Grade VI Winter Holiday Homework - .Grade VI Winter Holiday Homework ... English Complete the attached

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  • Grade VI

    Winter Holiday Homework

    Sanskrit Complete the attached worksheet

    English Complete the attached worksheet

    Math Solve the practice papers given on page no. 173, 174, 188,189,241 and 242.

    Revision worksheet of Practical Geometry ( attached) Practice Worksheet 1 for UT3 (attached) Practice Worksheet 2 for UT3 (attached)

    S.St Learn and write the answers of the given questions on loose sheets.

    Science Learn and write the answers of the given questions on loose sheets.


    Complete the attached worksheet

    Computer Complete the attached worksheet

    Revise the entire syllabus for PT3 commencing from 17 Jan18




    Q1. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions:

    a) Radhika is upset __________ her result. (under/over)

    b) Before leaving __________ a journey, I checked that my suitcases are packed. (in/for)

    c) A flock of geese flew __________ the farm. (above/below)

    d) On a foggy night, we could not see ___________ the lake. (beyond/above)

    Q2. Underline the incorrect preposition and replace it with the correct one:

    a) Her mother is proud in her success. _______________

    b) Riddhima lives at Delhi. _______________

    c) The farmer works from dawn since dusk. _______________

    d) Can I borrow your bike from a day? _______________

    e) Mr. Naidu keeps travelling towards Delhi and Goa. _______________

    Q3. Fill in the blanks using Coordinating Conjunctions:

    a) Make haste ______________ you will miss your school bus.

    b) Raj is ill, ________________ he could not participate in the annual function.

    Q4. Fill in the blanks using Correlative Conjunctions:

    a) Raju can _______________ read _______________ write.

    b) Aamir Khan __________________ acts ___________________ directs films.

    Q5. Fill in the blanks using Subordinating Conjunctions:

    a) I missed the flight ________________ of the traffic jam.

    b) I found a ring _______________ I was walking in the park.




    Q1. Punctuate the following sentences:

    a) aptani valley in andhra pradesh is cold wet and fertile

    b) Varshas dog Bruno is well trained

    c) when are we leaving for Madurai

    d) Fruits water yoghurt and lots of green vegetables should be included in ones daily diet

    Q2. Write the full form of:

    a) WHO

    b) NGO

    c) WTO

    d) WWF

    Q3. Make the opposites of the adjectives by adding prefixes:

    a) interesting

    b) even

    c) respectful

    d) pleasant

    e) happily




    Learn and practise the following questions:

    a) What was the result of the authors giggle?

    b) How did Grandpa plan to use the sorted papers?

    c) Give two reasons why the author had an uneasy and disturbed night.

    d) Why does the child poet wish for a higher tree?

    e) Make a list of all that the child poet sees on climbing up the cherry tree.

    f) Why did she hate the remedial footwear?

    g) How did Sally express her gratitude to those who researched remedial cures?

    h) What was the cause of the disbelief of the other children?

    i) What advice did Lings mother give him on the day of inspection?

    j) Why did the plants not grow from the seeds that the emperor had given?

    k) Why did Ling think he was a failure?

    l) Word meaning:

    - assistants

    - substituted

    - sheepishly

    - cloggy

    - bulky

    - remedial

    - weird

    - endeavour

    - genuine




    Q1.Define the terms:

    (a) venation (b) ligaments (c) tendons (d) Shadow (e) locomotion (f) conductors

    Q2. Why is flower important to a plant?

    Q3. What are nodes and internodes ?

    Q4. What are the two types of venation? Give an example of each.

    Q5. Name the two types of roots and give two examples of each.

    Q6. Write differences between roots and stems.

    Q7. Describe the parts of a flower.

    Q8. Name the different types of joints found in human body.Give an example of each.

    Q9. What is endoskeleton and exoskeleton.

    Q10. What are the main functions of a skeletal system?

    Q11. Why animals need locomotion?

    Q12. How does a fish swim ?

    Q13. Why moon and planets are considered as non luminous bodies?

    Q14. state characteristics of the image formed by a pinhole camera.

    Q15. What are the conditions required for the formation of a shadow.

    Q16. Write differences between the shadow and the image formed in a pinhole camera.

    Q17. What is reflection of light? Name two objects which can emit light.

    Q18. Write an experiment to differentiate between good and bad conductors.

    Q19. What is a switch ? How does it help an electric circuit?

    Q20. What is the difference between a cell and a battery?

    Note: All the questions are to be done on loose sheets and arrange them in a folder.


    Practice Worksheet 1-Mathematics VI

    1. Write as decimals: a. Sixty and two tenths b. 1 c. 5 d. 50 + 9 +4 1000 4 10

    2. Draw two concentric circles with radius 2.5 cm and 4 cm. 3. Find the place value of the underline digits:

    a. 55. 654 b. 698. 205 c. 99. 234 d. 105.26 4. Perimeter of a regular hexagon is 144 cm. Find the length of its side.

    5. Construct an angle of 75 and its angle bisector using ruler and compass. Also write the points of construction.

    6. Find the perimeter of a rectangular field whose area is 2730 sq m and breadth is 42 m. 7. Marks obtained by 24 children of a class are as under:

    432, 325, 354, 498, 357, 266, 205, 478, 457, 295, 263, 325, 245, 393, 425, 396, 369, 317, 286,

    464, 355, 354, 210, 325.

    Prepare a frequency distribution table for the above data and answer the following questions.

    a. How many students scored more than 400? b. How many students scored less than 250? c. What is the maximum marks obtained? d. Find the range of the above data.

    8. Find the area of a rectangle whose length is 68 cm and breadth measures the half of its length. 9. Tarun brought 44m 6 cm rope, Hary brought 65 m 20 cm rope and Shilpi brought 70 m rope. Find the total

    length of the rope they all brought. How much more rope Shilpi brought than Hary?

    10. The number of trees planted by Eco Club of a school in 6 consecutive years is given below:

    Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

    No. of trees 665 550 790 710 550 900

    Represent the above information using a bar graph.


    Practice Worksheet 2-Mathematics VI

    1. Define the following:

    a. Data

    b. Tabulation

    c. Range of data

    d. frequency

    e. Arrayed data

    2. Convert into decimals:

    a. Rs. 325 and 65 paise b. 986 paise c. 68 kg 25 g d. 6 m 2cm

    3. Each side of a pentagon is 32 cm. Find the cost of fencing the field @ Rs. 24 per cm.

    4. How many tiles of dimension 20 cm 18 cm can be fixed on a floor 2 m 25 cm by 5 m 68 cm? 5. Draw an equilateral triangle PQR with each side 4.5 cm. Construct a perpendicular from point P to the


    6. Find the cost of covering a square garden with grass @ Rs. 35 per sq. meter if side of the garden measures 105 m.

    7. Construct a line segment XY where XY = 5PQ. (Take PQ = 3.2 cm.). Construct a copy of XY. 8. What must be subtracted from 100 to get 25.45? 9. Evaluate the following:

    a. 547 kg 88g + 68 kg 987 g b. 99 rupees less 562 rupees 25 paise c. Subtract 85.66 m from 200 m 6 cm

    10. The table shows the number of students playing four different games. Present the given information using a

    pictograph. Take the appropriate scale.

    Games Football Hockey Cricket Badminton

    Number of Students 200 140 100 50



    Q1. Answer in one word:

    a) How many set squares are there in geometry?

    b) What is the smallest unit to measure in a scale?

    c) Does the perpendicular bisector of a chord pass through the center of a circle?

    d) What is the longest chord of a circle?

    Q2.Draw a circle of radius 5cm. Mark the center as O and three points A,B and C such that OA=4cm,OB=5cm

    and OC=7cm. Now identify the point which lies:

    a) On the circle

    b) in the exterior region

    c) in the interior region.

    Q3.Draw a line segment AB of length 8.5 cm.Using compass, mark a point X from the point Aon AB such that


    Q4.Construct the line segments AB=3.5cm and CD=4.2cm. Now construct one more line segment XY such that


    Q5.Draw a line segment XY= 7 cm. and construct its perpendicular bisector AB using ruler and compass.

    Q6.Construct an angle of 750 with the help of ruler and compass and bisect the angle.


    HINDI worksheet


    HINDI worksheet




    Q1. Answer the following questions: