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  • Nuke6.0 Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Steve Wright

    LMB = left mouse button MMB = middle RMB = right Universal Commands + zoom in both - zoom out both alt+LMB pan workspace alt+MMB zoom workspace & thumbwheel F or MMB fit to the viewer cmd+# zoom in by # percent alt+# zoom out by # percent spacebar expand panel to full view cmd+Z undo cmd+Y redo alt+cmd+LMB insert new control point all Nuke curves Node Graph (cursor in node graph) LMB+node add node to flow graph shift+LMB+node add node branched delete delete nodes either delete cmd+i create new viewer 0-9 connect node to current viewer D disable/enable node cmd display connector dots cmd+drag move all nodes in the branch up/dwn arrow select prev/next node alt+C duplicate selected nodes shift+drag duplicated selected arrow shift+cmd+drag replace node with a new node bumps out old node cmd+LMB+node new node replaces selected node from tool tab cmd+up arrow move node upstream cmd+dwn arrow move node downstream cmd+C copy selected nodes cmd+V paste selected nodes after deselect cmd+D disconnect node cmd+G group nodes alt+K clone a node shift+cmd+X extract nodes shift+X swap node inputs N rename node RMB tools pop-up menu tab open node search window cmd+return open group into a tab alt+E show/hide expression links

  • Node Quick Keys (cursor in Node Graph) B Blur C Color correct K Copy T Transform M Merge R Read P RotoPaint W Write G Grade . dot Viewer (cursor in viewer) H & MMB home image in viewer shift+cmd+MMB drag a zoom box R G B A display red, green, blue, alpha 0-9 switch input cmd+LMB (drag) sample pixel value node w/eyedropper shift+cmd+LMB sample box of pixel values node w/eyedropper cmd+LMB (click) release pixel sample in viewer alt+right arrow next keyframe alt+left arrow previous keyframe alt+G Goto frame M display alpha as overlay toggle O show/hide control overlays toggle P pause refresh of viewer U update paused viewer refresh S viewer settings RMB viewer pop-up menu wipe controls up/dwn arrow cycle through A side inputs shift+up/dwn arrow cycle through B side inputs return swap A & B inputs Timeline (cursor on timeline) LMB jump playhead alt+G # goto frame # alt+LMB drag pan timeline alt+MMB drag zoom timeline thumbwheel cmd+LMB set in/out points re: playhead position MMB drag set temp time range MMB home time range shift+right arrow jump increment forward shift+left arrow jump increment back alt+right arrow next keyframe alt+left arrow previous keyframe J K L Play back, stop, play fwd

  • RotoPaint (cursor in viewer) cmd+alt+LMB insert control point delete delete point cmd+A select all points shift+LMB Add points to a selection LMB drag a box draw box around points & select shift+drag a box add points to a selection cmd+LMB drag out gradient E Pull out all gradient points shift+E remove gradient shift+Z increment blur points C make point linear X break tangent handles shift+Z Bezier - cusp a point Z Bezier - smooth a point shift+handles adjust both handles equally cmd+handle break point continuity shift+cmd+drag B-spline tension Curve Editor (cursor in curve editor) LMB select a point cmd+A select all points shift+LMB add/remove points from selection LMB drag a box draw box around points & select shift+drag a box add/remove points from selection LMB drag point move all selected points cmd+LMB drag move points without H & V constraints MMB drag draw zoom window cmd+alt+LMB insert point to curve cmd+C copy selected points cmd+shift+C copy entire curve cmd+E copy expressions cmd+L copy links cmd+V paste curves delete (cmd+X) delete selected points C set interpolation of points to cubic L set interpolation of points to linear X break control points handles Z unbreak control points handles

  • 2008 Steve Wright Digital FX

    Properties panels (cursor in properties panel) LMB+drag move slider tab move to next param field up/dwn arrow incr/dec param value per digit alt+LMB drag param virtual slider per digit cmd+LMB reset param to default on slider bar cmd+LMB drag link values between params data field shift+LMB drag copy param/animation curve data field cmd+close panel close all but selected panel Eyedropper cmd+LMB sample color shift+cmd+LMB draw sample box alt+cmd+LMB sample node input color

    3D Viewer (cursor in 3D viewer) tab toggle 2D/3D views F fit scene to viewer alt+LMB translate viewer alt+MMB zoom viewer alt+RMB or cmd+LMB orbit viewer cmd+shift+LMB rotate viewer on Z V perspective view C top view shift+C bottom view X right side view shift+X left view Z front-side view shift+Z back view H lock viewer to selected camera cmd add rotate rings alt+cmd repo pivot point