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<ul><li><p>Your Success.Our Tradition.Alumni &amp; FriendsWinter 2015</p><p>Power of the JourneyAlumni attribute success to UJ</p></li><li><p>Alumni &amp; FriendsWinter 2015</p><p>Board of Trustees ChairmanJames Unruh 63</p><p>University of Jamestown PresidentRobert S. Badal, Ph.D.</p><p>Alumni Board President Gerry Gunderson 80</p><p>Executive Vice President Polly (Larson) Peterson 89</p><p>Director of DevelopmentKaren H. Crane</p><p>Director of Major Gifts and Planned GivingRick Raum</p><p>Research Associate Dan Hornung</p><p>Special Events CoordinatorMorgan Bossman</p><p>Office ManagerMarlene Wiest</p><p>Director of Design and PublicationsDonna Schmitz</p><p>News and Information WritersJames Bear Erin Klein</p><p>Alumni &amp; Friends is published two times per year, in the winter and summer by the </p><p>University of Jamestown Office of Institutional </p><p>Advancement for alumni, faculty, staff and friends of University of Jamestown.</p><p>University of Jamestown welcomes your thoughts and comments about </p><p>Alumni &amp; Friends. Please send letters to </p><p>Alumni &amp; Friends, 6082 College Lane, </p><p>Jamestown, ND 58405.</p><p>Send address changes to Marlene Wiest, </p><p>Office of Institutional Advancement, 6082 College Lane, </p><p>Jamestown, ND 58405 or by e-mail to</p><p> Chairmans Message</p><p>Dear Alumni and Friends,</p><p>The Board of Trustees recently held our winter meeting at which a substantial amount of time was devoted to President Badals vision for the future of the University of Jamestown. It was both inspiring and challenging.</p><p>The discussion began with an assessment of conditions generally facing higher education, our region and the University specifically. It is clear that the future will be more difficult for small liberal arts institutions, particularly if they lack a strong financial foundation. That is certainly true in our region where competition for students has grown much more intense. In North Dakota that is exaggerated by an excessive number of public institutions enjoying substantial state funding; all competing for a declining number of high school seniors. To stand still in this environment would be to fail.</p><p>The University of Jamestown has many strengths when facing these challenges. We have a strong, high quality academic program and faculty. We have upgraded our classroom facilities and residence halls. We have demonstrated our ability to start new programs successfully with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. We are financially strong.</p><p>Our Universitys future success will require several things but I would only emphasize additional academic and personal development programs such as Character in Leadership, selected new facilities, an enhanced student campus experience and a stronger financial base. More will be communicated in the future about new and expanded academic programs. The facilities needs I would highlight are athletic and student activities. Intramural and varsity athletics are very important for student participation and for a vibrant campus life. We have fallen behind in those areas and the time has come for them to be addressed. It is not just for existing students but also important to the recruitment of new students.</p><p>The competitive environment requires strong academic programs and facilities that both support and enhance our students campus experience. However, just building it does not mean they will come. We must also provide increased financial support to students, and we must significantly expand marketing to tell our story more effectively and extensively.</p><p>These requirements make clear that we must up our game financially. Our alumni and friends have been generous in support of the University of Jamestown. In return our Board and Administration have been good stewards of those resources. Success in carrying out our mission requires more of us financially. As those financial requests are made I urge and hope that you will respond affirmatively and generously. </p><p>Thank you for your continued support of the University of Jamestown.</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>James A. Unruh 63, Chairman, Board of Trustees</p></li><li><p>Contents2 Chairmans Message3 Presidential Greeting4 Three young alumni recognized </p><p>for early success6 Conquering chemistry8 Gaining global perspective9 Newprogramofferinggraduate-</p><p>level leadership education 10 Campus News14 Young Alumna receives medallion15 Nominations for Halls of Fame16 Winter Sports Update18 Contributions of immense </p><p>proportions19 UJ Womens Wrestling20 Athletic Hall of Fame22 Alumni Days/Homcoming24 Class Notes 26 Jimmie Generation Scholarship </p><p>Program27 UJ Alumni Directory28 Marriages28 Births29 Refer A Student30 In Memoriam31 Two presidents who served </p><p>University of Jamestown32 Important Dates </p><p>On the cover: Trisha (Voightman) Jungels 02 (center), Chief </p><p>Nursing Officer at Jamestown Regional Medical </p><p>Center, is pictured with (from left) UJ nursing </p><p>student Dan Janu, clinical instructor Andrea </p><p>Grimson, and UJ nursing students Jackie Engdahl </p><p>and Emily Wang. Jungels was recently named to </p><p>Prairie Business Magazines 40 Under 40 feature </p><p>about the top young professionals in the region, </p><p>along with two other alumni, Jon Simmers 00 </p><p>and Adam Wogsland 03. See the story on p. 4 </p><p>and 5.</p><p> Presidential Greeting </p><p>Dear Alumni and Friends:</p><p>We are spending considerable time and effort right now on the discernment of a future vision for the University of Jamestown, and it is a rewarding and challenging process. We know that higher education is undergoing rapid change, and we are preparing to respond with innovative strategies. </p><p>The campus itself has evolved in recent years as new and remodeled facilities have come on line to improve academic and residential environments, in particular. We will next focus on student social, leadership, recreation and athletic space. Within the next year, we will have a new area for student organizations in Lyngstad Hall that will be a gathering point for activity groups and clubs. This spring we will begin work on a large, outdoor turf practice field for use by all of our athletic teams. Planning is taking place for future development of the Larson Center and a new addition that will create new locker rooms, a training room, and the possibility of a new arena for basketball and volleyball. Along with the Foss Wellness Center, students will find that more recreational space will become available within the facility to support intramurals and recreation. Our next capital campaign will address these needs for campus.</p><p>By the fall of 2016, we plan to open a new high demand, distinctive major field of study for our undergraduate students, Mechanical Engineering. We are opening a search this spring for a Chairperson to lead the development of the new Department of Engineering, and we believe that the blending of Liberal Arts and Engineering will fit well with our institutional vision integrating classical and professional education. Sorkness Hall will find a new life once more as the home to the Engineering and Mathematics departments.</p><p>New academic programs will also be added beginning this fall with a new M.A. degree in Leadership to be offered initially in Jamestown. Other new program developments will include English as a second language (ESL) designed for international students, and additional graduate programs in the behavioral and health sciences will begin in 2016.</p><p>As we prepare a bright future for the University of Jamestown, you will see that we are moving in new directions, but you will not see us falter in support of our firm tradition as a Liberal Arts college preparing students for the professions and for lives of leadership and service. The Journey continues!</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>Robert S. Badal, President </p></li><li><p>Three young alumni recognized for early success</p><p>By Erin Klein</p><p>By preparing them for further study, providing the skills needed in their careers, and instilling leadership qualities, University of Jamestown positions its graduates for impactful lives.</p><p>Three alumni recently listed in Prairie Business magazines annual 40 Under 40 regional business leaders feature attribute much of their success to the education they received at University of Jamestown.</p><p>Trisha (Voightman) Jungels 02 As Chief Nursing Officer at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Trisha (Voightman) </p><p>Jungels 02 not only relies on her University of Jamestown education daily in her work, but she also gets to witness UJs impact on current nursing students who carry out part of their own clinical education at JRMC. </p><p>The University develops great critical thinkers and great leaders, she says. Im very impressed with the quality of these students.</p><p>Jungels says she benefited from the best educators, including Dr. Jackie Mangnall and Dr. Teree Rittenbach, who demonstrated a true passion for lifelong learning. </p><p>I would not be where I am today without University of Jamestown and the liberal arts education I received, she says.</p><p>Jungels has been in her position as Chief Nursing Officer two years. Her time at JRMC goes back to 2002 when she started at what was then known as Jamestown Hospital in medical-surgical nursing as a new graduate. She now oversees all clinical departments. </p><p>Shes also drawing on her University of Jamestown education as she pursues an MBA with a health care concentration from the University of </p><p>Mary.</p><p>The core classes at UJ really prepare you for the future and any graduate education you go on to do, she says. The classes you are required to take alongside your major now those are the character-building classes.</p><p>Jungels was named 2014s Outstanding Rural Health Professional by the UND Center for Rural Health.</p><p>4 alumni &amp; friends</p></li><li><p>Jonathan Simmers 00For Jonathan Simmers 00, CEO of Bismarck Aero Center, his day-to-day interactions with employees are just as important as the work they do. It should come as no surprise, then, that the company was in 2014 named one of the Top 50 Places to Work in the Northern Plains by Prairie Business.</p><p>Were still small enough to maintain that family-oriented feel, says Simmers. I take a personal interest in whats going on with our employees.</p><p>Simmers spent just two years at University of Jamestown as a transfer student, but he made the most of his time as a Jimmie and graduated with a major in business administration with concentrations in international business, management, and business communication. </p><p>Simmers says communication classes from Dr. Christine North stand out as some of the most influential.</p><p>She expected a lot out of her students, but she was also fair and made it fun, he says. I learned dynamics of communication that are so important.</p><p>Simmers continued his education at the University of North Dakota, receiving a masters degree in business with a human resources concentration. He worked in human resources at Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson and at Polaris before returning to Bismarck to work for the </p><p>business his father, Bob Simmers, started in 1990. </p><p>Bismarck Aero Center today has 44 employees and is the regions largest aircraft maintenance facility, also providing refueling, pilot services, flight instruction and avionics services. </p><p>Its been both challenging and rewarding, Simmers says. One of the main lessons I took away from University of Jamestown is to focus on the alignment of your teams goals and to see how paramount that is toward reaching your own goals.</p><p>Adam Wogsland 03 Adam Wogsland 03, Fargo, president and co-owner of SW&amp;L Attorneys, says University of Jamestown paved the way for him to be </p><p>always moving forward.</p><p>Wogsland was a history-political science and criminal justice major and says classes from Dr. Mark Joy, Dr. David Lorenzo, and Dr. Jim Stone (criminal justice) provided a strong foundation for his decision to pursue a career in law.</p><p>It was while I was at UJ that I decided I would probably go on to law school, says Wogsland, who was active as a College Fellow and member of Alpha Chi honor society. My classes, especially Dr. Lorenzos political science classes, were taught with a nod toward preparing for graduate school.</p><p>He continued his education at the University of North Dakota School of Law, where he served on the Moot Court Board and graduated with distinction. He then clerked for the judges of North Dakotas East Central Judicial District.</p><p>Wogsland was a partner at Nilles Law Firm before co-founding SW&amp;L Attorneys in 2013. The firm has since expanded to six attorneys. Wogslands practice focuses on business, real estate transactions, and estate planning.</p><p>Wogsland says University of Jamestown helped equip him with the tools he needs to continue learning as his career advances. He advises current students to take advantage of at all that is </p><p>available to them, such as internships, once they identify a career path in which they have interest.</p><p>Its important to get that practical experience early on, he says. </p><p>alumni &amp; friends 5</p></li><li><p>Conquering chemistryUNIVERSITY HAS SENT THREE STUDENTS TO HIGHLY SELECTIVE SUMMER PROGRAM</p><p>Ryan Benke 15 of Jamestown says his University of Jamestown education made him a ready participant last summer in an </p><p>intensive six-week summer school program in nuclear chemistry at San Jose State University hosted by the American Chemical Society and the Department of Energy. The goal of the program is to expose you to a new branch of chemistry, says Benke, who will graduate with majors in chemistry, biology, and psychology. I felt like I was very well prepared.That preparation has paid off. From a chemistry department consisting of just two faculty members, University of Jamestown has sent three students to the highly competitive program in recent years. Out of hundreds of </p><p>applicants from around the country, just 24 students are selected each year.Dr. Andrew Klose 09 also participated in </p><p>the program and agrees that studying chemistry at University of Jamestown provided a solid foundation not only for summer school but also for what lay ahead in graduate school and in his career.</p><p>My time at Jamestown was very much a formative experience, says Dr. Klose, who later served as a teaching assistant in the summer program at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Dr. Carl Steffan and Dr. Anthony Amaro (University of Jamestown chemistry faculty) are great educators and mentors.The participants study nuclear chemistry through lecture and labs, take exams, hear from guest lecturers from around the country, and meet with research faculty and graduate students. Benke says highlights of the experience included visiting the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, called the smartest square mile on Earth, and learning from Dr. Trish Baisden, the chemist who pioneered the nuclear chemistry summer school.</p><p>Joelle Riser 13 also participated in the ACS Nuclear Chemistry Summer School at San Jose State. After graduating from University </p><p>of Jamestown with majors in chemistry and mathematics, she is now a Ph.D. student in analytical environmental radiochemistry at Washington State University.To have had three students selected in recent years and to have those three all go on to top-...</p></li></ul>