How to find the meaning of a word by using the context clues around it. Vocabulary in Context.

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  • How to find the meaning of a word by using the context clues around it. Vocabulary in Context
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  • Four types of context clues Rewording Synonym Antonym Details/examples
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  • Rewording Rewording is when the author says the word in another way that is easier to understand. The context clues are often between a set of commas.
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  • Rewording example Resentment, a feeling of bitterness and anger, is often felt by people who are passed over for promotions.
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  • Rewording practice The Cruise family moved from their dilapidated house, that was old and run-down, into a brand new one.
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  • Synonyms Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. Authors will often use synonyms for words they do not expect you to know. Synonym context clues are often hidden in surrounding sentences.
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  • Synonym example The young girl was very aloof. She always seemed unsociable, unapproachable, and uninterested.
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  • Synonym practice The three brothers began an altercation after the game. This was not the first time they fought about the score.
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  • Antonyms A writer uses antonym context clues when they use a word with the opposite meaning to give us hints about the word that they think we dont know. Antonym context clues have hint words to tell us that there are opposite words present. Hint words can be: But however In other words Etc.
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  • Antonym example Diana appeared to be a very moral and upstanding young lady, but those who knew her knew that she was iniquitous.
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  • Antonym practice David was very outgoing as opposed to his coy older sister.
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  • Details/example A writer is using details/examples as context clues when they give us explanations or examples as hints about the word that they dont think we will understand.
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  • Details/examples Father was ecstatic because Josh decided to go to the college that he wanted him to.
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  • Details/examples practice It is our custom that the bride and groom only wear the finest raiment on their wedding day.
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  • Practice Mallerys mom thought that the new outfit that she had bought for her was modish. Mallery did not want to break it to her, but it was totally out of style. Insomnia, not being able to sleep at night, can be linked to an excessive intake of caffeine throughout the day.
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  • Practice The day had proven to be very torrid. Before the sun had even risen, it was already hot outside. Though many types of birds fly in groups, eagles are birds of solitude.
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  • Practice Many of us have ambivalent feelings about our politicians, admiring but also distrusting them. The adverse effects of this medication, including dizziness, nausea and headaches have caused it to be withdrawn from the market.


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