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Keysight W1908 Automotive Radar Library Complete set of highly-parameterized simulation models and reference designs for automotive radar scenario simulation Data Sheet

Keysight W1908 Automotive Radar Libraryliterature.cdn.keysight.com/litweb/pdf/5992-2446EN.pdf · Keysight W1908 Automotive Radar Library Complete set of highly-parameterized simulation

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  • Keysight W1908Automotive Radar LibraryComplete set of highly-parameterized simulation models and reference designs for automotive radar scenario simulation

    Data Sheet

  • Figure 1. Angle of Arrival (AOA) measurement using MUSIC (MUltiple SIgnal Classification) on SystemVue with Automotive Radar Library.

    Key benefits Validate the automotive radar at microwave and mmWave frequency bands with

    various simulation scenarios easily Jump-start with practical workspace examples such as linear FMCW multi-target

    detection, automotive radar 3D scan, and walking pedestrian scenarios with micro Doppler effect detection

    Generate FMCW waveforms and scenarios using test and measurement equipment, directly from simulations

    Interoperate with Keysight 89600 VSA software to assure consistency throughout the design process


    The Keysight EEsof EDA SystemVue W1908 Automotive Radar Library has comprehensive tools of frequency modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar waveform generation, signal modulation, antenna modeling, channel simulation and signal processing. Users can simply connect different models to establish the unique automotive radar simulation scenarios. Meanwhile, the reference designs, such as multi-targets range and speed measurement and 3D scanning radar using antenna array, could offer users much easier starting points to implement their own design ideas into early simulations and prototyping.

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    Bring your design ideas into real-world automotive radar scenariosThe Automotive Radar Library is used with the Keysight EDA SystemVue electronic system level simulation platform to integrate critical, safety-conscious and complicated scenarios into reliable, leading-edge design of automotive radar. It provides solution under cost- and time-constraint projects to design and develop algorithm such as direction of angle (DOA) and phase comparison.

    Multi-scatter target parameterized simulation models are available in the Automotive Radar Library to coordinate file import to realize and visualize the micro-Doppler effects on the target. This library can import antenna pattern files for ground clutter simulation as well.

    To accelerate the product development cycle from simulation to pilot and prototyping, the connectivity to test and measurement instruments with SystemVue platform enables upload and download the data files by adding input and/or output in the schematic workspace.

    What can you do with the Automotive Radar Library? Signal generation of linear FMCW, MFSK and Fast Chirp Multiple target detection simulation Antenna 3D scan simulation Passenger micro-Doppler simulation Radar scene simulations; ground clutter, pedestrian, and multi-scatter target Phased array simulation with EMPro, HFSS and CST antenna file importing Phase compare and DOA estimate under fewer channels Instrument connection, measure data upload and download

    Who uses the W1908 Automotive Radar Library?

    Automotive radar baseband algorithm developers who want to verify unique radar waveform design, DOA degree calculation, micro-Doppler effect detection, and more.

    Automotive radar system architects who want to evaluate the effect of transmit and receive antenna channel number, weather, clutter, etc.

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    The Automotive Radar Library has 40+ models today with new and leveraged blocks from W1905 radar model library along with reference designs and additional automotive radar examples. Walking passenger (pedestrian) scenario model is uniquely available in automotive radar library.

    Table 1. Models in Automotive Radar Library W1908EP/ET.

    Simulators ModelsTransmit signal generation CW, FSK, LFM (Linear FM)Transmit channel and antenna Tx Antenna, Tx Antenna Polarization, Tx Phased Array, Tx Multi-

    Channel, Tx DBS 2DTarget and environment Target, Echo Generator, Target Scatter Location, Target Trajectory,

    Platform, Clutter 2D, Clutter H, Phase Shift, Propagation Loss, RCS, Clutter Generation, Target Echo

    Receiver channel and antenna Rx Antenna, Rx Antennal Polarization, Rx Phased Array, Rx Multi-Channel, Rx DBS 2D

    Signal processing MTD, MTI, CFAR, DOA, Detector

    Using reference models from the W1908 library as well as the users own Intellectual Property (IP), Keysight EDA SystemVue users can design their automotive radar components and systems quickly and easily.

    Signal Generation

    Basic waveforms include CW, FSK and Linear FM chirp

    Download waveform from SystemVue to Keysight arbitrary waveform generator and vector signal generators to up convert to RF, microwave, and mmWave bands

    Figure 2. Covers various FMCW waveforms to create and download waveforms into Keysight instruments.

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    Target Model

    Key parameters include;

    Target location, initial range, velocity, height, and speed

    10+ scatters for a walking passenger (scatter coordinate, RCS, etc.)

    Target scatter location, target trajectory

    Common scenario models of walking passenger, running passenger, moving car and custom scenario with customized trajectory

    Figure 3. Getting more critical for safety and security to understand the detailed body parts would have different relative move shown in multiple Doppler in time.

    Antenna Models, Tx and Rx and Environment

    Key parameters include;

    Clutter 2D and height 3D scan with M (horizontal) and N

    (vertical) equal to MN planar array Phase shift, propagation loss Radar cross section (RCS), clutter

    generation, and target echo Import antenna pattern file

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    Differences Between W1908 Automotive Radar and W1905 Radar Model Library

    Table 2. Compare the SystemVue libraries.

    SystemVue element Automotive radar library Radar model libraryModel number W1908EP/ET W1905EP/ETUser profiles R&D engineer for automotive radar system architect,

    algorithm developers, and system verifiersR&D engineers to design and simulate general purpose radar, military/EW radar, and pulse related applications

    Provides 40+ models with new and leveraged blocks from W1905, reference designs and additional automotive radar examples

    110+ highly-parameterized simulation blocks and several dozen ready-made reference designs as general purpose

    Walking passenger (pedestrian) scenario model is uniquely available in this library

    Pulse compression, pulse Doppler, EW, SAR, and STAP are available in this library

    Key examples Linear FMCW multi-targets detectionAutomotive radar 3D scanMicro Doppler effect (walking pedestrian detection)

    Applications Automotive radar with FMCW, FSK, and linear FM chirp Both commercial and EW/military applications including some automotive radar examples

    Includes No W1720 included W1720 Phased Array Beamforming KitSystem requirements W1461 SystemVue Comms Architect W1461 SystemVue Comms Architect

    For your immediate needs to design and simulate automotive radar components and systems, Automotive Radar Library W1908 is available at the lower cost than Radar Model Library W1905.

    Simulation and Application Examples

    SystemVue with Automotive Radar Library is a simulation platform for users to model, design and verify automotive radar systems. Designers can quickly start their simulation with the examples provided in SystemVue software as listed below.

    Table 3. Available examples in Automotive Radar Library W1908EP/ET.

    Example workspace DescriptionAutomotiveRADAR_3Dscan.wsv Using phase array 3D scan to perceive automotive radar scenario informationAutomotiveRADAR_MicroDopplerEffect.wsv Walking passenger modeling and detectionAutomotiveRADAR_MultiTargetsDetection.wsv Using Linear FMCW signal to detect multiple targets range and velocityAutomotiveRADAR_MUSICAOA.wsv Angle of Arrival (AOA) measurement using MUSIC (Multiple SIgnal Classification)AutomotiveRADAR_PhasedArray.wsv Phased array steering illustrationAutomotiveRADAR_PhaseDifferenceAOA.wsv Angle of Arrival (AOA) measurement using three Rx antenna elements phase differencesAutomotiveRADAR_SignalGeneration.wsv Linear FMCW, FSK and MFSK signal generation and instrument connection

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    Simulation and Application Examples (Continued)

    Example: Automotive radar 3D scanAutomotive radar needs target elevation angle information not only in azimuth angle but in range and velocity. Leveraging 2D scan system, additional elevation region scan is needed with scan array in M element horizontal receive array and N element vertical transmit array. M receive and N transmit channel (M+N) is equal to MN planer array, so the spaces can be divided into azimuth, elevation, and angle grids to realize and visualize 3D scan. Making transit array does the elevation scanning and receive array does the azimuth scanning, designers can obtain the various simulation results in numeric, sliced 2D and 3D space distribution in SystemVue.

    Figure 5. Creating 3D scan scenarios with platform and target position, velocity, target RCS (radar cross section) and more parameters, designers can visualize the results in various traces and distribution plots.

    Example: Linear FMCW multi-target detectionUsing single tone of linear FMCW signal with up-chirp and down-chirp with echo and beat frequency of every targets, users can simulate the multi target detection and show them in range-velocity diagram.

    Figure 4. This example shows three targets detected and shown in range-velocity diagram.

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    Example: Micro-Doppler effect for pedestrian target modelThe automotive radar can detect moving objects including vehicle and pedestrian, or some static objects. When the vehicle target has unique Doppler value because of the vehicle each sub part is relatively static, pedestrian target has more sub parts like arm and leg with different instantaneous velocity. The arms and legs move periodically in walking; the Doppler spectrum is changing periodically in time. Automotive radar can use the Micro-Doppler spectrum distribution to distinguish the targets from pedestrian or vehicle easily.

    Figure 6. An example of pedestrian target model not only with pre-defined pedestrian parameters in velocity and height, there are sub-part relative moving models to be plotted in Micro-Doppler spectrum, which stands for head, neck, arm, torso, and leg.

    Simulation and Application Examples (Continued)

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    Ordering Information

    The Automotive Radar Library W1908 can be added as an option to any SystemVue core environment or bundle, such as W1461BP SystemVue Comms Architect.

    Available SystemVue core environment;

    W1461 SystemVue Comms Architect W1462 SystemVue FPGA Architect W1464 SystemVue RF Architect W1465 SystemVue System Architect W1467 SystemVue Array Architect

    Model DescriptionW1908EP/ET Automotive Radar Library

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