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7:00 - 8:308:30 - 8:458:45 - 9:45 8:45-9:009:00-10:0010:00-11:0011:00 - 12:00 11:00-12:0012:00 - 1:00 12:00-1:001:00 -2:002:00 - 3:00 2:00-3:003:00 - 3:453:45 - 4:002:00 - 2:302:30 - 4:305:00 - 6:006:30Lunch in Grand York BallroomBreak / CPB Exam Log-in & Prep in Thornhill RoomIPBC IGNITE 2017 Conference Schedule (as of September 01-2017 - subject to change without notice)5:30 to 8:30pm - No Host Dinner at Sheraton "Crave" Restaurant (Solarium Room) Wednesday, September 27, 7:00am - 8:30am - Conference Check-In, Grand York Foyer Move to sessionIPBC Annual General Meeting in Grand York BallroomBreakfast in Grand York Ballroom / IPBC WelcomeRichmond A/B - Intuit Richmond C/D - Sage (Core Sage One Product Training)CPB Exam in Thornhill Room (must be pre-registered)Platinum Sponsor Exclusive Event - Hosted by IntuitYour Firm is a Valuable Asset ( Andrew Wall) System Login Credentials and Materials (speakers for the day: Mark Hubbard & Ed Mortimer)Bank Feeds and ReconciliationsWhy Adding Tax to Your Repertoire is a Good Idea (Tracy Lampron, CPB)Creating Invoices and Getting Paid9:45 - 10:45The Top Apps for Any Bookkeeping Firm(Tammatha Denyes, CPB)Collaborating with Customers & the Basics of SetupTuesday, September 26, 4:00pm to 8:00pm - Conference Check-In, Grand York FoyerTop 5 Tax Tips for Tax Year 2017 (Susan Watkin) Reporting and Core FinancialsWhat's New in QuickBooks Desktop Editions (Esther Friedberg Karp)Integrations Between Sage One and Sage 50The QuickBooks Online Roadmap (Scott Zandbergen)Onboarding Your First QBO Client (Jennie Moore)3:00-4:00 The Bells and Whistles!6:25 - 7:007:00 - 8:308:30 - 8:45Rooms: Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A8:45 - 9:45The Paperless Office - Reality, Fantasy, or Proven Possibility? (Tracy Lampron, CPB, Lampron Bookkeeping)4 Things to Know About Perfect Workflow (OfficeTools - Jarred J. Frieberg)TSheets Certification 2.0: What's New in TSheets & How to Use Your PRO Membership to Become a Firm of the Future (TSheets - Jessica Knuth & Misty Megia)The Value of Business Insurance (John Ross Insurance - Brenda Jennett & Tony Ng)9:45 - 10:0010:00 - 11:00What are the Apps You need Every Client to Use? (Intuit - Marnie Stretch, CPB)EI / CPP / Old Age Security Benefits (Stacey Morning, Service Canada)Lessons from the Black Swans V (Ron Baker, VeraSage Institute)Accelerate Your Practice with the Cloud-based Power of the CCH iFirm Ecosystem & CCH iFirm Tax! (Wolters Kluwer - Shannon Paret, CPA, BACS)11:00 - 11:1511:15 - 12:15How to Grow Profitably While Not Losing Control of Your Bookkeeping Business (Pure Bookkeeping - Lynne Moore, CPB)Service Canada Overview (Stacey Morning, Service Canada)New Thinking - New IPBC Tiers! (IPBC Accreditation & Compliance Committee)The Connected Practice: 4 Software Mistakes to Avoid (Xero - Will Buckley)12:15 - 1:30 Lunch in Grand York Ballroom / Keynote: "The Changing Role of the Bookkeeper" (Intuit - Scott Zandbergen)Thursday morning, September 28Break / Move to next sessionOptional Fitness Program with Kellie Parks, CPBBreakfast in Grand York Ballroom / Keynote: "A Real World Approach to Technology Evolution" ( Sage-Jennifer Warawa & Rachel Fisch)Break / Move to next sessionMove to sessionRooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A1:30 - 1:451:45 - 2:45Excel Magic - Alan's Favorite Tips & Tricks (Alan Salmon, ASc, FCPB, PHF, K2E Enterprises)Current & Emerging Payroll Issues (Canadian Payroll Association, Tina Beauchamp, CPM)Canada's Evolving Payment Needs & Building a More Efficient Payment System for Industry (Telpay - John Zajic & Marilyn Benninger, CPA, CGA)A Financial Look at the Small Business Client (FreshBooks - Shouvik Roy, CPA, CA)2:45 - 3:003:00 - 4:00Automating Bank Reconciliations (Hubdoc - Yoseph West)Taxable Benefits (Canadian Payroll Association, Tina Beauchamp, CPM)Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping - The Road Ahead(Sage - Rachel Fisch)Productivity Tips for the Digital Office (Dave Greene, CPB, MCSE, MCT, Edge Info Systems Ltd.)4:00 - 6:006:30TradeshowThursday afternoon, September 28Platinum Sponsor Exclusive Event - Hosted by SageBreak / Move to next sessionBreak / Move to next session6:25 - 7:007:00 - 8:308:30 - 8:45Rooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A8:45 - 9:45Business Pain Points, Reputation & Workflow - Here's What I Know (Carrie Mulrooney, CPB, CB, Mulrooney & Associates)Tax Implications on the Purchase & Sale of a Bookkeeping Practice (Jamie Herman, MTax, CPA, CA, Hennick Herman LLP Chartered Accountants)Game Changers in ProFile (Intuit - Michael Ford)Sage One - Cloud Accounting Made Simple (Sage - Ed Mortimer & Mark Hubbard)9:45 - 10:0010:00 - 11:00Building a Great Team - Tried & True Insights! (IPBC-CPB business owners panel facilitated by Marge Wegren-Debre, FCPB)Tax & Estate Planning 101 (Tony Rossi, CPA, CA, Hennick Herman LLP Chartered Accountants)Getting Paid What You are Worth as The Premier Bookkeeping Service (Universal Accounting Center - Scott McKinley)What Replaces Timesheets? (Ron Baker, VeraSage Institute)11:00 - 11:1511:15 - 12:15Optimizing Google Chrome - Your Cloud Accounting Best Friend (Kellie Parks, CPB, Calmwaters Cloud Accounting)Insights & Survival of a CRA Tax Audit (Tracy Wu, CPA, CA, MMPA, Hennick Herman LLP Chartered Accountants)Creating Confidence & Trust (Murray Smith, The Achievement Centre)Misperceptions of Alternative Financing Options (FundThrough - Steven Uster)12:15 - 1:30Friday morning, September 29Optional Fitness Program with Kellie Parks, CPBMove to sessionBreak / Move to next sessionBreakfast in Grand York Ballroom / Keynote: "How to move Your Own Practice to the Cloud" (Intuit - Martin Fecko)Break / Move to next sessionLunch in Grand York BallroomRooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A1:30 - 1:451:45 - 2:45Understanding Key Metrics in Financial Statements (Geng Dai, CPA, CA & Natalia Nesterenko, CPA, CGA, Stern Cohen Accountants)Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business, Protect Your Clients! (Dave Greene, CPB, MCSE, MCT, Edge Info Systems Ltd.)Sales Skills for Non-Sales People (Murray Smith, The Achievement Centre)The Complete Paperless Tax Suite (TaxCycle - Marc Labrecque)2:45 - 3:003:00 - 4:00The Million Dollar Bookkeeper - Building a Profitable & Scalable Practice Today (Melanie Power & Steve Major, The Revolutionary Firm)Ransomware & Viruses - Risks & Recovery Strategies (David Debre, MCSE, P51 Computing Strategies)6 Steps to $100K with Receipt Bank (James Salsbury)Sage 50c with Microsoft Office 365 Integration(Sage - Alistair Ellis)4:00 - 5:305:30 - 7:007:00 - 10:00Move to next sessionTradeshowBreak / Move to next sessionFriday afternoon, September 29Awards Banquet & Entertainment by Mike D-Urzo from Mega Magic, International Award Winning MagicianCocktails in Grand York Foyer6:25 - 7:007:00 - 8:308:30 - 8:45Rooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A8:45 - 9:45What's New in QuickBooks Online - Part 1 (Intuit - Juliet Aurora, CPB)Guiding your Small Business Clients Through Their Capital Options (Lendified - Kevin Clark)Endorsement for Marketing (Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA, Talbot & Associates)Dashboard in an Hour! (Craig Juta, FreshBI Reporting Inc.)9:45 - 10:0010:00 - 11:00What's New in QuickBooks Online - Part 2 (Intuit - Tammatha Denyes, CPB)The Badass Guide to Social Media (Jaime Rein, CPB , Rein Business Services)Monthly Recurring Revenue: The One Metric You Need for Your Cloud Practice (Practice Ignition - Brendan Allen)Payroll: Helping You Make Your Practice More Efficient (PaymentEvolution - Andrea Morgan)11:00 - 11:4511:45 - 12:0012:00 - 12:4512:45 - 1:00Software Success Tax Insights Tapping Technology Business SavvyOptional Fitness Program with Kellie Parks, CPBMove to sessionTrack Legend:IPBC Closing CommentsClosing Keynote in Grand York Ballroom: "The Endless Road" by Alan SalmonMove to KeynoteSponsor Prize Draws / SnacksSaturday morning, September 30Break / Move to next sessionBreakfast in Grand York Ballroom


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