Internship Experience Eli Lilly & Company By Osedra Siler

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  • Internship ExperienceEli Lilly & CompanyByOsedra Siler

  • AgendaCompany HistoryBenefits of InternshipSummer ProjectSkills LearnedChallenges encounteredOverall experience

  • Company HistoryEli Lilly was founded in May 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly.

    Headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Eli Lilly is a leading, innovation-driven pharmaceutical corporation committed to developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class and first-in-class pharmaceutical products.

    Corporate culture -Lilly employees are viewed as the company's most valuable assets.

    Diversity is promoted by company and within management

  • Benefits of InternshipPaid 12 week summer Internship (May August).

    Majority of housing paid by company as a stipend & reimbursement on travel mileage to and from university or home.

    Student has an opportunity to choose summer project (3 options).

    Mentor is assigned to each intern.

    Opportunity to interact with top executives ( CEO, IO, VPs)

  • Benefits of Internship (cont)Activities available and paid by company

    Indy 500Black Expo including concertWelcome Dinners with executives Many festivals and many more

  • Summer ProjectArea workedGlobal Manufacturing Information & Control Systems (MI&CS)

    Flashline toolAsset Lifecycle Management Tool which helps to manage and track assets portfolio.Assets are all software, technologies, servers and hardware used in company

    Tasks/ResponsibilitiesGather business & system requirements to help reduce user resistance Design reports & the processesAnalyze & recommend potential integration of the Delta Plan and Technology Roadmap milestones

  • Summer Project (cont)Business NeedsIndividual sites maintain/track assets in various waysCentralized Point of AccessEnhance the ability to manage the asset portfolio

    Goal Wide-visibility representation of how applications integrate with business components within Manufacturing Information & Control Systems

  • Skills Learned Soft SkillsEnhanced communication skillsEnhanced team building skills

    Technical SkillsManufacturing process & automation software used in processEnhanced functionality of eclipse using Java languageWeb servicesEnhanced requirements gathering techniqueProcess definitionSolution design

  • Challenges encountered Learning enhance functionality of eclipse

    Learning a new protocol called SOAP with Web Services

    Learning how to write code to retrieve and work with metadata stored in XML format

  • Overall experience I had the opportunity to express my ideas and implement them.

    Demonstrate some initiatives and learn new software and techniques.

    I was treated as a regular employee with great intelligence and best of all had lots of FUN and GOT PAID FOR IT. $$


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