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<ul><li><p>Daily Ignite Schedule (Active)</p><p>Days 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 Days 3, 5, 7 Serving Size, Tips and Other Information</p><p>Wake-Up 12 oz water* 12 oz water* Notes: Whichever meal falls before your workout, add 1 serving of grains. </p><p> Whichever meal falls post workout add 1 or 1 serving of approved fruit and 1 scoop of Lean</p><p> If hungry, increase protein intake first, vegetables second. </p><p> For endurance athletes, take Accelerate + Spryng pre-workout. For other athletes, take </p><p>1-2 Xyng + Spryng 30 minutes pre-workout. </p><p> Consume Spryng immediately post-workout. </p><p>* We recommend drinking 1 gallon of water (128 oz) daily during your Ignite cycle. Due to sugar content, fruit should not be added to the Lean Smoothie. Global Blend </p><p> may be used as a fruit substitute. Axion is included in the Ignite Plus Pack. Spryng is not included in the Ignite Kit.</p><p> Protein, Grains, and Green Vegetables Guidelines: </p><p> Grains Serving Size for men = 1 cup/ women = cup. </p><p> Protein Serving Size for men = 6-8 oz/ women = 4-6 oz</p><p> Vegetables Serving Size for men/women = 1 cup</p><p> Serving Size Tips:</p><p>BreakfastOats (1 cup)</p><p>Lean Smoothie</p><p>Global Blend and Axion</p><p>Oats (1 cup)</p><p>Egg Whites (1 cup)</p><p>Global Blend and Axion</p><p>Morning Snack Protein Meal w/ Green Vegetables Protein Meal w/ Green Vegetables</p><p>Xyng (w/ meal)</p><p>Lunch</p><p>Lean Smoothie</p><p>1/4 cup Almonds, Peanuts, or Sunflower</p><p>Seeds (raw and unsalted)</p><p>Accelerate (after meal)</p><p>Protein Meal w/Grains</p><p>Accelerate (after meal)</p><p>Afternoon SnackCheat+ (30 min. prior to meal)</p><p>Protein Meal </p><p>Accelerate (after meal)</p><p>Lean Shake</p><p>1/4 cup Almonds, Peanuts, or Sunflower</p><p>Seeds (raw and unsalted)</p><p>DinnerLean Smoothie </p><p>1/4 cup Almonds, Peanuts, or Sunflower</p><p>Seeds (raw and unsalted) </p><p>Protein Meal w/ Green Vegetables </p><p>Before Bed Flush (w/ warm drink) Flush (w/ warm drink)</p><p>1/2 cup 1 bulb</p><p>=</p><p>1/4 cup small handful</p><p>=</p><p>6 oz 2 decks</p><p>=</p></li><li><p>Animal Products Turkey</p><p> Chicken</p><p> Elk</p><p> Venison</p><p> Liver</p><p>Fish &amp; Seafood Crab Flounder</p><p> Grouper</p><p> Herring</p><p> Lobster</p><p> Mahi Mahi</p><p> Orange Roughy</p><p> Oysters</p><p> Red Snapper</p><p> Salmon</p><p> Sardine</p><p> Sea Bass</p><p> Shrimp</p><p> Swordfish</p><p> Tilapia</p><p> Tuna</p><p> Trout</p><p>Grains Barley</p><p> Brown Rice (organic)</p><p> Buckwheat</p><p> Cous Cous</p><p> Oats (steel cut)</p><p> Quinoa</p><p> Rye</p><p>Beans Azuki</p><p> Black</p><p> Kidney</p><p> Lentils</p><p> Lima</p><p> Navy</p><p> Pinto</p><p>Vegetables Bell Peppers</p><p> Broccoli</p><p> Brussels Sprouts</p><p> Cabbage</p><p> Carrots</p><p> Cauliflower</p><p> Endive</p><p> Green Beans</p><p> Kale</p><p> Lettuce (romaine)</p><p> Mushrooms (1-2 servings/wk)</p><p> Onion</p><p> Parsley</p><p> Scallion</p><p> Spinach</p><p> Squash</p><p> Sweet Potato</p><p> Turnip</p><p> Snow Peas</p><p>Fruit Apple</p><p> Peach</p><p> Strawberry</p><p> Watermelon (when in season)</p><p>Oils Coconut</p><p> Olive</p><p> Sesame</p><p> Sunflower</p><p>Dairy (no cow dairy) Almond Milk</p><p> Goat Cheese</p><p> Goat Milk</p><p> Rice Milk</p><p>Drinks Distilled Water</p><p> Global Blend</p><p> Green Tea</p><p> Xypstix</p><p> Spryng</p><p>Healthy Shopping List</p><p>Seasonings Cayenne Pepper</p><p> Garlic</p><p> Herbs</p><p> Onions</p><p> Pepper</p><p> Sea Salt (in moderation)</p><p>Sweeteners (in moderation) Agave</p><p> Date Sugar</p><p> Palatinose</p><p> Stevia</p><p>Other Balsamic Vinegar</p><p> Nuts: Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts (raw only)</p><p> Seeds: Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame</p><p> Natural Peanut Butter</p><p> Natural Almond Butter</p><p> 2013 Xyngular Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Version 0913.</p></li></ul>


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