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Winter 2011 Alumni & Friends magazine

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  • Your Success.Our Tradition.Alumni & FriendsWinter 2011


  • Alumni & FriendsWinter 2011

    Board of Trustees ChairmanJames Unruh 63

    Jamestown College PresidentRobert S. Badal, Ph.D.

    Alumni Board President Richard Hall 57

    Vice President for Institutional AdvancementPolly (Larson) Peterson 89

    Director of DevelopmentBill Robb

    Associate Director of Design and PublicationsDonna Schmitz

    Associate Director of Annual Progress Fund & Major GiftsKaren Crane

    News and Information WriterErin Klein

    Director of Jimmie Booster Club and Sports InformationTracy Erickson

    Office ManagerMarlene Wiest

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    Chairmans Message

    Dear Alumni and Friends,

    As we begin a new year and the beginning of a new decade, it is appropriate to reflect on progress achieved by Jamestown College over the past ten years. Academic excellence was recognized when our College was ranked in the top tier for the first time by U.S. News & World Report. A milestone was achieved with the first class to receive a graduate degree from Jamestown College, a Masters Degree in Education. Facilities were improved with important renovations and additions. Substantial progress was made in strengthening the College financially with the successful completion of the $34 million Capital Campaign.

    Under the excellent leadership of Bob Badal, the support of our high-quality staff and faculty, and the support of all of you, the past decade has been one of significant progress for Jamestown College.

    Just as we work with our students in the Journey program to Look Forward, so does the Board and staff. Looking forward, our Strategic Plan includes continued strengthening and expansion of academic programs including additional graduate degree programs and expanded on-line course offerings. We plan to achieve growth in enrollment. At the same time, the student body will become more diverse, particularly as a result of expanded international programs.

    Additions to our facilities will be needed with the upgrade and expansion of our science education facilities priority one. State-of-the-art science facilities are needed for use by science majors, the nursing program and in general education.

    We will also need to strengthen our financial base. The College revenues are overly tuition income dependent and additional scholarship support is also needed. Jamestown College competes for students and faculty in a very competitive environment; a strong financial base is needed to be effective.

    Great progress has been made by our College, challenges and opportunities lie ahead. Together we will continue to succeed. Thank you for your support.


    James A. Unruh 63

    Chairman, Board of Trustees

  • Contents

    2 Chairmans Message

    3 Presidential Greeting

    4 Spotlight on Look Forward

    5 Graduates are landing jobs

    6 Looking forward in a fast paced field

    8 Self-made major

    9 Looking forward to the next cure

    10 Young Alumni Medallion Recipients

    11 Nominations for Halls of Fame

    12 Campus Headlines

    14 Fine Arts: Choir Tour, Performing Arts Series

    15 Dine & Bid Benefit Auctions Silver Anniversary - Save the Date

    16 Jimmie Athletics Update

    19 Refer A Student

    20 Alumni Days Schedule, including Watson Reunion Schedule

    24 Class Notes

    27 Science & Math Symposium

    28 Marriages

    29 Births

    30 In Memoriam

    31 Trustee Tribute: Manny Buzzell 55, Michael Unhjem 75

    32 Important Dates

    On the cover: Liz Rerick 10, a communications major from Ashley, N.D. (left), participated in an internship as a program coordinator at the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce. She is pictured with Jodee (Dronen) Rasmusson 99, the Chambers Executive Director. Internships are one way Jamestown College students Look Forward.

    Presidential Greeting

    Dear Alumni and Friends:

    Our winter Board of Trustees meeting occurred at the end of January. With each Board meeting, I am reminded of the commitment, care and vision that our Trustees have for Jamestown College. Under the sage leadership of Jim Unruh, our Board has refined its governance, its entrepreneurial spirit, and its support for the Colleges vision and strategic plan. Many of you know one or more of our Trustees, and I encourage you to communicate your appreciation for their time, commitment and expertise. I know that without a strong Board, I cannot be successful as President, so I feel especially blessed to be in such excellent company.

    The year began with the successful China tour last summer by our Concert Choir, and during the year we have continued to build on study abroad opportunities for our students. The nursing department has a group of seniors ready to depart to Chogoria, Kenya, and this year a second group of students, supported by a generous grant from F.I.S.H. Foundation and led by Chaplain Namminga, will depart in May. These students will come from all fields of study. The ISEP consortium continues to expand and offers students the chance to study at one of more than 200 universities throughout the world. We continue to see more and more South Korean universities sending groups of students to us for short-term programs, and this summer we expect to send our first outbound faculty-led group of students from our education department. The group plans to study in Daejeon, South Korea, at our sister Presbyterian college there, Hannam University.

    I believe that the quality of our educational experience at Jamestown is what distinguishes our graduates from those of our competitors. Consider this: in the midst of the worst recessionary period since the Great Depression, over the past two years our placement rate for graduates has averaged 99%! Employers and graduate schools know where to find well-prepared students for the future.


    Robert S. Badal, President

  • While Jamestown College has always prepared its students for the world of work, as well as for continued study, todays students Look Forward with the Journey to Success.

    Look Forward provides more opportunities for students to be more actively involved in their career and educational planning, says Pat Rinde, Director of Experiential Education. Through Look Forward, there is more awareness of what students should be doing before, during and after their job search to be successful in planning for, obtaining and keeping their jobs.

    Recent data clearly shows that Jamestown College students are using college resources to look forward. Ninety percent of the Class of 2010 graduating seniors responding to a survey reported taking part in at least one Experiential Education activity, ranging from job shadowing to internships.

    The Backpack to Briefcase Conference each semester lets students choose among a wide range of sessions on topics such as networking, interviewing, business etiquette, resum writing, applying to graduate school, and many more.

    Our attendance is increasing every year for Backpack to Briefcase, says Shelley Mansavage, Director of Career Services.

    Hands-on Learning

    The Community Alliance for Management Consulting, a program of the Department of Business, Accounting and Economics, matches teams of students with local businesses and organizations.

    After learning about a clients business

    challenges, the student consultants develop a business and marketing strategy during the semester, says Dr. Mort Sarabakhsh, CAMC coordinator. The students provide a formal report and make a professional business presentation to the client at the end of the semester.

    Like CAMC, Experiential Education also offers students opportunities for consulting. Recent consulting projects through Experiential Education included grant writing for two local non-profit organizations, a marketing survey/presentation for a real estate company in Minnesota, and an organizational project for a financial services agency in British Columbia, Canada.

    Students say the hands-on experience provides a valuable complement to the skills they learn in the classroom and lets them practice problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

    Im a hands-on learner, so having a project that lets you put your ideas out there is great, says Sara Ohm, a senior business administration major. You have a sense of appreciation when its done, and there is no other feeling like seeing your ideas implemented in the community by the client.

    Senior business administration major Mindy Clark says participating in CAMC has helped her prepare for her career by learning to meet deadlines, to be open-minded, and to listen to what her team members have to say.

    It showed me what the working world is like, and, most importantly, it exposed me to different situations where I had to react differently and think on my toes, she says.

    Look Forward is for alumni, too Careerandeducational