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  • KidzebooGeneral Company Presentation

  • KidzebooGeneral Company Presentation

  • The CompanyWhat Is Kidzeboo?

    Kidzeboo is the social marketplace for parents. Kidzeboo was created by parents who saw the need for a more Focused and Dedicated Service to allow them to shop, sell or giveaway their childs unwanted, old or used things.

  • The CompanyWhen Did Kidzeboo Launch?

    Kidzeboo was officially launched on 18. September 2015.

  • The CompanyWhere Is Kidzeboo Located?

    The Kidzeboo headquarters are located in Oslo, the capital of Norway in the heart of Scandinavia.

  • The CompanyWhat Does Kidzeboo Do?

    Kidzeboo provides an online service that connects parents on a number of key levels and:

    Enables SalesPromotes Shopping Creates Community

    Engaging Parents and Creating Consumer Loyalty.

  • The CompanyWhy Is Kidzeboo Different?

    Unlike other online marketplaces, Kidzeboo is focused on one group of users. Parents.

    Other marketplaces focus on profits and commissions from user sales. Kidzeboo is different because it is Community Driven and does not charge commissions making it a More Attractive Marketplace for its members to buy and sell items.

  • The CompanyWhat Is The Kidzeboo Model?

    The Kidzeboo model differs entirely from other online marketplaces.

    Kidzeboo is a Social Marketplace. It is Built Upon and Driven By Its Community. It is the Kidzeboo community who themselves decide and determine the level of features and functionality required in the service.

  • The CompanyWhy Would Parents Choose Kidzeboo?

    Kidzeboo, encourages parents to not only sell their unwanted items but to giveaway items that they would otherwise discard.

    Extending service beyond pure sales to include the ability to giveaway seemingly non-valuable items. Kidzeboo also allows parents to Create, Invite and Join Local and National Virtual Parent Communities. As a result, Kidzeboo becomes the ideal and preferred outlet for parents as the total one-stop destination for all childrens things.

  • The CompanyWhat Are The Core Benefits For Kidzeboo Members?

    For Kidzeboo members:Listing items is FREEMembership is FREEGiveway items is FREEMy Kidzeboo Wallet is FREEThe Kidzeboo Club is FREE

  • The CompanyWhat Is The Key Motivator To Join Kidzeboo?

    Kidzeboo Simplifies, Improves and Makes Selling Easier.Because Kidzeboo does not gain commissions from sales, all monies associated with the sale of any individual item are kept by the seller. This alone makes Kidzeboo Cheaper To Use and More Attractive for all of its members.

  • The CompanyWhat Are The Expectations For Kidzeboo In 2015?

    During 2015 Kidzeboo expects to achieve and realize:

    The launch of the Kidzeboo app for Apple iOS devices.The launch of the Kidzeboo app for Android devices.The launch of the Kidzeboo app for Microsoft Windows Mobile devices.

  • The CompanyWhat Are The Long Term Expectations For Kidzeboo?

    Kidzeboo expects to achieve and realize:

    Continued and Increased Organic GrowthGreater Segmentation of its core market both at the local and national level to help optimize and increase sales opportunities for both members and advertisersInternational ExpansionNew Services and service integrationsAdditional Seller Segments

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