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    Serving 6 months to 6

    years of age

    A Business Plan and Guide

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    Business Introduction

    Kells Kids is a start up business that provides High Quality daycare service in Cleveland, Ohio, the Mount Pleasant area to be exact. It will be a mid size

    facility opening with 20 kids, serving 6 months to 6 years of age. The business was started out of seeing the need for quality child care in the

    community, the love for children, knowing the importance of their growth, and easily seeing that dividends can be made from it.

    The majority of our community today is forced to depend on child care to take in their littles ones when they are in able to. This of course may be due

    to work responsibilites and other duties to fulfil their household. Why not use this love to ensure that these families have a dependable place to call on?

    Kells Kids wants to be there to serve these families needs and also use government/state assistance to help those who really are unfortunate.

    Knowing that we helped to mold, strengthen, & educate a child gives us a great sense of accomplishment. We happily accept and take on this

    responsibility with great arms.

    Kells Kids operates using ethical practices at all times and the highest standards of professional conduct. High Quality child care consists of correct

    student to teacher ratios, appropriate group sizes, experienced/trained teachers, and play based curriculum that is child centered. Furthermore is

    possesses accreditation and a quality rating system. The purpose of our

    program is to promote all areas of child development and provide an enriching environment for kids to learn in. The task at hand of running a

    successful child care center can be done and here the essentials for getting such a lucrative investment started.

    Mission Statement

    Kells Kids aims to create the most nurturing, developmental appropriate and

    fundamental learning experiences known to man. We implement a high quality program and understand the importance of safe, stable, stimulating

    environments. We provide a home like, comfortable atmosphere where children are consistently encouraged and can develop at their own pace. We

    are committed to the families we serve, offering support through our referrals and community resources. Enrichment is the key to success.

    Program Goals

    To create a more age - and developmentally appropriate environment in which to serve young children;

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    To stabilize facilitys expenses or avoid yearly rent increases;

    To enable the business to remain in a particular community or retain child care services for low-income families.

    To expand the business capacity to serve a growing market or meet a growing need.


    The objectives for the first three years of operation include:

    To create a High Quality based operation whose primary goal is to exceed

    customer's expectations.

    The utilization of Kells Kids by at least 40 different families in the first eight


    To increase the number of client's served by 20% each year.

    To develop a sustainable, profitable, start-up business

    Research Market Feasiblity

    If youre wondering if there is a need for child care in the Cleveland area

    where my business will be located, dont wonder. The answer to that

    question is YES. It has the highest percentage rate for persons less than 5

    yrs. of age amongst surrounding towns.

    Beachwood 3.5% Independence 4.3%

    Bedford 5.4% Cleveland Hts 6.1%

    E. Cleveland 6.4% Cleveland 7 .1%

    As we can see Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland are also approaching

    high marks which happen to be very close in proximity. In turn, this displays an excellent opportunity for growth and easy expansion.

    Social and ecomonic change here in Cleveland always create a need for child

    care. Not a day goes by a friend or someone known is pregnant. Not to mention, and please believe they are either working full time and/or

    attending school full time. They are even collecting government assistance because they simply just need the help. These families are in desperate

    need of finding somewhere along the main areas of the city to take their

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    child. The traditional structure, where the mother is the homemaker and the

    father is the wage earner has diminished. This is especially true in this community of Cleveland, Ohio. The majority of these working women are

    single or do not have the option of a spouse caring for the child. 70% of them work full time and 30% part time. Based on the market in the area,

    starting up a daycare is most definitely feasible.


    The child care market is quite competitve and there are roughly 19 total in

    the zip code of 44120. Dont let that number scare you because if we ask how many quality centers there are we will come up very short. There are 2

    other facilities on the same road that are in close proximity to the proposed location.

    Brightside Academy Before & After Learning Center

    Kells Kids is set apart from these two based on 1 factor alone. That is High

    Quality. The parents in the area should always have access to quality options and once they see the atmospshere in which their child will be placed, theyll

    be anxious to have them start attending Kells Kids immediately. Due to the growth of infants in the community, research has found that a lot of times

    the competition are intaking more kids than they should and not complying with ratio requirements.

    A lot of clientele in this projected area are low income and not accustomed to seeing a high end, appealing environment to place their child. Kells Kids

    wants to bring a different level of child care to the scene. Putting funds and tasteful energy to good use; not having run down toys, smelly cots, and

    unusable equipment around for the kids to use. There are so many occasions

    where kids are seen using materials that arent suitable for their age development. Its sad and unfortunate to say, but these neighboring daycare

    centers just dont have those up to par standards and are constantly being in violation. Yet these parents are forced to take their children there due to

    feeling as if that is the best and only option they have; placing them in crowded class rooms where its extremely difficult to have that undivided

    attention. Kells Kids wants to show the families they dont have to. High Quality Child

    Care can exist within an urban low income community. The competitions are not and could never be a threat because as displayed earlier, persons under

    the age of 5 are on the rise! There is enough business to spread amongst us in the community. Furthermore the curriculum, environment, and

    professionalism set us far apart.

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    Industry Trends

    The child care industry itself looks very much stable at this time and shows to be for a long while. Today there are 22 million working women. Of that 22

    million 7 and a million are working mothers. More and more families are looking outside of the home for child care options and statistics show that

    this number is on the rise also. Studies prove that pre-school and some form of early childhood education is a sound economic investment. Every $1

    invested in early education saves taxpayers future costs and is also an investment that pays great returns to children. Due to rapid growth, there

    have never been more career opportunities in early childhood. The funny thing is that according to, Child care costs had raised from

    $84 to $143 per week over the past 20 years but the wage for a child care worker has not. This in turn proves the expense of a paying an employee will

    likely never raise while the generation of revenue in the center will continue

    to increase.

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    Every week in the U.S 11 million children younger than 5 are in a child

    care arrangement. On average they spend 36 hours per week in a child care.

    Quality Child Care has a positive benefit on all kids, but the impact is much stronger for children in low income families.

    40 states are now investing over $5.1 billion in pre-k programs for children 3-4 years old.

    2.6 million Children received subsidies.

    Business Organization


    Kells Kids is set up as a Limited Liability corporation. This is the best

    structure as it protects from personal liablity and only the amount invested in the business would be at risk. As business grows and if another center

    needs to be established which is anticipated, a separate LLC would be set up for each location. LLCs are simpler and more flexible as they dont require a

    board of directors. This also benefits potential investors as Kells Kids would

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    be able to offer a larger amount of the profits than warranted by their initial

    investment. The management team determined the policies and the budget. The policies

    are clear and consise. The parents receive a handbook outling all of the rules and policies. It details late fees, days open during the year, important

    information needed about their child and much more. They are required to sign and date the handbook advising us they are fully aw

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