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  • 1. High Value Manufacturing Catapult Dick ElsyCEO14 November 2012 10th Anniversary High Value Manufacturing Conference www.cir-strategy.com/events Organised by CIR Strategy Ltd

2. Commercialising InnovationMarket readiness (Technology Readiness Level) TRL 1TRL 2TRL 3 TRL 4 TRL 5 TRL 6TRL 7 TRL8TRL 9BasicTechnologyAnalytical andComponent and/ Component and/ System model System Actual system Actual systemprinciples concept and/orexperimentalor validation in or validation in or prototype prototypecompleted and proven throughobserved and application critical function laboratory relevant demonstration in demonstration in qualified through successfulreported formulatedand/orenvironmentenvironmenta relevant an operational test andoperations characteristicenvironmentenvironmentdemonstration. proof of conceptUniversities, researchIndustry and companies organisations and innovators 3. Commercialising InnovationMany innova)ons fail here TRL 7 TRL8 TRL 9TRL 1 R TRL 2 TRL 3BasicTechnology Analytical and TRL 4TRL 5 TRL 6System Actual system Actual system principles concept and/or experimental prototypecompleted and proven through observed and applicationcritical functiondemonstration in qualied through successful reported formulated and/or an operational test and operaHons characteristicSystem model environmentdemonstraHon. proof of conceptComponent and/ Component and/or prototypeor validation in or validation indemonstration inlaboratory relevanta relevantenvironmentenvironmentenvironmentUniversities, research Industry and companies organisations and innovators 4. Catapult Role in Commercialising Innovation Funding sources Research councils Private sector funds(EPSRC, etc)Technology Strategy BoardTRL 1TRL 2TRL 3TRL 4 TRL 5 TRL 6TRL 7TRL8TRL 9BasicTechnology Analytical andComponent and/ Component and/ System model System Actual system Actual systemprinciples concept and/or experimentalor validation in or validation in or prototype prototypecompleted and proven throughobserved and applicationcritical function laboratory relevant demonstration in demonstration in qualified through successfulreported formulated and/orenvironmentenvironmenta relevant an operational test andoperationscharacteristicenvironmentenvironmentdemonstration.proof of concept Universities, researchIndustry and companiesorganisations and innovators HVM Catapult Focus 5. What is the HVM Catapult?Business-focused consortium of centres that makes world-leading technicalcapability available to businesses to address their manufacturing challenges Access to world-leading manufacturing technology & expertise Capability to undertake collaborative R&D projects Capability to undertake contract research Access to the knowledge base for world-class science A professional delivery ethos with a strong business focus A critical mass of activity Skills development at all levels 6. Overview NCC MTCWMG HVM Catapult 350m invested to date 140m+ over next 5 yrs 160+ industry partners 700 staffAMRCCPI NAMRC AFRC 7. National Composites Centre Key Competencies Composite design and manufacture Rapid accurate deposition of compositesmaterials of complex geometries andarchitectures Thermoplastic processing Full material testing, including CT, electronmicroscopy scanning and thermal analysis Advanced 3D composite modelling and analysis Location - Bristol Provides integrated design andmanufacturing capability. Key Resources Expert team of research engineers Dedicated private manufacturing cells State-of-the-art materials laboratory, largecuring ovens and 450C hotpress 8. Manufacturing TechnologyCentre Key Competencies High integrity fabrication Advanced tooling & fixturing Intelligent automation Net shape manufacturing High integrity electronic systems Operational efficiency and process modelling Location - Coventry Improving business performancethrough well developedmanufacturing technology solutions Key Resources Research partners: TWI and theUniversities of Birmingham,Loughborough and Nottingham 9. Advanced ManufacturingResearch CentreKey CompetenciesFocus on advanced machining and materials researchfor aerospace and other high value manufacturingsectorsHigh performance machiningMaterials and components testingHybrid and metallic compositesHigh value assemblyProcess simulation Location - RotherhamWorld class research facility forcollaborative research Key Resources Employing around 180 highly skilledresearchers and engineers 2 purpose-built centres 10. Nuclear AdvancedManufacturing Research CentreKey Competencies Fabrication of civil nuclear components Large-scale welding and cladding High speed machining & machine tool optimisation Automated / robotic machining using advanced metrology Near Net Shape (NNS) manufacture of nuclear components Location - Rotherham The focal point for the UK civil nuclear manufacturing industryKey Resources Purpose built 8000m facility with heavy lift capability Industrial scale machining, welding and materials fabrication equipment 11. Advanced FormingResearch CentreKey Competencies Bulk sheet forming Superplastic forming Incremental sheet forming Billet forging Precision forgingLocation - Glasgow World class research facility supporting fundamental and applied research in forming and forging Supporting global industry- leading partnersKey Resources Industrial-scale forming and forging equipment 2100 tonne screw press, Sheet forming machine, SPF press Mechanical and materials characterisation laboratories Skilled workforce: Engineers, Metallurgists, Modellers and Technicians 12. Centre for ProcessInnovation Key Competencies Printable electronics Smart Chemistry Thermal Technologies Future technology scouting; Industrial biotechnology Anaerobic digestionLocation Wilton and SedgefieldCombines assets, market knowledgeand technology understanding to developand prototype products and processesServes the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Drink,Biotechnology, Printable Electronics & Energy industries Key Resources Team of 170 people with 55m of open access assets Pre-production prototyping facilities for printable electronic materials,processes and devices 13. Warwick ManufacturingGroup Key Competencies Digital validation & verification Energy storage and management Lightweight product / system optimisation Location - Coventry World class collaborative applied research & development in technology driven sectors Key Resources Partnership with companies application and impact is cornerstone Access to unique R&D facilities and specialist staff Network of international satellite centres Dedicated SME and supply chain programmes 14. How are Centres funded?The Funding model draws equally from three sources:1. Business funded R&D contracts (i.e. contract research) won competitively2. Collaborative (applied) R&D projects funded jointly by the public andprivate sector, won competitively3. Core public funding for investment in the capabilities, know how, expertiseand skills and long term capital assets of the centre.Supported by a 5 year business plan 15. What does HVM Catapult seek to deliver? Accelerating technology commercialisationo combined skills and equipment helping new and existing businesses give commercial life to great ideas. Cohesiono partnership binds together the 7 consortium centreso potential synergies can be fully exploited Economic driveo manufacturing has a huge impact on the economyo the balance of the economy needs a new stimulus The result will be a thriving UK manufacturing industries built on world- leading technology and invention 16. What are the benefits of working with the Catapult? Lowering risk: investment risk reduced through collaboration with HVM Catapulto drawing on shared investment coupled with government financial support Cutting-edge equipment: access to expensive equipment normally inaccessible to many individual companies.o Open-access national resources Creative collaboration: success through joint projects with leading-edge research partners. Stimulating partnership: large companies and SMEs can come together in partnership to develop new solutions. Collective skill-set: platform for skills development at all levelso an environment where groups of people with differing skills can work together. 17. . . . and Greater Influence Critical mass to influence Government on theneeds and priorities of UK Manufacturinginnovation Critical mass to influence the UK Research agenda. . . and for SMEs Network of open access centres of expertise Help to develop and commercialise your innovations, perhaps though larger partners Training and up-skilling capability 18. A personal perspective as a newcomer Sustained, long-term UK government supportCentres are very business and results focussedVery capable peopleWorld class equipmentIndustry is pushing to get involvedPace of growth is already exceeding plan 19. High Value Manufacturing Catapult