Holiday Homework (2019-20) Class IX English Assignment ... Holiday Homework (2019-20) Class IX English

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  • Holiday Homework (2019-20)

    Class IX


    Assignment Questions (To be attempted in the English register)


    1. Attempt all questions neatly. 2. Write the questions or paste the assignment in your register. 3. Use pencil for drawing boxes, wherever applicable. 4. Refer to the formats written in your class register to attempt the practice questions.

    1. Draft an article for your school magazine on the topic – ‘Gender stereotypes are still prevalent

    in the society’. Use contemporary examples to substantiate your article. (200 words)

    2. As Shweta/ Suresh, write a notice informing the members of the Literary Society to gather for a

    meeting to discuss upcoming events. You are the President of the society. (50 words)

    3. Draft a Diary entry sharing an unusual event that occured with you during the vacations. (150


    5. Complete the story on the basis of the clues given below: (200-250 words)

    ‘After making my way through the narrow streets, I finally managed to reach my destination. I

    was taken aback when found myself standing in front of a grand castle….’

    Project Make a portfolio of the writers/poets (allotted Roll. no. wise). Use pictures and decorate it well.

    Each portfolio must have the following elements:

     An attractive cover page (highlighting the personality)

     Index

     Introduction

     Writing Style

     Famous Works

     Achievements

     Education/ Childhood/ Family etc.

     Your favorite work of the author/poet (with reasons)

     Bibliography

    Roll no. 1-6: Oscar Wilde

    Roll no. 7-12: O. Henry

    Roll no. 13-20: Robert Frost

    Roll no. 21-27: W.B. Yeats

    Roll no. 28-34: Vikram Seth

    Roll no. 35-40: William Wordsworth

    Roll no. 41-45: Ruskin Bond

  • Mathematics

    1. Roll no. 1 – 14 : Design a mathematical magazine which includes interesting, entertaining, knowledge oriented mathematical news, questions, puzzles, riddles,

    crosswords, poems, articles, reports, pictures and designs etc. Also, give the appropriate

    name for the magazine (minimum 6 pages – A4 sheets).

    Roll no. 15 – 30 : Make an illustrative project file on “ Pi “. Explain the symbol, its

    origin, its actual value and use in the field of mathematics and various sciences. Show the

    use of “pi” with help of two examples from mensuration.

    Roll no. 31 onwards : Make square root spiral on a chart paper up to √49 using suitable scale. The chart should be made colourful, attractive and innovative. It should have proper

    border and heading should be neatly written. Scale should be mentioned on top. The spiral

    should be constructed using ruler and compass.

    ** Maths Assignment (to be done in maths Set A notebook)

    Q1. Every whole number is a natural number write true or false.

    Q2. If find the value of x2 + y2 + xy.

    Q3. If find the value of x2 - y2.

    Q4. Determine rational numbers p and q if

    Q.5. Simplify:

    Q.6. Simplify:

    Q.7. Show that:

    Q. 8. If: then find the value of qx2 – 2px + q.

    Q. 9. Show that:

    Q.10. If 2a = 3b = 6c then show that

    Q.11. If then find the value of



    Make Flashcards on first twenty elements each including following information about the


    (i) Name (ii) Symbol (iii) Physical properties (any 2) (iv) Atomic number

    (v) Atomic mass (vi) Electronic configuration and (vii) Two uses.

    (Attach coloured images for each element).


    1. Look at the figures and suggest in which of the vessels A, B, C or D the rate of evaporation

    will be the highest. Explain.

    2. After a hot sunny day, people sprinkle water on the roof or open ground. Why?

    3. Why is it advised to put wet handkerchief strips on the forehead of a person suffering from

    high fever?

    4. Wet clothes do not dry easily on a rainy day. Why?

    5. Name the property of gases due to which it is possible to fill CNG in cylinders for using as

    fuel in cars.

    6. Give reason why water coolers are not effective in rains.

    7. Latent heat of evaporation of two liquids A and B is 100 J/Kg and 150J/Kg respectively .

    Which one can produce more cooling effect and why.

    8. List any two properties that liquids have in common with gases.

    9. Melting point of three substances A, B & C are 52oC, 175oC and 80oC respectively.

    Arrange them in the decreasing order of the interparticle force of attraction. Give reason.

    10 Alka was making tea in akettle. Suddenly she felt heat from the puff of the steam gushing

    out of the spout of the kettle. She wondered whether the temperature of the steam was

    higher than that of water boiling in the kettle. Comment.


    1. The minute and of a wall clock is 10 cm long. Find its displacement and the distance

    covered from 10.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

    2. On a 120 km track a train travels the first 30 km at a uniform speed of 30 km/h. calculate

    the speed with which the train should move rest of the track so as to get the average speed

    of 60km/h for the entire trip.

  • 3. A train 100m long is to cross a river bridge of length 800 m. What time will it take to

    cross the bridge? Given that the train moves with a constant velocity of 36km/h.

    4. Name the physical quantities denote by :

    (i) The slope of the distance-time graph.

    (ii) The area under velocity-time graph.

    (iii) The slope of the velocity-time graph.

    5. A motorcycle moving with a speed of 5 m/s obtains to an acceleration of 0.2 m/s2.

    Calculate the speed of the motorcycle after 10 seconds, and the distance travelled by it in

    this time.

    Project work :

    Prepare well the activity allotted to you to demonstrate in the class. Write i) Material required ii)

    Procedure iii) Observations iv) Conclusion in your physics register.


    Project work :

    Make a powerpoint presentation on- “A visit to a cell”.


    1) Vinod visited his ancestral village. He found that farmers in a village were facing problems

    like stagnant crop yields, pollution of soil and water bodies due to pesticides, increasing

    cost of fertilizers, reducing soil fertility, pest infestation. Vinod understood their problems

    and took them to agricultural department. The officials suggested organic farming.

    (i) What is meant by sustainable agriculture ?

    (ii) What can be done to reduce soil pollution and maintain soil fertility ?

    2) a) How are plasma membrane and cell wall different from each other ? State three


    b)What will happen if: (i) Ribosomes are removed from the cell. (ii) Golgi apparatus is

    removed from the cell and (iii) Plasma membrane ruptures

    3) A farmer found that xanthium and parthenium are also growing along with paddy in the

    field ? What are such plants called? How do the presence of these plants affect the crop

    yield ?

    (b) List any four methods to control and prevent the growth of such plants.

    4)How is green manure prepared? When is it added to the crop plants? What is the advantage

    of this type of manure?

    5) a)What are the different modes of attack of insect pests.

    b) Give any two examples of insect pests.

    c) Name and list examples of the factors responsible for losses during storage of grains.


    Project: Make a project on Disaster Management giving necessary details like meaning,

    consequences and management, disaster mitigation plans, awareness regarding the disaster etc.

  • Project must include content, acknowledgement , maps, and bibliography. Following are the

    topics for the project work:

    Roll no. 1 to 8 Earthquake

    Roll no. 9 to 16 Flood

    Roll no. 17 to 24 Tsunami

    Roll no. 25 to 32 Cyclone

    Roll no. 33 to 36 Landslide

    Roll no. 37 to 44 Famine

    1. Write the answers to the following questions in your notebook :

    a) Why are the wages for the farm labourer in Palampur less than minimum wages?

    b) How did the spread of electricity help farmers in Palampur?

    c) Enlist the democratic rights we enjoy today whose origin could be traced to the French


    d) Which island countries are our Southern neighbours?

    e) The central location of India at the head of the Indian Ocean is considered of great

    significance. Why?

    f) Find out the longitudinal and latitudinal extent of the following states

    - Uttar Pradesh

    - Haryana

    - Assam

    - Madhya Pradesh

    - Tamil Nadu

    g) Explain the three ma