Historical Recordings in Instrumental Music Recordings in Instrumental Music Education ... (1922-1951) –Former clar ... Historical Recordings in Instrumental Music Education

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    Historical Recordings in

    Instrumental Music EducationPhillip M. Hash

    Calvin College

    Grand Rapids, Michigan


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    Locate early recordings

    Examine as historical artifacts

    Research questions

    Histories of the ensembles

    Circumstances surrounding the


    Sonic information provided

    Recording offer unique

    window into a topic

    Connects past & present

    Only valid information on

    musical qualities

    Include recordings in the

    historical record

    Arsenal Technical High School, Indianapolis, IN (Cannon, 1926)

  • Online Resources


    Google Books

    International Arcade Museum

    Library of Congress


    Discography of American Historical Recordings

    University of California Santa Barbra

    Date Title Primary Performer

    Victor 7/3/1924The bouquet :

    OvertureMarch Junior High School Orchestra

    Victor 7/3/1924 Petronel march March Junior High School Orchestra

    Victor 5/27/1929 Cavatina Pelham High School Orchestra

    Victor 5/27/1929 The pelican parade Pelham High School Orchestra

  • Early Recording TechnologyDay, T. (2002). A Century of Recorded Music: Listening to Musical History. Cambridge MS: Yale University Press.

    Acoustic (Pre1925)

    Electrical (After 1925)

  • Joseph Maddy (1891-1966)

    Music Education Pioneer

    Professional Musician/conductor

    Supervisor of Music

    Rochester NY (1918-1920)

    Richmond IN (1920-1924)

    Ann Arbor MI (1924-1927)

    Prof. Univ. of Michigan (1924-1961)

    Co-Author - Universal Teacher

    Founder of National Music Camp (1928)

    Radio Music Lessons

  • Morton HS Orchestra,

    Richmond IN (1922)

    MSNC, Nashville TN (1922)

    Recorded at Starr Piano

    Co./Gennett Records

    Acoustic Process

    Ivanow: Caucasian Sketches: In the Village

    Sousa: Dwellers of the Western

    World: The Red Man


    Morton HS Orchestra, The Pierien, 1923

  • National HS Orchestra National High School Orchestra &

    Band Camp Interlochen MI (Recorded July 30-31, 1929)

    Victor Records

    Recorded outdoors at the

    Interlochen Bowl

    Orchestra = 176 players!

    Electrical Process

    Funds donated to camp

    Symphony no. 1 (II)


    Heart Wounds Grieg

    Cripple Creek - Springfield

    Ozarka Suite Carl Busch

    (IV) Hill Billies Dance

    (Recordings courtesy of Byron Hanson ICA)




    Oct. 13,


  • Boy Scout Band of

    Springfield, Missouri (1920-1949)

    Organized 1920

    R. Ritchie Robertson

    Also School Music Supervisor

    Regularly Toured U.S.

    Over 400 members 1930s

    Newsreels & Promotional

    Movies for C. G. Conn

    Phonograph Recordings

    July 28-29, 1926 - St. Louis, MO

    Brunswick Record Company

    7 recordings/4 issued

    HS Cadets

    Under the Double Eagle

    Stars & Stripes

    General Pershing

    R. R. Robertson,

    Presto, July 7, 1924

    1926 Union Station,

    St. Louis,( Springfield

    Greene Co. Library)

  • National School Band Contests

    (1926-1936) System of State (1924-)&

    National (1926-36)


    C. M. Termaine NBAM

    CIA of MSNC

    w/ Industry Support

    Classifications based on

    School Size & years of


    Cost of travel

    Became Regional Events


    Massed Bands, National Contest, Tulsa, OK, 1931

  • Harbor Special HS Band

    Ashtabula, Ohio (Class B) Organized fall of 1924

    George E. Wahlstrom

    1st place: class C (1925);

    class B (1926); entered class

    A (1927)

    National Contest May, 1926,

    Fostoria, OH (class B)

    68 members

    Recording (fall, 1926)

    Flanders (March) - McNichol

    Magnolia Serenade - Missud

    Kaarlo Mackey 27 (soloist)

    1st place clar. soloist OH

    HHS Band, The Mariner, 1927

  • Modesto High School Band

    Organized fall 1920

    William Whilman Higgins

    Directed by Frank Mancini


    Former clar. - Sousa Band

    National Contests

    1927 Council Bluffs IA (3nd)

    1928 Joliet IL (3rd)

    1929 Denver CO (2nd)

    Beethoven: Egmont

    Overture, Op.84

    Recorded May 11, 1930

    National Recording Registry,

    Library of Congress (2006)

    Research by Steven Pecsek (2009) http://www.loc.gov/programs/static/national-recording-preservation-board/documents/modesto.pdf


  • Conclusion

    School Ensembles did


    Becoming More Available


    Internet Archive


    Include w/ other Historical

    Information in Research

    Recreating historical


    Online supplements to

    articles & dissertations

    Members of the NY Philharmonic record music

    appreciation series in Gennetts NY Studio - 1925


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