IN SHOPPER INSIGHTS IN SHOPPER INSIGHTS The following individuals from consumer product manufacturers

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    The following individuals from consumer product manufacturers and retailers have a range of titles that include insights, research and analytics. And their teams can use everything from shopalongs to virtual labs and online communities. One thing they all have in common, though, is a focus on why shoppers make the decisions they do.

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    A Ahold USA n Sharon Eiswert, Director, Marketing &

    Merchandising Insights n Edward Porter, VP, Consumer &

    Business Insights

    AnheUSer-BUSch n Patrick Arminio, Shopper Insights

    Manager Arminio focuses on combining research methodologies including mobile, digital and virtual into more traditional resources so his team and clients can view trends.

    n Tom Prestridge, Director, Shopper Insights Prestridge’s role combines shopper in- sights with sales information in develop- ing programs.

    A BAcArdi & compAny ltd. n Kurt Hillmann, Director

    of Shopper Insights

    BAyer heAlthcAre n Deb Hamtil, Senior Manager,

    Shopper Insights n Rich Kloenne, Senior Manager,

    Shopper Research

    BeAm GloBAl SpiritS & Wine n Brian Berlin, VP,

    Consumer & Shopper Analytics Berlin launched the cat- egory management group at Beam to focus on shop- pers, and now leads the consumer and shopper analytics group. He integrates brand opportunities with shopper and consumer insights.

    BeSt BUy co. n Lisa Hake, Senior Director, Business

    Group & Omni-Channel Customer Insight Strategy

    n Laurie Krause, Director, Insight Strategy & Execution

    n Linda M. Todd, Senior Director, VOC Research Lead & Digital Insights Strategy

    BimBo BAkerieS USA n Linda Ryan, Senior Category Analyst

    Bp AmericA inc. n Diana Gabbard,

    Consumer & Shopper Insights, FVC (Fuels Value Chain) Gabbard oversees all shopper and consumer insights for the BP North American Retail Division, including the retail experience, rewards program, P-O-P and consumer communications. In her role, she has initi- ated insights platforms that have led to improvements in the fuel shopper experi- ence such as P-O-P simplification at sta- tions, a new rewards program and better consumer experiences at stations.

    BrookShire Grocery co. n Rebecca Sanders, VP, Marketing

    BroWn-FormAn corp. n Christa Bryant, Director, Channel &

    Customer Marketing n Cynthia Williams, Shopper Insights

    Group Manager

    BUmBleBee FoodS llc n Joseph Mitilieri, National Director of

    Category Development

    BUrt’S BeeS n Caroline Klompmaker,

    Global Insights Business Leader

    c cAmpBell SoUp/pepperidGe FArm n Alex Garnick, Manager, Shopper

    Insights, Beverages & Breakthrough Innovation

    n Craig Geiger, Senior Manager, Shopper Insights, Walmart & Sam’s Club

    n Melissa Lawrence, Senior Manager, Shopper Insights, Soup & Simple Meals

    n Wendy Lo, Senior Manager Shopper Insights & Category Strategy, Snacks

    n Philip McGee, Director, CCID, Beverages & Portfolio Analytics McGee’s almost 20 years in the CPG industry includes private brands, Kmart and Campbell Soup Co. He has oversight of Campbell’s and Pepperidge Farm. He served as chairman and keynote speaker at IIR’s Shopper Insight in Action conference.

    n Nick Mendoza, Senior Manager, Shopper Insights

    n Mindy Rees, Senior Manager, Shopper Insights & Category Strategy – Bakery & Warehouse

    cArhArtt inc. n Amy Burgdorf, Director of Market

    Research & Insights

    centrAl GArden & pet n Catherine Nodar, Director of Market

    Research & Consumer Insights – Garden

    n Thuy Rhew, Director of Consumer Insights

    chAttem n Bob Cohen, Director, Consumer/

    Market Insights n Doug Langdon, Director, Consumer/

    Market Insights n Marissa Sison, Director,

    Consumer Insights

    the clorox co. n Danny Brown,

    Global Shopper Insights Lead – Strategic Customers Brown leads shopper in- sights initiatives for Clorox and works with retail customers on cat- egory and retail growth. He collaborates with category management and shopper marketing.

    n Stacey Kirkbride, Shopper Insights Lead

    n Vikram Sarma, Global Director, Shopper Insights

    the cocA-colA co. n Chris Elsbury, Director, Shopper

    Research, Coca-Cola North America n Pavi Gupta, Group Director, Shopper

    Insights & Still Beverages Insights

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    When it comes to research, sometimes the unexpected can lead to the biggest breakthroughs, says Ameeta Jain. “When you don’t get what you expect, it really begs the question, why? And I believe oftentimes that can help shed light on op- portune areas that we may not have originally thought of go- ing into a study. Even if we don’t get the exact results we want, there are always insights to be had.”

    Jain began her career at IRI, where she focused on business analysis and account management. But with a passion for un- derstanding the psychology behind the decisions we make, she shifted her career focus to consumer insights. After a brief stint at Welch’s, Jain joined Nabisco as part of the company’s sales insights function. “What attract- ed me to the role was that it combined both research and analytics, but with the focus shifted from the con- sumer to the shopper.” As Nabisco became integrated into Kraft Foods, she joined the centralized shopper insights team. When Kraft then split into two entities last year, separating its grocery and snacks businesses, Jain was again charged with a new role.

    As director of shopper insights and category management at Mondelez, Jain leads the development of shopper insights for the manufacturer’s U.S. business, with a focus on cookies and crackers, gum, candy and cough drops. The shopper insights and category management functions are combined, she says, because Mondelez believes not only in understanding shoppers and their behavior, but also in translating those learnings into

    actionable recommendations that can help its retailer partners drive their categories and snacking as a whole in their stores.

    Jain and her eight-person team are “strong believers” in the development of holistic insights, she says, and to do that they use shopalongs, ethnographies, online shopper communities, purchase decision hierarchy studies, online surveys, shopper movement tracking, virtual testing, etc.

    The team recently completed a comprehensive study com- bining need states, snacking occasions and key consumer and shopper barriers. As a result, the team has sharpened its focus against the key moments that will drive the greatest snacking growth for retail customers. “We found eight key moments that will drive snacking growth, and that’s our focus as a sales organization,” she says.

    There are three key ways in which her team works with re- tail partners to incorporate shopper insights into the strategic planning process. First, the team regularly incorporates shop- per insights into category reviews. Second, shopper insights play a key role in the annual planning process, where the team works with customers to jointly build category strategies that align to the key moments of opportunity. Finally, the team shares futuristic shopper insights with its customers via “In- novation Days.” “This is where we collaborate on how we can grow our categories together by understanding the evolving needs of their shoppers,” Jain says.

    MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL Ameeta Jain, Director of Shopper Insights & Category Management for the U.S.

    Photo by Steve Hockstein

    “ even if we don’t get the exact results we want, there are always insights to be had.”

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    Photo by Michael LoBiondo

    Knowing that every research project isn’t going to produce silver bullets, Katie Pollock has become very adept at reading between the lines and asking questions that achieve results. As divisional vice president of shopper insights, she leads a Family Dollar team that partners with anyone in the organiza- tion who has a shopper insights need.

    “Anytime there are questions about our customer, we an- swer it with the research we have or will work with them on putting together a study to go out and collect the data,” she says. And if there’s not an “a-ha” moment, no problem. She says it’s appropriate at times to “stay the course” and not im- plement major changes. “It can be challenging when there’s not a big message to send, but on the flip side, it can also be difficult when we have a really great insight that’s going to cost millions of dollars to execute. Our charge then becomes adding other pieces or sources of information to that to really drive change.”

    Pollock spent time on the supplier side before becoming a research manager at Lowe’s Home Improvement, then joined Family Dollar nearly seven years ago. She first filled a strategy role and then also picked up responsibility for research six months into her tenure. Since then, she’s been building out the shopper insights program.

    Her team works broadly across the organization, interact- ing with merchandising, marketing, store operations, private brand and pricing teams, human resources, IT and corporate communications/investor relations.

    Her group collaborates with manufacturers in varying ways, Pollock says. A manufacturer may approach with a study in mind that often spa