Homeschooled Kids Scare A Good Way

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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 Homeschooled Kids Scare A Good Way</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Homeschooled Kids Scare Me . . . in a Good Way</p><p>By Kevin Mark Smith, Esq.</p><p>Im experimenting on a group of homeschooled high school kids, aged 1518 years.Specifically, Im dissecting their brains to determine ho siftly their neurons</p><p>transmit data and ho this physiological process translates into their ability to think</p><p>logically. I am not a doctor. I am not a scientist. I am an attorney.</p><p>!y scalpel is a metaphorical one. It is the Socratic method of instruction hereinone "uestion leads to an anser, hich leads to more "uestions and yet more</p><p>ansers, ith the ultimate destination being the truth. #fter $ust four eeks ofteaching these kids %onstitutional &amp;a, my experiments initial result has affirmed</p><p>the ise choice my on family made many years ago to homeschool our on kids.</p><p>'omeschooled kids are brilliant(</p><p>It may be helpful to kno ho I am conducting the class so that you canunderstand hy I am so surprised by ho sharp these kids are. )e ha*e a syllabus</p><p>ith assigned readings for each class, but the class discussion is *ery fluid. +ust likeduring my la school days, there is no lecturing- in my class as todays</p><p>go*ernment/schooled high school and undergraduate college students aresub$ected to0, although my students ill be held accountable for the readings *ia</p><p>one final exam there ill also be a mid/term paper and a legal brief on a legal"uestion to be determined later0. Instead, I re*ie the assignment and prepare a</p><p>list of "uestions to spur discussion.</p><p>oing into the first class four eeks ago, I as a little fearful that these young menand omen barely past the age of puberty ould be engaged and prepared ell</p><p>enough to sustain a full hour of class time. !y fears ere unfounded2 the first fe"uestions stirred their minds so effecti*ely that many debates ensued, and at the</p><p>conclusion they asked me if they could extend the class time by half an hour. Since</p><p>that first class, e*e gone for at least 34 minutes per class, and most of thestudents linger afterards much longer than that, peppering me ith many more</p><p>"uestions related to topics beyond the scope of the classs reading assignments.</p><p>ig deal, you say. #nyone can blo*iate his or her ay into an extended discussion.</p><p>In la school they call such students gunners,- alays talking but ne*er listening,and most of them end up in the bottom "uarter of their classes6if they manage to</p><p>graduate at all. 'oe*er, that is not hat is happening ith these brillianthomeschooled kids. %onsider their unanimous response to a "uestion that as</p><p>posed to them in eek fours session. )hile discussing the e*er/encroachingfederal go*ernment and hat led to such centrali7ed poer, I brought up the</p><p>hirteenth and 9ourteenth #mendments. I then asked them hat led to the %i*il</p><p>)ar.</p><p>'eres hat go*ernment/schooled kids most often say led to the %i*il )ar: sla*ery.</p><p>heir textbooks and teachers focus on the &amp;incoln/;ouglas debates and thedifferent *ies of sla*ery held by #braham &amp;incoln and Stephen ;ouglas. )hen the</p><p>abolitionist &amp;incoln as elected, the Souths fear of losing its sla*es led it to anarmed insurrection. Indeed, most people reading this article might ha*e said the</p><p>same thing.</p><p>Copyright 2011 Kevin Mark Smith 1</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Homeschooled Kids Scare A Good Way</p><p> 2/2</p></li></ul>