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  2. 2. Dr. Bernard Lander FOUNDER
  3. 3. Dr. Bernard Lander Founder, Touro College Dr. Bernard Lander Dr. Bernard Lander, founder and president of Touro College (1970-2010), was a social scientist and educator, a preeminent leader in the Jewish community and a pioneer in Jewish and general higher education. As associate director of former New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia's Committee on Unity, a precursor to the city's Commission on Human Rights, Dr. Lander promoted key fair employment legislation and attacked discriminatory quotas in higher education. An ordained rabbi, he earned a doctorate in sociology from Columbia University. Dr. Lander's record of achievement in creating and building new educational institutions was unparalleled. In 1950, he served as president of the Queens Jewish Center where, under his leadership, a school building was constructed. Two years later he co-founded Yeshiva Dov Revel, a major day school in Queens. He also served on the founders committee for Bar-Ilan University in the early 1950s. Prior to establishing Touro College in 1971, he served as a professor of sociology for over two decades at City University of New York. He served as dean of Yeshiva University's Bernard Revel Graduate School from 1954 through 1969 and reorganized Y.U.'s graduate programs into the schools of social work, education and psychology between 1954 and 1959. Today, Touro College/Touro University is a multi-campus, international institution with more than 17,500 students at campus locations in New York, California, Florida, Nevada, Israel, Russia, Germany and France.
  4. 4. Dr. Bernard Lander Dr. Lander served as a consultant to three United States presidents. He was a consultant to the White House Conference on Children and Youth; served on an advisory council on public assistance established by Congress; and was a member of the President's Advisory Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime in the Johnson and Kennedy administrations. For eight years he acted as a senior director of a national study on the problems of youth for the University of Notre Dame of South Bend, Indiana. He authored of "Towards an Understanding of Juvenile Delinquency," published by Columbia University Press, and numerous articles in the field of sociology. Dr. Lander also worked as a consultant to the Maryland State Commission on Juvenile Delinquency. A former Rabbi of Beth Jacob Congregation of Baltimore, Dr. Lander served over thirty years as a vice president of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.
  6. 6. Dr. Alan Kadish President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Alan Kadish Alan Kadish, M.D. is president and chief executive officer of Touro College and Touro University. As only the second president of Touro College, he has overall administrative responsibility for the Touro system, which has grown from a small men's college since its opening in 1971 into the largest Jewish-sponsored educational institution in the United States. The Touro system is currently educating approximately 17,500 students at 29 schools and colleges throughout the world, including at Touro University California and Touro University Nevada. A distinguished scholar, academic and administrator, Dr. Kadish joined Touro in September 2009 as senior provost and chief operating officer from Northwestern University, where he was a prominent cardiologist on the national stage. At Northwestern, he served on the faculty and as an administrator for the previous 19 years. He has worked as a teacher, research scholar and scientist, and clinician. He held numerous senior-level administrative positions at Northwestern, and also at the University of Michigan, where he had various appointments prior to joining Northwestern. A prolific researcher and writer, he has written extensively in his field, authoring over 300 peer-reviewed papers and contributing to several textbooks.
  7. 7. Dr. Alan Kadish Dr. Kadish considers it an enormous privilege to succeed Dr. Bernard Lander, who was the founding president of Touro College. An observant Jew, he is deeply committed to Touro's mission of serving in innovative ways the educational needs of both the Jewish and secular communities throughout the country and around the globe. Dr. Kadish is dedicated to delivering quality and accessible education to Touro's large and varied student body, and to ensuring that all students enter the workforce prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive economic climate. Dr. Kadish believes that Touro has become an important school for the study of health sciences, and is employing his experience in medicine to propel Touro's geographically distinct medical programs to leadership roles in American medicine. Currently, Touro operates two colleges of pharmacy, three colleges of osteopathic medicine, and graduate schools and colleges in health sciences in several states, including California, Nevada and New York.
  8. 8. Dr. Alan Kadish At Northwestern, Dr. Kadish served as senior associate chief of the cardiology division; the Chester and Deborah Cooley Professor of Medicine; and director of the cardiovascular clinical trials unit. He also served on the finance and investment committees of the Northwestern clinical practice plan. Nationally, he serves as chairman of the Clinical Cardiology Program Committee of the American Heart Association, and has been elected to prestigious scientific research and education societies including the American Association of Professors, the American Society for Clinical Investigation, and the American Society of Physicians. Dr. Kadish received his M.D. degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University and his postdoctoral medical training at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a fellow in cardiology. He is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and cardiac electrophysiology.
  9. 9. Dr. Alan Kadish He has been the recipient of numerous research grants, including from the National Institutes of Health, where he served extensively on review panels; the National Science Foundation; and other not- for-profit organizations. Dr. Kadish has also mentored many researchers and guided them to become successful independent scientists and teachers. Dr. Kadish is fully committed to Touro's mission of enhancing Torah values through education throughout the world. He has been involved in Jewish education and communal affairs for many years, serving on the boards of directors of several educational, philanthropic and religious institutions in Chicago. Most recently, he and his wife, Connie, were honored by the Ida Crown Jewish Academy, a Jewish high school located in Chicago recognized as a leading institution in the field of Jewish education. Dr. Kadish, who was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens and educated in yeshivas in New York, is married with four children.
  11. 11. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1970 Touro College is formally chartered by the State of New York. 1971 Touro College opens in September with a freshman class of 35 men. 1972 Division of Health Sciences is established, offering studies leading to a B.S. in health sciences and qualifying graduates as physician assistants.
  12. 12. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1974 Womens division is established as part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. School of General Studies is established to serve the citys diverse ethnic communities. 1975 First annual commencement exercises host 59 degree candidates. Total College enrollment reaches 1,000.
  13. 13. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1976 Touro College receives accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Physician assistant program is accredited by the American Medical Association. 1977 Mens division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is established to serve the educational needs and career aspirations of full-time yeshiva students.
  14. 14. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1978 Touro Israel Option organized to enable undergraduates to complete a year of intensive Judaic studies. 1979 Womens division opens at College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Brooklyn, NY 1980 Touro College School of Law Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center admits its first class.
  15. 15. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1981 The Graduate School of Jewish Studies admits its first class. 1982 New center opens in Midwood section of Brooklyn to accommodate growth of Flatbush division. Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center relocates to Huntington, NY.
  16. 16. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1983 Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center graduates its first class. The Graduate School of Jewish Studies awards its first master's degrees. The Center for Biomedical Education opens, initiating a bi-national cooperative effort between Touro College and the Technion medical school in Israel, leading to M.S.- M.D. degrees.
  17. 17. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1984 Yeshivas Ohr HaChaim, a full-time yeshiva affiliate, opens in Kew Gardens Hills, NY. Graduate program in physical therapy is established. 1986 The Graduate School of Jewish Studies establishes branch campus in Jerusalem, which in 2004 becomes Machon Lander (Lander Institute), an independent Israeli academic institution.
  18. 18. Milestones in the History of Touro College 1988 First class of Touro College biomedical students receives their M.D. degrees from the Technion in Israel. School for Lifelong Education opens for Chassidic and ot