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<ul><li><p>12/01/2010 10:34Joe Bonamassa Black Rock Album | Recording Joe Bonamassa Black Rock Album</p><p>Page 1 of 4</p><p>SEARCHABOUT US CONTACT US SUBSCRIPTIONS CUSTOMER SERVICE ADVERTISERS</p><p>Most Popular</p><p>Avenged Sevenfold Photo GalleryAvenged Sevenfold Photo GalleryAll our "Classic Tracks" in oneAll our "Classic Tracks" in oneeasy- to- find spot!easy- to- find spot!Top Gear Picks of the NoughtiesTop Gear Picks of the NoughtiesParamore Tour Photo GalleryParamore Tour Photo GalleryP.A. BasicsP.A. Basics'Where the Wild Things Are''Where the Wild Things Are'VideoVideo</p><p>ADVERTISEMENT</p><p>Polls</p><p>Vote for Top Gear of theVote for Top Gear of the"Noughties"audio production"Noughties"audio productiontools that raised the bar betweentools that raised the bar between2000-2009. Part 4:2000-2009. 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After five or six days of that, we went backto Joe's comfort zone; we put up the huge stacks and miked them upproperly with a 57 and the Beyer 201 and a Royer R121 and aNeumann 67 back into the room to give it a little bit of ambience.</p><p>Shirley's mixing process, done this time on the SSL console andlistening through KRK VXT6s, also seems to be part and parcel ofrecording live: We don't mix separately, he says. I always mix as Igo, and my rough mixes are what make the album. I feel that whenit's coming off the console, you're right there, into the music, andyou're aware of the minutiae when you're that close to it. When youwait until four weeks later, it's, Why did we put that guitar part inagain? I know I had a good idea at the time. The rough mixes reallycapture the way we heard the song.</p><p>Bonamassa and friends were so happy with what they heard at BlackRock that they named their album after the studio. Black Rock, thealbum, comes out March 9, 2010, on Bonamassa's own J&amp;RAdventures label, and he and Shirley plan to return to Greece torecord a follow-up next year.</p><p>I love the studio; it's absolutely the most creative studio I've everbeen in, Shirley says. There's all this traditional Greek architecturewith concrete, concave ceilings. Once you're inside these things, youget this amazing resonance and explosion of sound, which is a littleuncontrollable, but it's fantastic. And staying in the place and beingable to go in at 7 a.m. or coming back after dinner and cutting a trackat 11 or 12 at night it's a wonderful environment to be able to dothat.</p><p>ONLINE EXTRAS: MORE PHOTOS!ONLINE EXTRAS: MORE PHOTOS!</p><p>ADVERTISEMENT</p><p>READ, WATCH, LISTEN, PLAY</p><p>Archiving Phish on Tour</p><p>MOST RECENT VIDEOSMOST RECENT VIDEOS</p><p>WHO WE ARE</p><p>Distributed in 94 countries, Mixis the world's leading magazinefor the professional recordingand sound production technologyindustry. 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Joe Bonamassa(guitar), Manolis Karadinis (Bazouki), Rick Melick (keyboards),Thanasis Vasilopoulos (clarino)</p><p>Kevin Shirley, Thanasis Vasilopoulos (Clarino and Nei), JoeBonamassa, Manolis Karadinis (Bazouki)</p><p>Joe Bonamassa with a Resonator Dulcimer at Black Rock</p><p>Joe Bonamassa and Kostas Kalimeris, owner of Black RockStudios</p><p>Sound for Sound for Star TrekStar Trek</p><p>Inside Michael Romanowski Mastering</p><p>Check out other videos</p><p>Mix Briefing RoomMix Briefing Room, a virtual press conferenceoffering postings of the latest gear and music news,direct from the source. 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