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  • Interprofessional and Transprofessional education- Whos missing at the table?

    Adrian Cosenza

    Chief Executive Officer, Australian Orthopaedic Association Chief Executive Officer, Australian Orthopaedic Association Research Foundation

    Chair, Australasian Sarcoma Study Group Ltd

    Wednesday 28 September 2016 Niagara Falls

  • IMELF 2016 Agenda

    Context The Lancet Commission Environment Challenges & Opportunities Lessons from other sectors Way forward Brief table discussion & feedback

  • Context The Lancet Commission Environment Challenges & Opportunities Lessons from other sectors Way forward Brief table discussion & feedback

  • 5

    Health is all about people

    Health professionals are the service providers who link people to technology, information and knowledge

    They are caregivers, communicators and educators, team members, managers, leaders and policy makers

    As knowledge brokers health workers are the human faces of the health system

    Professionals invariably are the leaders, planners and policy makers of health systems

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    Inter Professionals

    Multidisciplinary inter professionals include social workers, nurses, therapists, doctors, counselors, surgeons health professionals in the sector

    For inter professional education, health needs teamwork

    Multidisciplinary inter professionals are also required to collaborate with non health professionals - engineers, police, municipal officers and other professionals

    Inter professional education involves students of two or more professions learning together, especially about each others roles, by interacting with each other on a common education agenda

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    Trans Professionals

    Trans professionals are non- health sector professionals: health policy, communications, public relations, change managers, project managers, risk managers, strategy development, technology managers, advocacy, leaders

    According to the Commissioners Trans professional teamwork might be of greater importance for health system performance, especially teamwork of professionals with basic and ancillary health workers, administrators and managers, policy makers and leaders of local communities.

  • 8

    Profession what does it mean?

    A special kind of occupation

    an avowal or promise

    Professionalism signifies a set of values, behaviours and relationships that underpin the trust of the public

    Professionalism was born of contradictory impulses. On the one hand, it belongs to the movement toward a democratic society and a free market economy. Professionalism promises to open careers to talenton the other hand professions are monopolistic...

    The need for a strong service ethic

  • 9

    Profession relevant to other sectors

    What I would like to see is , really, banking return to be seen as a strong service profession. I do not know how far away from that we are. Banking, historically, has been a profession a profession of stewardship, custodians, service, advisory, counsellor. It is not a marketing or product distribution business, banking is a profession.

    Dr. Phillip Lowe

    Reserve Bank of Australia, Governor

  • Context The Lancet Commissions Environment Challenges & Opportunities Lessons from other sectors Way forward Brief table discussion & feedback

  • Global change

    Demographic epidemiologic transitions

    Educated patients Co-production

    Private markets Social justice

    Biosciences ICT

    Global Forces

  • 12

    A Recap Problem Statement the challenges

    Inequities in health within and between countries

    Health security challenged by new infectious, environmental and behavioural risks

    Rapid demographic and epidemiological transitions

    Health systems strugglingbecoming more complex, placing additional demands on health workers

  • 13

    Professional Education is lagging

    Fragmented, outdated and static curricula that produce ill equipped graduates

    Systemic problems include:

    Mismatch of competencies to patient & population needs

    Poor teamwork

    Persistent gender stratification of professional status

    Narrow technical focus without broader contextual understanding

  • 14

    Professional Education is laggingsystemic problems

    Episodic encounters rather than continuous care

    Quantitative and Qualitative imbalances in the professional labour market

    Commercialism in the professions

    Dysfunctional impact of the tribalism of the professions

    Professionals are falling short on appropriate competencies for effective teamwork & they are not exercising effective leadership to transform health systems

  • 15

    There is a fundamental linkage between professional education and health conditions

    Interdependence of health is growing

    Opportunities for mutual learning and shared progress have greatly expanded

    Global movement of people, pathogens, technologies, financing, information, and knowledge underlie the international transfer of health risks and opportunities and flows across national borders are accelerating

    Interdependence of health and education sectors is paramount

  • Context The Lancet Environment Challenges & Opportunities Lessons from other sectors Way forward Brief table discussion & feedback

  • 17

    Five years onAre we still ill equipped and underprepared?

    All reports concur that health professionals in the USA, the UK and Canada are not being adequately prepared in undergraduate, post graduate and continuing education to address challenges introduced by:


    changing patient populations,

    cultural diversity,

    chronic diseases,

    care seeking behaviour and

    heightened public expectations

  • 18

    insufficient information and a weak culture of monitoring

    Professional education as a field has insufficient information and a weak culture of monitoring and evaluation

    Instructional design It is noteworthy that we recorded little evidence in documenting the impact of effectiveness of educational innovations

  • 19

    a third generation of reforms

    that emphasize patient and population centeredness,

    competency based curriculum,

    Inter professional and team based education,

    IT-empowered learning


    management and

    leadership skills

    An emerging development globally refers to new forms of organisation, such as networks and partnerships, which take advantage of information and communication technologies

  • AOA 21 Curriculum Development

  • Technology: App

  • Technology: App

  • 23

    Future Ambition: Reforms for a second century

    All Health professionals in all countries should be educated to mobilize knowledge and to engage in critical reasoning and ethical conduct so they are competent to participate in patient and population-centered health systems as members of locally responsive and globally connected teams.

    Realizing the vision to be guided by two proposed outcomes; transformative learning & interdependence in education

  • 24

    Future Ambition: Shared Vision - Common Strategy

    Covering medicine, nursing, and public health

    Beyond confines of national borders and silos of individual professions

    A Global outlook; multi-professional perspective and a systems approach

    Connectivity between education and health systems

    The challenge the professional education system must design new instructional and institutional strategies

  • Structure

    Institutional Design Stewardship Accreditation Collaboration Financing

    Instructional Design

    Criteria admission Competencies Channels Career

    Context Global-Local


    Transformative Learning


    in Education


    Education System

  • 26

    Competencies to be developed include

    Interdisciplinary teams,

    Continuous quality improvement,

    Use of new informatics, and integration of public health

    Research skills,



    Management and


    transprofessional education can assist

  • 27

    No different than a century ago, educational reform is a long and difficult process that demands leadership and requires changing perspectives, work styles, and good relationships between all stakeholders

  • Context The Lancet Commission Environment Challenges & Opportunities Lessons from other sectors Way forward Brief table discussion & feedback

  • 29

    IMD: Accessing Worlds Best in Leadership Education

    IMD is a top ranked business school IMD is an expert in developing global leaders through

    high impact executive education IMD aims to be best in the world in developing

    successful leaders, individual, teams and organisations.

  • Best in Class Credentials

    Presentation to Board by Adrian Cosenza 5th July

    First in Executive Education Worldwide Financial Times, Ranking 2012 -2016 First in Open Program Worldwide Financial 2012, 2013, 2014,2015,2016

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    A Truly International Forum


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