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<ul><li><p>7:00 - 8:30</p><p>8:30 - 8:45</p><p>8:45 - 9:45 8:45-9:00</p><p>9:00-10:00</p><p>10:00-11:00</p><p>11:00 - 12:00 11:00-12:00</p><p>12:00 - 1:00 12:00-1:00</p><p>1:00 -2:00</p><p>2:00 - 3:00 2:00-3:00</p><p>3:00 - 3:45</p><p>3:45 - 4:00</p><p>2:00 - 2:30</p><p>2:30 - 4:30</p><p>5:00 - 6:00</p><p>6:30</p><p>Lunch in Grand York Ballroom</p><p>Break / CPB Exam Log-in &amp; Prep in Thornhill Room</p><p>IPBC IGNITE 2017 Conference Schedule (as of September 01-2017 - subject to change without notice)</p><p>5:30 to 8:30pm - No Host Dinner at Sheraton "Crave" Restaurant (Solarium Room) </p><p>Wednesday, September 27, 7:00am - 8:30am - Conference Check-In, Grand York Foyer </p><p>Move to session</p><p>IPBC Annual General Meeting in Grand York Ballroom</p><p>Breakfast in Grand York Ballroom / IPBC Welcome</p><p>Richmond A/B - Intuit Richmond C/D - Sage (Core Sage One Product Training)</p><p>CPB Exam in Thornhill Room (must be pre-registered)</p><p>Platinum Sponsor Exclusive Event - Hosted by Intuit</p><p>Your Firm is a Valuable Asset ( Andrew Wall) System Login Credentials and Materials </p><p>(speakers for the day: Mark Hubbard &amp; Ed Mortimer)</p><p>Bank Feeds and Reconciliations</p><p>Why Adding Tax to Your Repertoire is a Good Idea (Tracy Lampron, CPB)</p><p>Creating Invoices and Getting Paid</p><p>9:45 - 10:45The Top Apps for Any Bookkeeping Firm</p><p>(Tammatha Denyes, CPB)</p><p>Collaborating with Customers &amp; the Basics of Setup</p><p>Tuesday, September 26, 4:00pm to 8:00pm - Conference Check-In, Grand York Foyer</p><p>Top 5 Tax Tips for Tax Year 2017 (Susan Watkin) Reporting and Core Financials</p><p>What's New in QuickBooks Desktop Editions (Esther Friedberg Karp)</p><p>Integrations Between Sage One and Sage 50</p><p>The QuickBooks Online Roadmap (Scott Zandbergen)</p><p>Onboarding Your First QBO Client (Jennie Moore)</p><p>3:00-4:00 The Bells and Whistles!</p></li><li><p>6:25 - 7:00</p><p>7:00 - 8:30</p><p>8:30 - 8:45</p><p>Rooms: Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A</p><p>8:45 - 9:45</p><p>The Paperless Office - Reality, </p><p>Fantasy, or </p><p>Proven Possibility? (Tracy Lampron, CPB, </p><p>Lampron Bookkeeping)</p><p>4 Things to Know About </p><p>Perfect Workflow (OfficeTools - Jarred J. Frieberg)</p><p>TSheets Certification 2.0: </p><p>What's New in TSheets &amp; How </p><p>to Use Your PRO Membership to </p><p>Become a Firm of the Future </p><p>(TSheets - Jessica Knuth </p><p>&amp; Misty Megia)</p><p>The Value of </p><p>Business Insurance (John Ross Insurance - </p><p>Brenda Jennett &amp; Tony Ng)</p><p>9:45 - 10:00</p><p>10:00 - 11:00</p><p>What are the Apps You need </p><p>Every Client to Use? (Intuit - Marnie Stretch, CPB)</p><p>EI / CPP / Old Age </p><p>Security Benefits (Stacey Morning, </p><p>Service Canada)</p><p>Lessons from the </p><p>Black Swans V (Ron Baker, </p><p>VeraSage Institute)</p><p>Accelerate Your Practice with </p><p>the Cloud-based Power of the </p><p>CCH iFirm Ecosystem &amp; CCH </p><p>iFirm Tax! (Wolters Kluwer - Shannon Paret, CPA, BACS)</p><p>11:00 - 11:15</p><p>11:15 - 12:15</p><p>How to Grow Profitably While </p><p>Not Losing Control of Your </p><p>Bookkeeping Business (Pure Bookkeeping - </p><p>Lynne Moore, CPB)</p><p>Service Canada Overview (Stacey Morning, </p><p>Service Canada)</p><p>New Thinking - </p><p>New IPBC Tiers! (IPBC Accreditation &amp; Compliance </p><p>Committee)</p><p>The Connected Practice: </p><p>4 Software Mistakes </p><p>to Avoid (Xero - Will Buckley)</p><p>12:15 - 1:30 Lunch in Grand York Ballroom / Keynote: "The Changing Role of the Bookkeeper" (Intuit - Scott Zandbergen)</p><p>Thursday morning, September 28</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Optional Fitness Program with Kellie Parks, CPB</p><p>Breakfast in Grand York Ballroom / Keynote: "A Real World Approach to Technology Evolution" ( Sage-Jennifer Warawa &amp; Rachel Fisch)</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Move to session</p></li><li><p>Rooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A</p><p>1:30 - 1:45</p><p>1:45 - 2:45</p><p>Excel Magic - Alan's </p><p>Favorite Tips &amp; Tricks (Alan Salmon, ASc, FCPB, </p><p>PHF, K2E Enterprises)</p><p>Current &amp; Emerging </p><p>Payroll Issues (Canadian Payroll Association, </p><p>Tina Beauchamp, CPM)</p><p>Canada's Evolving Payment </p><p>Needs &amp; Building a </p><p>More Efficient Payment </p><p>System for Industry (Telpay - John Zajic &amp; </p><p>Marilyn Benninger, CPA, CGA)</p><p>A Financial Look at the </p><p>Small Business Client (FreshBooks - </p><p>Shouvik Roy, CPA, CA)</p><p>2:45 - 3:00</p><p>3:00 - 4:00</p><p>Automating Bank </p><p>Reconciliations (Hubdoc - Yoseph West)</p><p>Taxable Benefits (Canadian Payroll Association, </p><p>Tina Beauchamp, CPM)</p><p>Cloud Accounting </p><p>and Bookkeeping - </p><p>The Road Ahead(Sage - Rachel Fisch)</p><p>Productivity Tips for </p><p>the Digital Office (Dave Greene, CPB, MCSE, MCT, </p><p>Edge Info Systems Ltd.)</p><p>4:00 - 6:00</p><p>6:30</p><p>Tradeshow</p><p>Thursday afternoon, September 28</p><p>Platinum Sponsor Exclusive Event - Hosted by Sage</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p></li><li><p>6:25 - 7:00</p><p>7:00 - 8:30</p><p>8:30 - 8:45</p><p>Rooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A</p><p>8:45 - 9:45</p><p>Business Pain Points, </p><p>Reputation &amp; Workflow - </p><p>Here's What I Know (Carrie Mulrooney, CPB, CB, Mulrooney &amp; </p><p>Associates)</p><p>Tax Implications on the </p><p>Purchase &amp; Sale of a </p><p>Bookkeeping Practice (Jamie Herman, MTax, CPA, </p><p>CA, Hennick Herman LLP </p><p>Chartered Accountants)</p><p>Game Changers in ProFile (Intuit - Michael Ford)</p><p>Sage One - Cloud </p><p>Accounting Made Simple (Sage - Ed Mortimer </p><p>&amp; Mark Hubbard)</p><p>9:45 - 10:00</p><p>10:00 - 11:00</p><p>Building a Great Team - Tried </p><p>&amp; True Insights! (IPBC-CPB business owners panel </p><p>facilitated by </p><p>Marge Wegren-Debre, FCPB)</p><p>Tax &amp; Estate Planning 101 (Tony Rossi, CPA, CA, </p><p>Hennick Herman LLP </p><p>Chartered Accountants)</p><p>Getting Paid What You are </p><p>Worth as The Premier </p><p>Bookkeeping Service (Universal Accounting Center - </p><p>Scott McKinley)</p><p>What Replaces </p><p>Timesheets? (Ron Baker, </p><p>VeraSage Institute)</p><p>11:00 - 11:15</p><p>11:15 - 12:15</p><p>Optimizing Google Chrome </p><p>- Your Cloud Accounting </p><p>Best Friend (Kellie Parks, CPB, </p><p>Calmwaters Cloud Accounting)</p><p>Insights &amp; Survival of </p><p>a CRA Tax Audit (Tracy Wu, CPA, CA, MMPA, </p><p>Hennick Herman LLP </p><p>Chartered Accountants)</p><p>Creating Confidence </p><p>&amp; Trust (Murray Smith, </p><p>The Achievement Centre)</p><p>Misperceptions of Alternative </p><p>Financing Options (FundThrough - </p><p>Steven Uster)</p><p>12:15 - 1:30</p><p>Friday morning, September 29</p><p>Optional Fitness Program with Kellie Parks, CPB</p><p>Move to session</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Breakfast in Grand York Ballroom / Keynote: "How to move Your Own Practice to the Cloud" (Intuit - Martin Fecko)</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Lunch in Grand York Ballroom</p></li><li><p>Rooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A</p><p>1:30 - 1:45</p><p>1:45 - 2:45</p><p>Understanding Key Metrics in </p><p>Financial Statements (Geng Dai, CPA, CA &amp; Natalia </p><p>Nesterenko, CPA, CGA, </p><p>Stern Cohen Accountants)</p><p>Protect Your Data, </p><p>Protect Your Business, </p><p>Protect Your Clients! (Dave Greene, CPB, MCSE, MCT, </p><p>Edge Info Systems Ltd.)</p><p>Sales Skills for </p><p>Non-Sales People (Murray Smith, </p><p>The Achievement Centre)</p><p>The Complete Paperless </p><p>Tax Suite (TaxCycle - Marc Labrecque)</p><p>2:45 - 3:00</p><p>3:00 - 4:00</p><p>The Million Dollar Bookkeeper - </p><p>Building a Profitable &amp; </p><p>Scalable Practice Today (Melanie Power &amp; Steve Major, </p><p>The Revolutionary Firm)</p><p>Ransomware &amp; Viruses - Risks </p><p>&amp; Recovery Strategies (David Debre, MCSE, </p><p>P51 Computing Strategies)</p><p>6 Steps to $100K with Receipt </p><p>Bank (James Salsbury)</p><p>Sage 50c with Microsoft Office </p><p>365 Integration(Sage - Alistair Ellis)</p><p>4:00 - 5:30</p><p>5:30 - 7:00</p><p>7:00 - 10:00</p><p>Move to next session</p><p>Tradeshow</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Friday afternoon, September 29</p><p>Awards Banquet &amp; Entertainment by Mike D-Urzo from Mega Magic, International Award Winning Magician</p><p>Cocktails in Grand York Foyer</p></li><li><p>6:25 - 7:00</p><p>7:00 - 8:30</p><p>8:30 - 8:45</p><p>Rooms Richmond A/B Richmond C/D Thornhill Buttonville Markham A</p><p>8:45 - 9:45</p><p>What's New in QuickBooks </p><p>Online - Part 1 (Intuit - Juliet Aurora, CPB)</p><p>Guiding your Small </p><p>Business Clients Through Their </p><p>Capital Options (Lendified - Kevin Clark)</p><p>Endorsement for Marketing (Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA, </p><p>Talbot &amp; Associates)</p><p>Dashboard in an Hour! (Craig Juta, </p><p>FreshBI Reporting Inc.)</p><p>9:45 - 10:00</p><p>10:00 - 11:00</p><p>What's New in QuickBooks </p><p>Online - Part 2 (Intuit - Tammatha Denyes, CPB)</p><p>The Badass Guide </p><p>to Social Media (Jaime Rein, CPB , </p><p>Rein Business Services)</p><p>Monthly Recurring Revenue: </p><p>The One Metric You Need for </p><p>Your Cloud Practice (Practice Ignition - Brendan Allen)</p><p>Payroll: Helping You Make </p><p>Your Practice More Efficient (PaymentEvolution - </p><p>Andrea Morgan)</p><p>11:00 - 11:45</p><p>11:45 - 12:00</p><p>12:00 - 12:45</p><p>12:45 - 1:00</p><p>Software Success Tax Insights Tapping Technology Business Savvy</p><p>Optional Fitness Program with Kellie Parks, CPB</p><p>Move to session</p><p>Track Legend:</p><p>IPBC Closing Comments</p><p>Closing Keynote in Grand York Ballroom: "The Endless Road" by Alan Salmon</p><p>Move to Keynote</p><p>Sponsor Prize Draws / Snacks</p><p>Saturday morning, September 30</p><p>Break / Move to next session</p><p>Breakfast in Grand York Ballroom</p></li></ul>


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