High School Counselor Day November 2013

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High School Counselor Day November 2013. Financial Aid Session. Presenter: Connie Barton, M. Ed Shasta College-Director of Financial Aid. Shasta College- Financial Aid Website HOME PAGE. Get. www.shastacollege.edu/fa. Online. NOT. IN. LINE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of High School Counselor Day November 2013

High School Counselor Day

High School Counselor DayNovember 2013Financial Aid SessionPresenter:Connie Barton, M. Ed Shasta College-Director of Financial AidShasta College-Financial Aid WebsiteHOME PAGEwww.shastacollege.edu/fa

Get OnlineNOTINLINEShasta College-Financial Aid WebsiteHIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PAGE


THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS:Step 1- Submit a Shasta College application online

Step 2-Starting January 1st of every year, submit the FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov (attend a Cash For College Night!)

THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS:Step 3-Submit your High School FINAL transcripts to Admissions and Records, as soon as possible!

Step 4-Attend a Shasta College Orientation-learn more in depth information on Financial Aid process

THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS:Step 5-Once Shasta College has received students FAFSA, an email is sent to students from the FA Office Go online to My Shasta and check My Documents to see what is needed to submit to the FA OfficeStep 6-March-Financial Aid Office starts accepting documents for financial aid processing for the next academic year

THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS-IMPORTANT DATES/DEADLINESDecember- Check Shasta College High School Scholarship listingsJanuary 1st-FAFSA becomes available for next academic yearMarch 2nd- Entitlement Cal Grant (submit FAFSA and verified GPA to Cal Grant by this deadlineMarch-Financial Aid Office starts accepting documents for next academic yearMay-Registration for Fall semester beginsAugust-Students receive a Higher One Card (to access $$$)-Fall scholarships and loans open-Fall semester beginsSeptember 2nd- Competitive Cal Grant(submit FAFSA and verified GPA to Cal Grant by this deadline)

THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS-Processing Timeframes-Estimated Shasta College Financial Aid Office Processing Timeframes- March 1st - April 30th .2 to 3 weeks May 1st - June 30th .3 to 5 weeks July 1st - October 30th .6 to 8 weeks (August is our busiest time!)November 1st - December 31st .3 to 5 weeks January 1st - February 28th .2 to 4 weeks

Timeframes vary dependent on the number of files receivedSubmitting your paperwork during the March 1st-April 20th ensures the quickest processing timeTHE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS:Tips for ensuring financial aid is not delayed:Apply early Submit ALL documents needed in MayKeep checking My Documents until everything says processedCheck email for updatesFollow up and ask questions if necessary

THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS-INDEPENDENT STUDENTSINDEPENDENT STATUS REQUEST FORM:-Submit for unusual family circumstances-Form found at www.shastacollege.edu/fa_istat


HOMELESS HIGH SCHOOL LIAISON--Every High School has a designated liaison-Submit homeless verification letter

Federal and State Financial Aid Recent Changes:

California Dream Act of 2011Opened up State Grants for undocumented individuals in CAUndocumented students must have their GPA verified and sent to Cal Grant by March 2ndSubmit prior year graduates GPA by March 2nd More info at:www.shastacollege.edu/fa_dream

Federal and State Financial Aid Recent Changes:

Registered Domestic Partners- IRS Filing StatusStarting in the 2013 tax filing year, RDPs can file in a married statusBoth partners financial information must be included on the FAFSA/Dream ApplicationFuture guidelines will be provided by the Department of Education

Shasta College-Financial Aid WebsiteONLINE FINANCIAL AID PRESENTATIONwww.shastacollege.edu/fa_....



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Connie BartonDirector of Financial Aidcbarton@shastacollege.edu530-242-7719