Keep font sizes and textures consistent and balance graphics, text and pics How to Easily Create A terrific Testimonial Page using Infographics Play by

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  • Keep font sizes and textures consistent and balance graphics, text and picsPlay by play1. Gather awesome testimonials from your clients.

    2. Choose a theme to work from. There are plenty of templates out there!

    3. Use pictures and graphics to infuse colour and visual stimulation alongside your text.

    4. Put the text into textboxes to make it easy to move it around until you like the placement on the page.

    5. Edit, edit, edit the writing! Then edit it again!

    6. Save your info graphic doc as a PDF for easy upload into your website.

    7. Upload or print off as required.One idea to suit many needsInfographicTestimonial Flyer/Hand out brochuresSales brochure for eventsAccording to AnsonAlex, publishers who use infographics grow an average of 12% more in traffic than those who dont. Infographics allow you to present what would normally be hard-to-digest information, in a way that readers can enjoy and understand. Customise them to suit your business needs and the possibilities are endless!

    Really all an infographic is, is a template with a particular visual layout that incorporates visual stimulation with written data, increasing readability and reader engagement.

    So why not try them out when creating your next piece of content or webpage data? The skys the limit!

    UseSmallBoxes for One linersContent: without a great write-up, theres not much point. Use your most inspiring testimonials and dont compromise on quality content.

    Happy Snaps: if youve got a great pic of you with your happy customer, USE IT!! A clip art is not going to be nearly as impressive as that huge smile on that customers face!

    3. Design: fill, line, effects, styles. These four elements will help build your color scheme, shape style, and font styles.Use colourUse colours that complement your business colour scheme. Continuity is key. You dont want to have a brightly coloured infographic like this standing out on your vintage toned, 50s inspired mechanics website. Stick to your theme and use a different shade for each testimonial.LINEUse boarders. It creates relief for the eye, separates important information and causes the information inside it to stand out more, making it more appealing and engaging.EFFECTSEffects add an element of design to your graphics. There are many features that include shadows, bezels, outer glows, and 3D effects to choose from. The icon below is using a shadow effect. STYLEAs with colour, consider the style of your infographic. Keep it consistent with your overall business theme, especially your website, where the testimonials generally live. Keep fonts readable and stay clear of cursive and fancy writing. You actually want your readers to understand what others are saying about your company and if they cannot read it they will leave uninformed and frustrated. Readable fontsMaking the information feel personalEngaging TextReal customer picsInteresting use of colour and shapeVisually impacting testimonials for your reader to enjoyMake sure you use any images you have that will create a link between the person writing the testimonial and the business