Homeland Security A New Wave of Terrorism!

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Homeland Security A New Wave of Terrorism!. Types of Terrorism. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): Any destructive device, explosive, incendiary or poison gas, bomb, rocket (more than 4 oz of propellant), mine, weapon of disease/organism, radiation or radioactivity dangerous to human life. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Homeland Security A New Wave of Terrorism!

  • Homeland Security A New Wave of Terrorism!

  • Types of TerrorismWeapons of Mass Destruction (WMD):Any destructive device, explosive, incendiary or poison gas, bomb, rocket (more than 4 oz of propellant), mine, weapon of disease/organism, radiation or radioactivity dangerous to human life

  • Types of TerrorismCyber Terrorism:Any deliberate threat to destroy the information infrastructure - includes illegal intrusions into government computer networks

  • Types of TerrorismGeneral Terrorism:Assassination, kidnapping, hostage taking industrial sabotage, destruction or disruption of food & water supplies, physical violence, disruption of public utilities, communications, etc

  • Two inescapable truthsThe characteristics of our society make us vulnerable to terrorism of catastrophic proportions(large cities, open society, skyscrapers, transportation)Availability of technology for destructive devices(internet, books, news)

  • Those two things together =A permanent condition to which Americans must adjust and accept as a reality of life!Homeland security is not tied to any specific terrorist threat

  • We will transform adversity into greater opportunities for the future!

  • Homeland Security Advisory SystemGreen = LowBlue = GuardedYellow = Elevated **Current StatusOrange = HighRed = Severe

  • Securing America7,500 mile land & air border between Canada & Mexico500 million people admitted to the US each year11.2 million trucks & 2.2 million rail cars cross into the US yearly

  • Interagency ProblemsToo many agencies attempting to set standardsNot sharing informationConfusion for the public

  • What can we do to help?

  • Talk with family!Create a family emergency plan to include:Meeting placesContacts outside areaEvacuation routesLocal shelter plansPets in an emergency

  • General Preparedness Make handy list of important phone numbersShare the numbers with your familyGet to know your neighborsMake sure your house is marked. (lighted house numbering, etc)Take what you hear seriously and report itFirst Aid Kit

  • Evacuation PlansHow long would it take for you to evacuate your home? (5min or less in emergency)What should you take with you? What route would you take? Where would you go?

  • Items to have on handPortable radioExtra batteriesMedicationsImportant papersIdentificationPetsFlash lightExtra clothesMoney/credit cardsGlassesFamily photo albumsFirst Aid Kit

  • MunicipalWhat are your municipal plans for emergencies?Who is your local coordinator?How can you help locally?

  • Neighborhood WatchTalk with elected officialsMeet with law enforcement to set up programs- C.E.R.T.Report suspicious activities to authorities

  • What is Bioterrorism?Terrorism activity involving intentional release of a microbial agent into the environmentMay be a bacteria, virus, or toxinFocus on highly infectious agentsAerosolized

  • BioterrorismCovert vs. OvertBiological more likely to be covertInitial detection and response at the local level

  • Most Likely DiseasesAgent Person-to-Person SpreadAnthrax BacteriaNoPlague BacteriaPossibleBotulism ToxinNoHemorrhagic VirusYes feversSmallpox VirusYesTularemiaBacteriaNo

  • Suspect letter and package indicators.No return address. Mailed from foreign country. Excessive or no postage. Rigid or bulky envelope. Address: badly typed or written, misspelled, title with no name, wrong title with name. Restrictive markings (I.e., personal or confidential). Strange odor. Lopsided packages. No return address. Protruding wires. Oily stains on wrapper. Precautions: 1) Never accept mail, especially while in a foreign country. 2) Make sure family members and clerical staff no to refuse all unexpected mail at home or office. 3) Remember, it may be a bomb, treat it as suspect. For more information on bomb security or bomb threats, contact your local ATF office.Courtesy of ATF http://www.atf.treas.gov/explarson/information/indic.htmPicture of package with suspect and package indicators

  • MailTeach your family to be aware when opening the mail.Look for suspicious pieces of mail

  • Emergency Decontamination Considerations Set up Emergency DeconTime is critical!Full cooperation neededSegregated lanesModestyWeather conditions

  • Emergency Decon Considerations (Continued)Perform DeconListen for directionsArms out / legs apartTop down washIf Bio or Rad, rinse while removing clothes

  • What is Hunterdon County doing?Bioterrorism plan (draft)Hazardous Materials1st Responder TrainingSchool plansTerrorism plan (draft)Mass DeconLaw EnforcementHealth CareCompleted a risk assessment

  • PlanningMarch 2001 Bioterrorism Preparedness Planning Committee18 members from multiple disciplinesObject was to develop a Bioterrorism Response Plan for Hunterdon County

  • PlanningA draft plan exists Many local agencies involved Ongoing processLinked with other plans

  • SurveillanceER and MD offices as listening postsState & local active surveillance (Influenza-like illness) 9 reporting sites in HCER Surveillance reported dailyEnhanced surveillance for cutaneous anthrax

  • SurveillanceHeightened awareness among health care providers for rare, unusual, or unexplained illnessCollaboration between local health care providers and local health departmentLaboratory Response Network

  • CommunicationMedia press releases/display ads24 hour Information line 908-788-1329Hunterdon County Department of Health Website http://www.co.hunterdon.nj.us/health.htm

  • Incident Response 25 Member County HAZMAT TeamTrained and equipped24/7 availabilityOn-site assessments of suspicious mailDecontamination capabilities Public Health Workforce (Public Health Nurses, Health Inspectors, Health Educators, Epidemiologist)

  • ExercisesSchoolsBioterrorismAttacks on damsMass decontaminationInter-agency communications (Federal, State, County, Municipal)

  • In closing... Terrorism is no longer a theoretical threat, but an actual threat.

    While we can not plan for everything, we can minimize the effects.

    Fear is our worst enemy. If we run scared, they have won! QUESTIONS??????

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