Ignite talk ways to integrate technology

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PowerPoint PresentationWhy??Supports learningActive engagementParticipation in groupsFrequent interaction and feedbackConnected to real world Empowers student voiceUse an expertModels, explanations, singing, new concepts, images, new thinking, cultural experiencesCreate a TV stationDevelop oral language skillsInterviewing techniquesDevelop language of and for learningFilming techniquesClarifying ideas, learning and presentingMake global connectionsPresent LearningPrezi powerpoint google spreadsheet, video diary, blog diaryPrezi powerpoint google spreadsheet, video diary, blog diary5Google drawingWork collaboratively to design, scaffold, collaborate, challengeHomework Provide homework questions within a google form Collated answers provided in graph form for your markingBarrier GamesUsing google presentation or drawingChild 1 provides a list of instructions to make or draw somethingChild 2 makes or draws it then puts onlineChildren share feedback on challenges, successes, feedback and next steps.WordleBrainstorming ideasVocabularyWhat we knowMeaning and understanding of a word or topic9Make some global connectionsCall in the expertsPhone a place you could never visit nasa, antarctica, nepalRemove the walls in your classroom10Opportunities to have conversations about online ettiquette, celebrate learning, share ideas, connect with others, whanau connections. 11Word searches, math squares, number blocks, letter tiles, crosswords12The Literacy ShedUse movie clips to develop comprehension, inferencing, Provides questions to support teaching or can be done as an independent activity. All primary agesWon best use of video media awards last yearOver 10 years of collections from a primary school teacher.13Record reading to self correct for fluency, expression, presenting, oral languageClass newsPodcastsStory retellRecorded ReadingInteractive Online Games-consolidate learning-learn to navigate online-problem solveWork collaboratively, scaffolding each otherGoogle DocGive access to a small group who work together to write a storyCan be continued at home, done at the same time on different devices, while scaffolding learning.Student VoiceTake a picture of their learning to share or blog aboutInterview each others learningDevelop language of and for learningCreate lessons to share with others around the globeDevelop oral language skillsGoogle PresentationOpen one google presentation and allow access to all childrenAllocate one slide per child to decorate and fill with their research about one topic.Incidental TeachingPersistence, Problem solvingRespectCybersafetyResearch skillsKeyboard shortcutsDigital citizenship and ettiquette