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IFMR Norden styrelse

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  • McRotary nr. 5/2014 1

    IFMR Norden

    P Vrmdet i Silkeborg besgte vi kunstbygningen Silkeborg Bad

    Her ses et par af de udstillede genstande

  • 2 McRotary nr. 5/2014 McRotary nr. 5/2014 3

    McRotaryRedaktr og teknisk produktion: Tom Heckmann

    Strandhuse 48A, DK-5700 Svendborg. Tel.: +45 28437065Mail: [email protected]

    IFMR Norden styrelsePresident: Per Erik Silsand

    Strandliveien 10, N-1410 Kolbotn. Tel. +47 97600402Mail: [email protected]

    Vicepresident: Hans FogVed Hjmosen 43, DK-2970 Hrsholm. Tel.: +45 45862953

    Mail: [email protected]

    Sekreterare: Gunhild Stausholm-Mller Spurvevej 1, DK-9670 Lgstr. Tel.: +45 98674290

    Mail: [email protected]

    Kassr: Lene Bjrklundstergade 3, DK-8620 Kjellerup. Tel.: +45 23404360

    Mail: [email protected]

    Klubbmstare fr Danmark: Finn Kjr HansenMarkersvnge 4, DK-2690 Karlslunde. Tel.: +45 46151507

    Mail: [email protected]

    Klubbmstare fr Finland: Jarmo Hrkk Kyrnkatu 12, Fin-20810 bo. Tel.: +358 400 822 317

    Mail: [email protected]

    Klubbmstare for Island: Bjrn ViggssonMosgeri 18, 108 Reykjavk. Simi / Tel: +354 568-6248

    Mail: [email protected]

    Klubbmstare fr Norge: Arne Egil RetteraasenMillomvegen 433, N-2270 Flisa. Tel.: +47 48270575.

    Mail: [email protected]

    Klubbmstare fr Sverige: Christer CasssenKvartsvgen 1, S-653 50 Karlstad. Tel +46 0705 702727

    Mail: [email protected]

    Homepage: Webmaster Per-Eric Nilzn. Skyttsvgen 2, S-245 38 Staffanstorp.

    Tel.:+46 46 252736. Mail: [email protected]

    We are at the end of October 2014 and we are already planning new tours for summer 2016.

    For 2015 we have following:

    Lofoten July 2015 Swedish and Finish members will ride together in July 2015, from Trondheim to Lofoten, in the north Norway. Not only that, we will take Helgeland, Vesterlen, Senja and Trms.This trip will start in Trondheim on July 6th. and it will end up in Trondheim again aprox July 17th, 2015.

    We do still have some places left, so feel free to contact me on [email protected] International Tour in in 3 Kingdoms, south of Norden August 2015This tour is really on track. Hotels have been reserved, ferry and attractions booked, people have been organized to follow our guests.

    Dear IFMR members of

    the entire Nordic region

    Lars, Christer and I will have a summary meeting in Sweden, make some decisions and draw some conclusions in mid of November.

    The funny thing is that the schedule of this tour, appear to cross south of Norway at the same time as the AUTUMN MEETING 2015, Is taking place from August 21st to the 23rd in historical Fredrikstad, Norway, at the mouth of the longest river in Norden, Glomma (621 km.)

    We have planned the International Tour to arrive in Fredrikstad on the 21st, late afternoon, after visiting Oslo on the way from the West Norway and Telemark.On Saturday the international group will join our local tours and visit the famous fortress in Halden and other attractions in the area in stfold.

    I think there will be a lot of rockn roll.So, for those of you, who dont want

  • 4 McRotary nr. 5/2014 McRotary nr. 5/2014 5


    25/4 Kongernes nordjlland. Hans Fog og Finn Kjr Hansen. DK

    15-17/5 Vrmde Landskrona. Peter Katzman. S

    6-18/7 Lofoten for Swedish and Finish members

    15-29/8 International tour Hstmde Norge

    26-27/8 Kiviktur - PO Kjellborn S

    2016 Vrmde Sverrige2016 Hstmde Island2017 Vrmde Rrvig, Danmark

    4 McRotary nr. 5/2014

    Nste McRotary - Nr. 1/2015 har deadline 1. februar

    Hjlp redaktren!Nr du er turarrangr kan du hjlpe redaktren ved at udpege en som

    refererer fra din tur. S kan alle lse om arrangementet i McRotary


    JERNBANEGADE 24 4690 HASLEVTELEFON 5761 3132 - TELEFAX 5761 8522

    [email protected]

    to join the entire Norden tour, you can, at least, join a part of it at the Autumn meeting 2015.The International Tour will continue to Vrmland and Sweden after that.Enjoy.

    Web siteOur tours are quite updated on our website.

    Members. I am happy to see some new ones this year. This is great!We wish you very welcome.


    In the next McRotary, there will be another President.

    Sitting on the dock of the bay,.. watching all the motorcycles passing by, in my mind. Or something.

    It was with a little bit of sadness the melody by Otis Redding, from the 60s, struck my mind, when I sat down to edit my last words, as president, for this fantastic club, IFMR Norden.

    I had to add a few words of my own.A distance in life has passed. Thousands of words have been written. Thousands of kilometers have been driven and hundreds, if not thousands, of new people have met and spoken.

    In the year 2004, 10 years ago, I became member of IFMR. I had recently bought my first heavy motorcycle, at the age of 53. A red Honda VFR 800 VTEC

    I was really shaking on my first trip, I was so excited and nervous that I had to spend several nights on the road, between my home and my office in Oslo, to get used to it. For more than 20 years I had my drivers license for motorcycle, but my wife was against it. It took me a very short time to realize that this is my new lifestyle.One of my fellow club members in Gjersjen Rotary club told me about this fellowship.

    Now 10 years later, I have had a long period as president in IFMR.I have had a lot of good experience and I have got a lot of good friends. Hopefully I have become a better driver.It is my conviction that this fellowship has helped me to develop myself and to become a better and richer Rotarian.

    I have been with IFMR members in many countries around the world and some members have been with me around in my country. Some have stayed in my home and some in our summerhouse, our wintercabin, and my second home in Nordland.Hopefully, many of our fellow members will go with me to the Arctic areas in the years ahead. And I really hope I can participate in many IFMR arrangements and tours around the world, as a member or as a leader.

    When I started as president, I told you that I intended not to change this club a lot. I dont think I have. Except for a few matters, the language. Norden is very big and we have very different languages and dialects.It is my strong conviction that everybody in the club must have the chance to

  • 6 McRotary nr. 5/2014 McRotary nr. 5/2014 7

    understand what all the others are talking about. My contribution is to write in English and to arrange two different trips to Lofoten.

    It is my hope that you, the members of this club, have a feeling that I have left something back to the club.Now it is the time to let younger, stronger and more modern forces step forward.

    I encourage you to support our next President, Niels Prstkr, whom I believe will be a good president for you in the coming years.

    I want to thank the members of the club and in particular the board members, and everybody else who are coming to the meetings and giving valuable time and work to our beloved club. You are the club. Thanks a lot.

    I am looking forward to spend a lot of time with you ahead as just another member and may be as a tour leader now and then.

    Through this magazine, we will keep in touch and hold the club together.

    Thank you all.

    Drive safe.

    Per E. Silsand

    Very soon Past President of IFMR - INTERNATIONAL


    DANMARKHenrik Nielsen, Aldershvilevej 31A, 2880 Bagsvrd. Tel.: 44443327. Mob.20288155 Mail: [email protected] Klub: Kastrup Rotary. Mc.: Honda VTX 1800C 2007.

    NORGEStig Asmussen, Reistadjordet 18, 1394 Nesbru. Tel.: 47 90678710.Mail: [email protected] Klassifikation: Advokatvirksomhet. Klub: Oslo. Mc: Harley Davidson Road King

    Klubbmstare Sverige

    I skrivandets stund nrmar vi oss Allhelgonadagen eller r det Alla helgons dag? Halloween?

    Lite frvirrande r det. Som tur r kan vi googla fr att utreda.Allhelgonadagen firas 1 november sedan 700-talet, och avskaffades som helgdag i Sverige 1772. 1953 blev istllet Alla helgons dag en helgdag, som infaller lrdagen mellan 31 oktober och 6 november.

    Halloween r en tradition som kom till Sverige frn USA p 1990-talet. Ursprunget finns i den keltiska festen Samhain (som p keltiska sprk r namnet p mnaden november).

    Vad har nu detta med mc-kning att gra? Inte ett dugg annat n att november sllan inbjuder till kning p tv hjul, s man fr istllet gna sig t andra saker.Om november sger bondepraktikan bl.a: De rika, nu feta gss af mig kper, jag hugger wed, till elden jag lper och I denna mnad gr intet svettbad, bruka varm mat, senap, litet varm getmjlk, drav bekommer du ett vackert ansikte.

    Den gngna ssongen har ju till strsta delen erbjudit mycket bra mc-vder. Vi i Sverige, lider av vrt avlnga land, viket medfr lnga krstrckor fr mnga medlemmar. r detta en orsak till att trots allt ganska mnga inte kommer p trffarna? Erfarenheten frn de mten

    jag beskt, r att det r i stort sett samma deltagare varje gng. Vi r ju i alla fall mellan 60-70 medlemmar. Ligger vr- och hstmtet fel i tiden? Vrmtet r ju alltid Kristi Himmelfrdshelgen, pga att mnga kan ta en extra dag ledigt d, hstmtet brukar vara ngon gng mitten till slutet av augusti.Man kan ocks fundera ver om arrangemangen blir fr dyra? Skall upplggen vara annorlunda?

    Styrelsen kommer att diskutera hur vi fr nya medlemmar, samt hur vi fr medlemmarna att delta i mtena. Jag vill drfr grna ha in synpunkter och frslag!

    Kommande vrmte avhlles i Ble-kinge, Karlskrona nrmare bestmt. Frhoppningen r att vi blir riktigt mnga deltagare. Ja

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