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Take an In-Depth Look at Behavior, Attitudes and Decision Making Among Warehouse Club Members Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up 2013 Wave II Syndicated Research Study Prospectus Meyers Research Center Meyers Research Center is a leading retail sales and survey research organization with special expertise in retail environments and understanding shopping behaviors and attitudes in-store. Since 1973, MRC has conducted primary research across all classes-of-trade in the U.S. and internationally for major packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, advertising and sales promotion agencies and consulting firms. For More Information Contact: Jeff Friedlaender [email protected] George Brown [email protected] Meyers Research Center 1440 Broadway, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10018 646.512.5124 www.meyersresearch.com www.meyersresearch.wordpress.com Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up Wave II Meyers Research Center 1440 Broadway, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10018 Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up: Wave II 2013

Warehouse Club Shopper Insights

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This syndicated research provides an understanding of who the Warehouse Club members are, how and why they shop in this trade channel and the factors which influence their product purchase decisions in this environment.

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  • 1. Meyers Research Center Take an In-DepthMeyers Research Center is a leading retail Look at Behavior,sales and survey research organization withAttitudes and DecisionMembership Warehouse Club Close-Upspecial expertise in retail environments andunderstanding shopping behaviors and Making Amongattitudes in-store. Warehouse ClubSince 1973, MRC has conducted primaryMembersresearch across all classes-of-trade in theMembership Wave IIU.S. and internationally for major packagedgoods manufacturers, retailers, advertisingand sales promotion agencies and consultingfirms.Warehouse ClubFor More Information Contact:Jeff [email protected] Close-UpGeorge [email protected] 2013Meyers Research Center1440 Broadway, 23rd Floor Wave IINew York, NY 10018 Syndicated Research646.512.5124www.meyersresearch.comwww.meyersresearch.wordpress.com StudyMembership Warehouse ClubClose-Up: Wave II Prospectus20131440 Broadway, 23rd FloorMeyers Research CenterNew York, NY 10018

2. BackgroundIn 2011, Meyers Research Center (MRC) Data will be collected and reviewed for key Topic Areassuccessfully launched the first wave of the product segments, which may include:The following is a general list of topic areas to beMembership Warehouse Club Close-Upcovered, and from which the quantitative surveysyndicated study. This research program I. Foods and Beverages:will be created:identified the behaviors, attitudes and Refrigerated/perishable foodsdecision-making patterns of shoppers in this Factors of importance in their channel/club Dairygrowing and evolving channel. Information fromselection; Deli (meats & cheeses)this study has served as a powerful tool in helping Type and length of membership; Frozen foodsour clients successfully position their brands If a business member, the types of businesswithin the Warehouse Club environment. Shelf stable foods Cross-channel shopping habits Staple foods (bread, cereal, coffee, Pre-store marketing influence;To further identify evolving trends in this growing condiments, etc.) Trip missions (treasure hunt, hard goods,channel, MRC will field the second wave of the Snack foods (candy, healthy bars, grocery, re-stocking trip, party supply, businessMembership Warehouse Club Close-Up in 2013salty, sweet) needs, etc.); Frequency of visit; Beverages: Products purchased (market basket); Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits) and Opportunities missed (stock-outs, wrong sizes,Study Objective Non-alcohol drinks (CSDs, juice, water, wrong brands, etc.);The research objective is to develop a detailed other RTD) Underlying dynamics of product purchaseunderstanding of who the Warehouse Club decisions in the club;members are, how/why they shop in this tradeII. General Merchandise: Perceptions of the membership warehouse clubchannel and the factors which influence their Automotive & Hardwaretrip experience;product purchase decisions in this environment. Bags & Wraps Demographics Cleaning Products Electric (batteries, light bulbs)Methodology and Study Sample Household Paper & PlasticSponsorship OpportunitiesA sample of recent club shoppers will be probed PetYou can obtain a tremendous amount of insightsin depth about a recent trip and the productat a fraction of the cost of undertaking this studyIII. Health and Beauty Care:decisions made. Approximately 3,000 Warehouse independently. If you act fast, you can submit aClub members will be interviewed online after a Baby Productscustom question that will remain proprietary torecent club shopping experience about their Deodorantyou at no extra cost!attitudes, perception and behavior in these stores. Hair Care Oral CareEach respondent will be asked to provide OTC Remedies Costinformation on up to two individual items Skin Carepurchased, for a total of over 5,000 individual Soap/Body Wash Sponsorships, which will include comprehensivepurchase decisions. Sun Care data tabulations and detailed analysis, can be Vitamins & Supplements purchased for $21,000.