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  • 1.Conference Schedule November 11-12 The Westin Buckhead Hotel Friday, November 11, 2011 4:00pm Hotel Check-In (for those staying overnight at the hotel) 5:00pm Registration (outside of The Buckhead Ballroom) -pick up your conference binder and name badge) 6:30pm Doors Open The Buckhead Ballroom (located on lobby level) CONFERENCE SCHEDULE 7:00pm SESSION ONE Welcome and Introductions 7:30pm SESSION TWO Introduction to Event Planning and Meeting Planning; Skills Assessment; Planner Checklists; Hosting Special Guests Checklists and Specific Niche Markets for Savvy Planners 8:00pm BREAK for Dinner (working session) 8:30pm SESSION THREE Training what organizations should you be a part of? What certifications are available? Who are the leaders in the industry? 9:00pm SESSION FOUR Event and Meeting Planning Checklists 9:30pm Q and A 10:00pm Wrap Up and Day Ends Saturday, November 12, 2011 7:30am Lite Continental Breakfast (inside of The Buckhead Ballroom) 8:00am SESSION ONE: Hot Seat Interviews: Conference Host Robin Ware will share valuable knowledge with 3 lucky attendees on how to leverage their businesses for immediate success! 9:00am SESSION TWO: How to Find YOUR Ideal Clients and Build Your Revenue Streams 9:30am SESSION THREE: Launching Your Own Event 10:00am 15 MINUTE BREAK

2. 10:15am SESSION FOUR: Secure Partnerships, Sponsorships, Endorsements and Commissions 10:45am SESSION FIVE: Attract Celebrities, Artists and Popular Speakers to Your Event for FREE! 12:00pm LUNCHEON 1:00pm Mentor and Coaching Services 2:00pm SESSION SEVEN: Office Systems, Mobile Apps, Time Management and Working with your Administrative Assistant 3:00pm SESSION EIGHT: 7 Keys to Marketing Yourself as an Industry Pro 3:30pm SESSION NINE: Social Media 4:00pm SESSION TEN: PR and Publicity: How to generate newsworthy buzz for you and your clients! 4:30pm SESSION ELEVEN Get Recognized as an Industry Pro and Become a Professional Industry Speaker 4:00pm Q and A and Wrap Up 5:00pm Conference Ends