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  • 1. Terrific Treatment ThursdayMessages and Pictures from and for Our HopeforElla Heros!Accompanied by Only God Could Love You More byJerrod Niemann, available on iTunes February 14, 2013

2. Happy Terrific TreatmentThursday/Valentines Day! Love Daddy 3. Another Thursday, another meeting! Still rocking pink--Arron 4. Happy Terrific Treatment Valentines Day!We love you Ella!The Anstatt FamilyToday is a positive day! Terrific Valentines DayTreatment Thursday! Thinking of you bubba!--Melissahaha happy valentines day to the bravest, happiest, cutestand quite honestly best Ella in the world Love Dylan 5. Happy Valentines Day! Love, MalloryElla will you be our Valentine!? :)Were both rocking pink today.Love you!! -- The Johns Family 6. Even the Puppies get Pink! 7. Happy valentines day Ella Bella! Hope you have a great day!Love you! PS I am wearing my Hope for Ella shirt for you today!GinaHappy Valentines Day and wishes for an awesome TTT to Ella from Aunt Ls friend in Utah!--SarahHappy Valentines Day, Ella! Happy Valentines Day Ella!!Nikki RJudiHello Gorgeous Ella!!! I hope your day is filled with all the people you love most!Happy Valentines Day :-) --Rebecca 8. Happy valentines day Ella!!! :) from Sandy 9. Happy Day Ella