78 rpm INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS - Holdridge rpm INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS String, Keyboard Wind Soloists – Conductors ... BOHEMIAN [SUK] STRING QUARTET [Karl Hoffmann, Josef Suk, Jiri

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    String, Keyboard & Wind Soloists Conductors - Orchestras If anything is not clear, please advise as soon as possible and Ill try to help.

    JOHN AMADIO [flutist] 3631. 12 Red Orth. Victrola 9695 [Cc17488-IV/17489-III]. THE CARNIVAL OF VENICE

    (arr. Briccaldi)/HUNGARIAN PASTORAL FANTASIE (Doppler). With Orch. dir. George Byng. Small lbl. stkr., few lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $12.00.

    AMAR STRING QUARTET [L. Amar; W. Caspar; P. Hindemith; R. Hindemith] 2388. 12 Blk. EE Polydor 66422-66424 [429bg-434bg]. STRING QUARTET, Op. 22 (Paul

    Hindemith). Six sides. Just about 1-2. $60.00.

    AARON AVSHALOMOV [composer/conductor]. Siberia, 1894-Portland, OR, 1964. Avshalomov developed an approach that grafted elements of traditional Chinese musicwhich he had first encountered as a child among the Chinese community of his Siberian home- townonto a colorful Russian style in the manner of Rimsky- Korsakov. He used the Western-oriented symphony orchestra to imitate and evoke sounds of traditional Chinese instru- ments, and he also transcribed characteristic ornamentations and used such instruments as temple blocks and finger cymbals. His only musical studies were in Zurich and he then resided in Shanghai, excepting a few years in the U.S. and elsewhere, until 1946. He then permanently moved to Portland, OR, where his son, Jacob, was conductor of the Portland Symphony. American Composers Alliance website. 3507. 12 PW Columbia Master Works Set 286 (68870-D

    68873-D). [A3074/3075-2, 3076/3077, 3078/3079-2, 3080/3081-2]. CONCERT IN G UPON CHINESE THEMES AND RHYTHMS (Aaran Avshalomov). Eight sides. With GREGORY SINGER [pianist]. Conducted by the composer. No album. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

    GEORGES BARRRE [flutist] 2160. 10 PW Red (gold print) Victor 1975. LA TIMIDE;

    LINDISCRTE/LA PANTOMIME (all Rameau). With HORACE BRITT [cellist], CARLOS SAL-ZEDO [harpist]. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

    2161. 10 PW Red (gold print) Victor 1976. TAM-BOURIN/LA CUPIS (both Rameau). With BRITT [cello] and SALZEDO [harp). Few lt. rubs, 2. $7.00.

    HANS BARTH [pianist] 2290. 10 Blk. Orth. Victor 20396. WITCHES

    DANCE, Op. 17, No. 2/SEA PICTURES: No. 7, Nautilus; No. 1, To the Sea (all MacDowell). Small lbl. tear side one, few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.

    HAROLD BAUER [pianist] 3156. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 8162. IM-

    PROMPTU-ROCOCO (Schtt, Op. 56, No. 2)/ VALSE (Arensky, Op. 15). Both with OSSIP GABRILOWITSCH [pianist]. Excellent press-ing, superb condition. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    3549. 12 Blk. vinyl Victor mat. CS-068860-1. NOVELETTE (Schumann). Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $50.00.

    REN BENEDETTI [violinist] 3908. 12 Blue PW Eng. Columbia D15074, D15075

    [WLX437/438, 439/440]. LE BOEUF DUR LE TOIT (Darius Milhaud). Four sides. With JEAN WIENER [pianist]. IMs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.



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    ARTHUR BERGH [violinist]. St. Paul, MN, 1881-Los Angeles, CA, 1962. A composer, conductor, violinist, and pianist, Bergh was a violinist with the Metropolitan Opera (1903-08) and the New York Symphony. He was a musical director for the Emerson Phonograph Company and in the later 1920s for Columbia. Here he recorded as a piano accompanist for several singers, including Alexander Kipnis. Later he worked for MGM in Hollywood as a music researcher and librarian. Bergh composed over 400 works in various genres. His setting of Poes The Raven had been successfully performed by David Bispham and Percy Hemus (who also recorded it for Victor).

    2042. 10 Vertical Blk. Phono-Cut 5187. ROMANCE (van Goens)/EATON [violin], ARTRELLA [flute], EATON [harp]. DREAMY MOMENTS (Ludwig). Cons. 3-4. $10.00.

    LOUIS BILLAUT [composer/conductor] dir. ORCHESTRE SYMPHONIQUE 3607. 12 PW Plum Disque Gram. L-884 [2G-502-2/504-1]. RAPSODIE LIMOUSINE:

    Pastorale/Boure (Louis Billaut). Recorded March 23, 1931. Cons. 2. $20.00

    LEO BLECH [conductor] dir. BERLIN STATE OPERA ORCHESTRA. Aachen, 1871-1958. Blech studied at the Berlin Hochschule fr Musik and with com- poser Engelbert Humperdinck. His long term conducting included the German Opera in Prague (1899-1906), the Berlin State Opera (1906-1923), the Charlottenburg Opera (1923-25) and then again the Berlin State Opera (1926-1937). Despite being Jewish, he was permitted to conduct in Germany following 1933 by having been made an honorary Aryan, although while guest conductiong in Riga in the later 1930s he was warned not to return to Germany. He re- mained with the Riga Opera until 1941 and then moved to Sweden, where he conducted the Stockholm Royal Opera. He ended his career by returning to the Berlin Opera, 1949- 1954. In addition to his success as an operatic and symphonic conductor, Blech was also a recognized composer in a variety of idioms, his opera Versiegelt (1908) having experienced international performances.

    3250. 12 Red Orth. Victrola 9329 [CLR3951-IV/CLR3952-II]. MASANIELLO: Overture (Auber). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    3222. 12 Red Orth. Victrola 9485 [CLR3994-I/CwR464-I]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: Overture (Verdi)/COS FAN TUTTE: Overture (Mozart). One tiny LSS side one, just about 1-2. $7.00.

    LOUIS BLEUZET [oboist] 3883. 12 Blk. PW Eng. Col. DFX 3 [WLX1076/1077, 1078/1079]. SONATINE POUR

    HAUBOIS [OBOE] ET PIANO (Marcel Mihalovici). Four sides. With TOMAS TERAN [pianist]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    NAOUM BLINDER [violinist]. Lutsk, Russia, 1889-San Francisco, 1965. A graduate of the Imperial Conservatory of Odessa at the age of 14, Blinder studied with Alexander Fiedeman and then at the Royal Manchester College of Music, 1910-1913, with Adolph Brodsky. He then taught at his Odessa alma mater until 1920 and toured the next eight years. In 1928 he made ten sides for Columbia in New York (his only solo recordings) around the time of his April 10, 1928 Carnegie Hall debut and then remained in New York for two years on the Juilliard School faculty. He subsequently became concert master of the San Francisco Symphony and was also noted as a teacher. Perhaps his most illustrious pupil was Isaac Stern, who made his debut at the age of 15, playing the Bach Double Concerto with his teacher. Glenn Dicterow was also a pupil. At one point Blinder had 17 students as members of the San Francisco Symphony and the entire first violin section of the Oakland Symphony.

    3007. 10 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 158-M [W145634-2/145635-6]. PERPETUUM MOBILE (Novacek)/WIEGENLIED (Schubert, arr. Elman). Piano acc. Valentin Pavlowsky. Two very small rubs side one, otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.


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    78 rpm INSTRUMENTAL RECORDINGS 3648. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 50118-E [W98459-1/98511-2]. LA CAPRICIEUSE,

    Op. 17 (Elgar)/CONCERTO: Canzonetta (Tschaikowsky). Piano acc. Valentin Pavlowsky. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    BOHEMIAN [SUK] STRING QUARTET [Karl Hoffmann, Josef Suk, Jiri Herold, Ladislav Zelenka] 3737. 12 Brunswick 90425 90428 [779bm/780, 781/782, 783/784, 785/786].

    QUARTET IN E MINOR (Smetana). Rare set, particularly as beautiful laminated Columbia pressings. Just about 1-2. $200.00.

    JOSEPH BOPP [flutist] 3489. 12 Plum Swiss HMV HEX 120 [2ZA-11-2/12-2]. BALLADE FOR FLUTE, STRING

    ORCHESTRA AND PIANO (Frank Martin). With Paul Sacher dir. Basler Kaminerorchester. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    ROSARIO BOURDON [conductor] and VICTOR SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 3904. 12 Blk. Orth. Vicor 36067. MARCHE JOYEUSE/

    LE ROI MALGR LUI: Danse Slave (both Cha-brier, ed. Hinrichs). Cons. 2. $8.00.

    EMMA BOYNET [pianist] 3068. 10 Red Scroll Victor 4315 [Z-type shellac]. LE

    MARCHANDE DEAU FRAICHE/LE PETIT ANE BLANC (both Jacques Ibert). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    ALEXANDER BRAILOWSKY [pianist] 3085. 10 PW Blue Polydor 90174 [2598BH/2599].

    VALSE, Mi Mineur (Chopin)/ TOCCATA (Debus-sy). Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    3302. 12 PW Gold Brunswick 90230 [1114BI/ 1115BI]. VALSE IMPROMPTU IN A FLAT MA-JOR (Liszt)/MARCHE MILITAIRE IN D FLAT MA-JOR, Op. 51, No.1 (Schubert). Excellent late 30s Columbia pressing. Few minor rubs, 2. $12.00.

    YOVANOVITCH BRATZA [violinist] 3647. 12 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 50112-D

    [WAX2510/2511]. ROMANCE (Wieniawski)/ LEGENDE NAVE (Jongen). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

    HORACE BRITT [cellist] 3083. 10 Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 2081-D [W149653-1/149654-3]. GRANADINA (Nin)/

    PICE EN FORME DE HABANERA (Ravel). J. Adler [pianist]. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    EDDY BROWN, ROMAN TOTENBERG, BENNO RABINOFF, BORIS SCHWARZ [violinists] 3003. 10 Blk. Royale 1826, 1827 [US 1244-2/1245-1, 1246-1/1247-1]. CONCERTO FOR

    FOUR VIOLINS (Leonardo Leo). With ERNST VICTOR WOLFF [harpsichordist), celli and bass. Four sides. Scarce. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

    2156. 10 Blk. Royale 1826, 1827 [US 1244-2/1245-1, 1246-1/1247-1]. Same as previous listing (#3003). Superficial rubs, 2-3. $15.00.

    FRITZ BUSCH [conductor] dir. LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA 3461. 12 Scroll Victor 11983, 11984 [2EA4013-I/4014-I, 4015-I/4016-I]. DON JUAN,

    Op. 20 (R. Strauss). Four sides. Z-type shellac. Just about 1-2. $15.00. FERRUCCIO BUSONI [pianist/composer] 3147. 12 Blue acous. Eng. Columbia L1470 [76060/76072]. PRLUDE IN A MAJOR;

    TUDE IN G FLAT (Chopin)/PRELUDE TO CHORAL (Bach-Busoni); SCOTCH STEP (Beethoven). Couple lightest mks., cons. 2. $75.00.

    LOUIS CAHUZAC [clarinetist] 3374. 12 PoW Blue English Columbia LBX 3 [CCX 1273-2/1274-1]. SONATE POUR

    CLARINETTE ET PIANO (Honegger). 1 sides/CANZONETTA (Piern). With Folmer Jensen [pianist]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.

    PABLO CASALS [cellist] 3637. 12 Scroll Z Victor 6635. GOYESCAS: Intermezzo (Granados)/TOCCATA IN C

    MAJOR: Adagio (Bach-Siloti-Casals). Glassy mint surface. Just about 1-2. $10.00.


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    GUSTAVE CHARPENTIER [composer/conductor] dir. ORCH. SYMPHONIQUE. 3449. 12 Art-Label Path X.5477 X.5479

    [N300066-2/300067-1, 300068-2/ 300062-1, 300063-1/300064-1]. IMPRESSIONS DITALIE (Charpen-tier). Six sides. Scarce set. Rerecorded later by Charpentier on Odeon/Decca. Cons. 2. $35.00.

    ABRAM CHASINS [pianist/composer] 3000. 10 Red Orth. Victrola 1582 [OB-1797-

    2A/1798-1A]. THREE CHINESE PIECES: Flirtation in a Chinese Gar-den; Rush-Hour in Hong Kong/A Shanghai Tragedy (Abram Chasins). One LSS (i.e. harmless) side one, otherwise 2 (or better). $12.00.

    RENE CHEMET [violinist]. Boulogne- sur-Seine, 1888- ? . Chemet studied with Berthelier and then became first violinist of the Cologne Orchestra, marrying pianist Camille Decreus in 1909. She subsequently became a soloist and performed with Nikisch, Wood, Men- gelberg and other major conductors. Chemet performed internationally and was particularly successful in the U.S. from 1921 to 1932. She was cited by the NY Times reviewer of a 1923 Aeolian Hall concert as a player of vivid tem- perament, of constant light and shade, yet broadly grounded in contrasting styles. Earlier she had been an assisting artist in an Emma Calv tour and later she was particularly suc- cessful on the radio. 1n 1932 she was enthu- siastically received in a tour of Japan. This also marked the year of her last recordings and seemingly her disappearance as well, one source mentioning that she vanished in the Far East, although it has been determined the she was living and likely teaching in Paris in the earlier 1950s.

    2209. 10 Red Victrola 1328. ROBIN HOOD: Oh Promise Me (De Koven)/LOVES GARDEN OF ROSES (Wood). Piano acc. Anca Seidlova. Cons. 2. $8.00.

    3231. 12 Red Scroll Z shellac Victor 6609. MINUET (Haydn-Hartmann)/NOCTURNE (Tschaikowsky-Hartmann). Piano acc. Harry Kaufman. Beautiful pressing. Slightest rubs, cons. 2. $12.00.

    IVAN CHENSKI [violinist]. Nom-du-disque for RICHARD CZERWONKY (1886-1949). 3037. 10 Plum acous. Grey Gull 4027 [Y1435-B/Y1439-A]. MINUET [possibly Czerwon-

    ky]/THAS: Mditation (Massenet). One harmless discoloration area side two. Gen. 3. $10.00.

    ALBERT COATES [conductor] dir. LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 3651. 12 Red Scroll Z Victor 9049 [CR217-II/141-III]. GTTERDMMERUNG: Sieg-

    frieds Funeral March (Wagner). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $12.00. 3604. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 9216, 9217 [CR894-I/895-1A, 896-II/897-IIA]. THE

    FOUNTAINS OF ROME (Respighi). Four sides. Excellent pressings. Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $20.00.

    3660. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 11160 [Cc20615-II/20614-II]. SONG OF THE NIGHTINGALE: Chinese March (Igor Stravinsky). Two sides. Excellent copy, few lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $12.00.

    3659. 12 Red Z-type shellac Scroll Victor 11482 [CR2488-I/2489-III]. KOMARINSKAYA (Glinka). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $12.00

    ERIC COATES [composer/conductor] dir. LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCH. 3458. 12 PW Blue Columbia Master Works 69399-D [WCAX6748-1/6749-2]. LONDON

    SUITE: Covent Garden [Tarantelle]; Westminster [Meditation]/ Knightsbridge [March] (Eric Coates). Just about 1-2. $8.00.


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    GEORGE COPELAND [pianist] 2112. 10 Red PW (gold print) Victor 2111. FANDANGO, Op. 79, No 5 (Turina)/SAUDA-

    DES DAS SELVAS BRASILEIRAS, No. 2 (Villa-Lobos). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

    PIERO COPPOLA [composer and conductor] dir. GRAND ORCH. SYMPHONIQUE (blk. Disque) or CONSERVATOIRE ORCH. (red Disque) 1976. 10 Plum elec. Disque Gram. K-6853, K6854 [OPG-468-2/469-2, 470-1/472-2].

    SUITE MIGNONNE (Piero Coppola). Four sides. Scarce set. Excellent laminated pressings. Just about 1-2. $40.00.

    1977. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 9276 [CTR-3389-I/3390-I. PACIFIC 231 (Honegger). Two sides. With Continental Symphony Orchestra. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    3658. 12 Red Orth. 9702 [CT4041-III/CR2755-I]. ALBORADA DEL GRACIOSO (Ravel). Two sides. Not Z but good shellac. Lt. rubs, 2. $10.00.

    3605. 12 Blk. PW Disque Gram. W-1029, W-1030 [CM349-III/350-V, 351-IV/352-III]. RAPSODIE ESPAGNOLE (Ravel). Four sides. Small lbl. stkr. Cons. 2. $20.00.

    3657. 12 Blk. PW Disque Gram. W-1074 [CF2736-II/2737-II]. MENUET ANTIQUE (Ravel). Two sides. IMs. Cons. 2. $15.00.

    3606. 12 Red PW Disque Gram. DB-4950, DB-4951 [2W-1518-2/1519-2, 1520-1/767-1]. ISTAR-VARIATIONS SYMPHONIQUES (Vincent dIndy). Three sides. / MARCHE

    JOYEUSE (Chabrier). Couple small rubs, otherwise just about 1-2. $20.00. 3459. 12 Red PW (gold print) Victor 9306. LENFANT ET LES SORTILGES: Five O Clock

    (Ravel, arr. Roger Granga)/PAVANE POUR UNE INFANTE DFUNTE (both Ravel). With Continental Symphony Orch. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

    PIERO COPPOLA [composer and pianist] 2614. 10 Blk. acous. Disque Gram....