Information Processing & Management Special Issue on Digital Libraries in the Context of Users’ Work and Interests

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    Information Processing & ManagementSpecial Issue on Digital Libraries in theContext of Users Work and Interests

    Surprisingly little of the work on understanding information seeking and the design of digital libraries has

    taken much account of the background of the users or the context within which they are working. It has

    recently been noted (e.g. [1]) that there is little interaction between those who study information seeking and

    information retrieval. The challenge is arguably greater than this: there is additionally a need to understand

    how digital libraries (and related information sources) are used and also how such systems fit into peoples

    broader work tasks. Without such an understanding, it is a matter of chance as to whether new systems

    actually meet the needs of their users or not.Contributions to this special issue should address either the design of digital libraries as it relates to users

    context, or information seeking and use in context as it relates to digital libraries. More broadly, papers are

    solicited on, but not limited to, the following topics:

    Integration of digital library infrastructure with systems that support other work tasks, e.g. writing;structuring information; problem diagnosis; annotation.

    Domain-specific studies of information use in context (e.g. in health, law, humanities, education, etc.) thatcan inform design.

    Design of digital libraries or digital library components that support particular user needs. Usability studies that account for broader work tasks.


    Submissions should follow the format specified on the Elsevier Author Gateway IP&M Guide for Authors: should bemade online through

    the Elsevier Editorial System

    All submissions will be acknowledged and then refereed by at least 2 peer reviewers. Authors should

    indicate that the submission is intended for the special issue on digital libraries in the context of users workand interests, in both the online submission process and the accompanying cover letter.

    Important Dates

    October 20, 2006: Deadline for submission of papers. January 26, 2007: Notification to authors. March 30, 2007: Deadline for submission of revised papers.


    Information Processing and Management 42 (2006) 14021403

  • Contacts

    Ann Blandford, Sally Jo Cunningham & Jeremy Gow

    UCL Interaction Centre

    University College London

    Remax House

    3132 Alfred Place

    London WC1E 7DP

    UKE-maill address: a.blandford,


    [1] Kuhlthau, C. (2005). Towards collaboration between information seeking and information retrieval. Information Research, 10(2).

    Available from

    Call for Papers / Information Processing and Management 42 (2006) 14021403 1403


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