldwide advertisingcampaign. Highlightskubik staged events in some pretty raw places: anabandoned slaughterhouse, an old tanker ship, anunfinished subway station, to name just a few. Wegave each location a tough industrial feel, usingchain link, oil drums, rusted metal walls and super-graphics of the worlds best soccer players. Visuals,lighting and live DJ sound made the events intototally immersive brand experiences. ResultsWe worked on five continents in 10 differentlanguages to provide a total Nike brandedenvironment, and played host to thousands of youngsoccer fans. Nike met their goal of bringing a greatadvertising campaign into the street and reinforcingthe connections between their brand, their market,and soccer: the sport they both support.www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 10. Volvo Ocean Race Hospitality Pavilion ABN-AMRO BankAAB_fullcolourC.epsABN AMRO Bank full-colour for coated paperWidth shield: 20 mmOverlap: 0,05 mmChallenge ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the world, participated with 2 boats in the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race. To showcase the banks role in this high- profile around-the-world sailing race, the hospitality pavilion we designed and built had to be portable, robust and very well supported, all around the world. Highlights kubik started with the design of a complete on-site marketing package for the entire international event. We developed a communications theme and 3D style guide that drove for the design of all event materials, including the turnkey two-story hospitality pavilion that we produced and installed at seven major race stopovers, an office and port branding program, and the international event marketing guide that kept it all on course. Results The event marketing guide provided our client with a communications tool that ensured consistent branding, both to clients and employees of the bank. And our international experience helped to guarantee flawless execution of this prestigious and award-winning worldwide hospitality program. www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 11. Sail Train NS Dutch RailwaysChallengeSo the SAIL 2005 festival is about sailing and yourclient - a major event sponsor - is a railway. Whatcould kubik do, except create an incredible floatingtrain? HighlightsWhen it came to generating attention atAmsterdams Sail 2005, one of the largest maritimeevents in the world, our SAIL Train promotion hadsome serious competition - 20 tall ships and morethan 500 historic vessels. But grab attention it did.kubik engineered a special barge that put a real trainon the water and organized a sailing schedule forpublic and media VIP guests. ResultsMore than 2.5 million visitors saw the SAIL Train upclose, while national and international newspapers,TV stations, radio and magazines gave the promotionextensive coverage. www.thinkubik.comexhibits - events - environments 12. Beyond imaginationExhibits exhibits - events - environments 13. Corporate custom exhibit SHELLChallengeShell is one of the best-known brands in the world,with high standards for everything they do. So, whenkubik was asked to design a show environment inwhich they would meet prospective employees forShell Exploration and Production the arm of theircompany whose responsibilities include drillingfor oil miles under the ocean it was an appealingchallenge. Highlightskubik created two distinct areas for the Shellenvironment: an open area that showcased theShell Exploration and Production brand, and asemi-private area for in-depth presentations andrelationship building. A high-tech 3D displaysystem with an interactive, hands-on display unitlet participants navigate a fully functioning probethrough multi-layers of sand to find and identifyminerals - much like what geophysicists would doon-site and in laboratories. To reinforce the message,testimonials from young ambitious employeesworking for Shell all over the world were positionednext to the interactive display ResultsThe combination of technology, testimonialsand int