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  • Howard XC 2014
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  • Coaches Girls Coach Stump ( Boys - Coach Dickerson ( Assistant Coach Gertzen
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  • Coaching Philosophy We want to encourage athletes to have a healthy lifestyle. We want to push kids to test their physical limits and experience individual and team success.
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  • Attendance policy Practices must be excused and athletes must inform coaches prior to missing practice. Consistent unexcused practices will result in consequences.
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  • Typical day Practice will begin at 2:45 with a 10min warm- up followed by 10 minutes of stretching. Depending on the type of run we are doing practice will end between 4:30-4:45. We will practice on Saturday mornings (if we dont already have a meet).
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  • Practice Expectations Athletes can expect to run approximately 4-7+ miles a day at practice. (This includes a warm up and cool down) Running routes are the same for all levels of runners/intensity and practice format may change. Remind kids to bring water bottles and watches to practice.
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  • MPSSAA RULE Students who elect to participate on an outside team and do not participate and practice with the school team throughout the sports season are ineligible to represent the school in all contests that determine a county, regional, or State championship through that sport season.
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  • How Varsity Is Chosen Generally, top 7 times are considered Varsity for the next meet Exceptions may apply under extenuating circumstances Teams will remain the same for Counties, Regionals, and States
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  • What to expect at meets Large crowds Athletes need to be focused and ready to run 45 minutes prior to their race. Athletes should get spikes. Athletes must have a note in order to leave a meet with a parent. Cool down/10 minute run and stretch
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  • Schedule Sept 6 Seahawk Invite @ South River HS Sept 13 Barnhart Invite @ Dulaney HS Sept 17 Tri meet @ Howard Sept 20 Doc Jones Invite @ Annapolis HS Sept 27 Bull Run Invite @ Hereford HS Oct 1 Tri Meet @ Marriotts Ridge HS Oct 15 Tri Meet @ Glenelg HS Oct 21 County Championships @ Centennial HS Oct 30 Regional Championships @ Dulaney HS Nov 8 State Championships @ Hereford HS
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  • Schedule Tri-meets (3 of them) Boys Varsity 4:00 All Girls 4:30 Boys JV 5:15 Invitationals are on Saturdays -Bus times will be distributed about 1 week prior to the meet Athletes should bring multiple pairs of socks, healthy snacks, money for concessions/shirts, weather appropriate attire, trash bags
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  • Home Meet Sept 17 We will need about 10 parent volunteers to help out with this meet. Please email us if you can help Duties Include: Keeping the finish line clear / handing out index cards as the runners finish Helping hand out water to the finishers Course marshals (Directing runners in the right direction. )
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  • After the race Athletes will be cooling down shortly after their race ends (10-20mins) followed by a brief coaches meeting. If you are taking your child home from the meet we ask that you allow time for them to cool down with the team and attend the meeting.
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  • Transportation Athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from meets with the team. If a circumstance arises in which you need to take your child home from a meet we ask that a note be sent in to the front office at least 24 hours prior to the meet. You can only take your child home. A coach must see you before you take your child home.
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  • Uniform Rules New Rule: If compression / under armor shorts do not extend past the knee they can be any color / design Under armor worn under the jersey must be the same color as teammates. Team Rule: If you want to wear clothing under the uniform, purchase black so everyone matches.
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  • Jewelry Rule Wearing jewelry in a race is illegal and athletes will be disqualified if seen by an official. Exceptions include: - 1 watch - Medical Bracelets - Jewelry of religious importance
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  • Injuries? If an athlete feels they are injured they should let a coach know immediately. Most running Injuries are minor and only require a few days off or light running to heal More serious or prolonged injuries will be directed to see our athletic trainer, Gina Palermo.
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  • Doctors Please let us know BEFORE you decide to take your child to a doctor. We would prefer our athletic trainer examine the injury prior to a doctors visit. Doctors orders are final and cannot be overridden by a coach or AT.
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  • Text Alerts Text @HowardXC to 443-955-5113 Used for important team messages and alerts. (EX: If we cancel practice due to weather we will send out a text)
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  • Team Website Other good websites - - -


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