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For my Multimedia Writing and Composition class, we learned to create an interactive transmedia game in Microsoft Powerpoint. This was definitely a challenge for me, but a good one. I had never done any sort of game design before this class, so bear with me – it is a bit rusty! But I’m getting there.Back to the project! For this project, I chose to use the story of The Little Mermaid, as it is public domain and everyone is familiar with the story. However, I did add my own little plot twists, so nothing about this game is realistic. For my game, I purposely made it so that the decisions you made weren’t necessarily what you expected. If I were playing my game as another person, I would be very frustrated!For this project, and every other project leading up to this, we learned how to utilize visual rhetoric, aural rhetoric, and procedural rhetoric. This project was definitely a combination of all of these things. We had to create our own assets, such as pictures and audio – which was a bit of a challenge for me, but I had fun!I think the biggest challenge of all, once you’re finished with the project, is making sure that it is compatible on other peoples’ computers. Which in that case, you’re not really finished with the project until everyone can access it, no matter what device they are on. Below, is a link to my project as well as a list of the assets I created. Hope you enjoy it!

Text of Interactive Transmedia Game

PowerPoint Presentation

As Ariel sets out for an adventure, she cant quite decide what kind of mischief she wants to get into today. Sure, her father King Triton is always forbidding her to get into any trouble of any kind. This includes, straying too far away from the kingdom, swimming to the surface, and interacting with humans. But Ariels always been this adventurous person. Adventure is in her blood! What should she do.Befriend a shark and grab a meal with themLook for flounder, you havent seen him in a while2

After the incident with Flounder happens, Ariel becomes overwhelmed with devastation and blames herself. She starts to scream, how could I let this happen?! How could I be so careless with my friends life? Suddenly, Ariel gets the overwhelming urge to swim to the surface in hopes that the humans will be up there. At this point, Ariel doesnt care if she gets captured or not. She cant even begin to imagine a life without her little pal Flounder. As she swims closer to the surface, Ariel notices a group of fishermen who have dropped their nets into the water. As shes swimming, she notices something glistening to the left of heramagical locket?!Check it out?Continue to swim towards surfaceOh no, turns out the mermaids are aggressive and mutated and decided to tear Flounder to shreds !!!Continue7

As Ariel and Flounder start to swim out of the area of the ocean that theyre familiar with things start to look a lot.different! The farther away they swim from the kingdom, the fainter the illuminating royal music becomes. This is how they know that they truly are on their own. The ocean begins to get darker and darker lonelier and lonelier scarier and get the point! The deeper into this side of the ocean they start to get, they start to notice something in the shadows. To their surprise they see.. A group of mermaids?! What ?! Up until this point Ariel thought that there were no other mermaids living down here in the deep blue. Her curiosity begins to get the best of her. What should she do!?Swim towards mysterious mermaidsYells at mermaids to get their attention Swim away to safety

When Ariel finally finds her good old friend Flounder, she becomes overwhelmed with joy. Hanging out with Flounder is always an adventure! However, Flounder is a little conflicted this time in what they should do. Not to anyones surprise, Ariels always been one for adventure, no matter how dangerous the situation. Flounder has a bad feeling this time and cant quite explain it. What would you do in this case?Stay close to the kingdom to avoid trouble feast on some yummy shrimp?Explore the dark abyss of the ocean?

Congratulations to Ariel and Prince Eric on your wedding day!Play Again? Oh no, Ariels been spotted and harpooned!!

Play Again?Transmedia Game Reflective:In my project, the assets I produced were the hand-drawn pictures of Ariel and Flounder. I also drew the heart on the 11th slide, and then shaded it in with pixlr. Another produced asset was the skull I drew on slide 12. On slide 14, I drew the bubble letters and shaded the perimeter in pixlr as well. On slide 3, for the iPhone text, I produced that asset by typing that into my phone and screenshotting it. On slide 3, the sound is my voice recorded from an iPhone, and converted to an MP3 file. For slide 5, to emphasize Ariel and Flounder getting poisoned, I made a sound recording of the toilet flushing to signify that what happened was not, in any way, good.project 5titanicVoice Memos2015Voice Memo3291.4329eng - iTunPGAP0eng - iTunNORM 000000BD 00000000 000004E8 00000000 00000343 00000000 00002A7C 00000000 00000329 00000000eng - iTunSMPB 00000000 00000210 00000930 0000000000022BC0 00000000 00006054 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

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