Hot - 3 Effective Tips to SEO Your Facebook Fan Page

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<ol><li> 1. Hot - 3 Effective Tips to SEO Your Facebook Fan Page The level Facebook has reached with over 500 million members is incredible, even though it has been around for quite some time. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and if you aren't leveraging this resource you are missing out. It is easy for you to join the Facebook mania and use it to grow your business through a Facebook fan page where people can interact with your company. However, in order to get a fresh stream of fans joining your page every single day, you need to keep driving traffic to it. A little SEO for your fan page can be especially effective as it will help you get traffic from the search engines coming n. Follow these simple tips to increase the number of fans you have. Choosing a good Facebook username for your fan page is critical. You should understand that the Facebook user name you get (or the vanity URL) is like a domain name. If you aren't lucky enough to claim it, then another person will take your place. This is why it is critical to register web address of your fan page as soon as you get going. When choosing a URL pick something that has general keywords but avoid making it appear spammy because Facebook has banned usernames before. You shouldn't complicate matters; simply choose a URL according to the name of your business. When you include a photo, make sure it has a caption and always list your events with the correct describing words. Your photos should always include descriptions that are keyword dense, as this will make sure your page is interesting to people. One great thing about Facebook is that Google indexes whatever you share. This means it's necessary to use what features you're offered to the maximum benefit possible so that you can get the fans and visitors you need. Grab your target audience's attention by including a large profile picture on your fan page. The fact is, people on Facebook like pictures because Facebook largely helps people share photos over the web. So make sure that your page contains a large (good) photo that relates to your brand and your company. This will not only allow you to better brand your company but it makes people trust your profile more. In closing, you should now be very familiar with how to effectively utilize SEO in order to get more fans and traffic to your Facebook page. This will not only get more people to see your page, but it will also build your brand without having to do very much. </li></ol>


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