Kaunas FEZ, Lithuania

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Presentation about Kaunas Free Economic zone

Text of Kaunas FEZ, Lithuania

  • 1.Europes Tax-free Zone Kaunas FEZ

2. Location central part ofLithuania 3. 4. FEZ as Multimodal Node 5. The Whole Area of the FEZ 534 ha Divided in 3 projects 6. 1.Production and logistics area 7. 2.Business Street 8. 3.Unique project Airpark The Area of the planned Airpark shall be 240 ha . The territory has nearly 3-kilometer-long border with the territory of Kaunas Airport enabling direct access to aircrafts and eliminating custom clearance procedures 9. REASONS TO INVEST IN KAUNAS FEZ

  • Kaunas FEZ is within integrated market of EU with over 50 0million people
  • Kaunas is traditionally industrial city with a population of around 800 thousand people in the County.
  • Skilled, efficient and non-expensive labour force. The biggest Technological University in Baltic States is located in Kaunas
  • Kaunas FEZ is very well positioned at the crossroad of European multimodal transport corridors
  • The Free Zone offers substantial tax advantages

10. Tax Incentives

  • The corporation tax rate in Lithuania for 2010 is 15%, one of the lowest rates of the EU. The FEZ customers enjoy the following tax incentives:
  • Investors of at least EUR 1 million are subject to:
    • No corporation tax during the first six years
    • Only 50% of Lithuanian corporation tax over the next ten years
  • No real estate taxes
  • Withholding tax exemptions for repatriated dividends

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