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Kolmogorov-Sminov Test

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Linear regressionKolmogorov-Sminov Test
• The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (also known as the K-S test or one-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test) is a nonparametric procedure that determines whether a sample of data comes from a specific distribution, i.e., normal, uniform, Poisson, or exponential distribution.
• It is mostly used for evaluating the assumption of univariate normality by taking the observed cumulative distribution of scores and comparing them to the theoretical cumulative distribution for a normally distributed variable.
Kolmogorov-Sminov Test • Three set of data we
• We wanted to check the distribution type for each set of data
Kolmogorov-Sminov Test
• Follow the menu as indicated to conduct the K-S test using Legacy Dialogs.
Kolmogorov-Sminov Test
• 1 =
• So if our significant value is greater (>) than alpha (0,05), we failed to reject 0 if our significant value is less (<) than alpha (0,05), we reject 0
Kolmogorov-Sminov Test
• As we all see our significant value is 0,292 which far more greater than 0,05. So, we fail to reject 0. That means, our data “Normally Distributed”
What is linear regression ?
linear regression is a linear approach to modelling the relationship between a scalar response (or dependent variable y ) and one or more explanatory variables (or independent variables x).
Example :
predict a person IQ scores if we
know how much caffeine they
Caffeine Dose IQ Score 50 100
60 102
80 107
90 105
110 112
150 108
150 103
160 109
180 109
200 112
200 120
210 114
210 118
220 121
220 120
250 130
260 127
260 131
280 132
300 135
Write the variables
And the data :
Step 2 : Plot the Data
In this step , we are going to plot our data in order so see the
shape of the graph y = f(x)
What are y and x ??
Remember that in our example we wanted to know the effect
of the consumption of caffeine on the IQ Score (Intelligence
Otherwise , we want to know if the IQ score depends on the
caffeine dose.
So y is IQ score
And x is caffeine dose
In order to plot the data ,we use the graphs tool :
1- Go “Graph” then “Legacy Dialogs” and choose “Scatter Dot”
2- Then choose “Simple Scatter” and click “Define
3- So remember
we should put
predict y variable is
“Caffeine dose” in this
graph relationship is almost
regression will be most
appropriate one for this
In this step we will find the regression equation
= + Where :
Y = value of variable being predicted (IQ score in this case)
b = slope of a line
x = value of variable you already know
a = y intercept.
1-Go “Analyze” then
linear, or bell shaped or any
other kind.
pick “Linear”
to predict, and
your y intercept and the
second value .134 is
in your y=bx+a you can
predict a person’s IQ
score according to how
he/she consumed.
For example , how much will be the IQ score of a person who
consumed 70 dose of caffeine ?
Answer :
=0,134 x + 91.308