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Lesson on cinquains

Text of Cinquains l. dickerson

  • 1. Technology Integration Project
    By: Lanene Dickerson
    CTGE 5065

2. Phase 1-Determine Relative Advantage
What is the problem Im addressing?
3. Learning Problems
Varied learning styles
Lack sentence structure
Varied intelligence
Lacks creativity
4. Technology based strategies used
Inquiry-based strategy
-Planning(which will foster group collaboration)
5. Estimate the impact
Explain abstract ideas and bring them to life
Meet todays generation on grounds they are familiar with
Training to become tech-vets
6. Phase 2: Decide on Objectives and Assessments
7. What outcomes do I expect?
What is a Cinquain?
How are Cinquains formed? What are the rules to writing a Cinquain?
3.Reflecting on our Cinquains.
Advanced skills in web research
Knowledge of how to construct a Cinquain. A look at famous Cinquain Poets.
Engrained understanding of one type of classical poetry.
8. What outcomes do I expect? contd.
Lesson 1: Define and identify Cinquains. Use web to gather information on Cinquains.
Lesson 2: Be able to create a classical form of poetry called a Cinquain. Successfully use a digital camera.
Lesson 3. To create a PowerPoint display of creative pieces including insertion of photos and text.
Lesson 1: Task cards, checklists
Lesson 2: Rubric
Lesson 3: Rubric
9. Phase 3: Design Integration Strategies
What technology methods will work best?
What kind of instructional methods are needed?
10. Strategies
Lesson 1: Collaborative web research
Lesson 2: Video/File management
Lesson 3: Desktop publishing/creating PowerPoint product
Lesson 1: Online dictionary
Lesson 2: Video on youtube
Lesson 3: Word processor, Word office 2007
11. MaterialsLESSON 1
Internet website links
12. MaterialsLESSON 2
13. MaterialsLESSON 3
Creating a Cinquain using word
Multimedia tutorial
Powerpoint presentation
14. Phase 4: What media and materials will I need
15. Lesson 1
Speedy internet connection
Groups for the computer stations
Task cards/Checklists
16. Lesson 2
Digital camera
Groups for computer stations
17. Lesson 3
Groups for computer stations
Powerpoint presentation
18. Phase 5How well has the strategy worked?
What went well?
What could you change?
Student evaluation cards
students fill out short questionnaire about the lesson. What did you like/dislike about the lesson? What can be improved?
19. Works Cited
TWT: Inquiry based learning strategies.01 April 2011. North Dakota Teaching with Technology Initiative.
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