High Jump Annual Report 2011-2012

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High Jump is Chicago’s leading tuition-free academic enrichment program for talented and motivated middle school students.

Text of High Jump Annual Report 2011-2012

  • Annual Report 2011-2012

    Determined Learners, Future Leaders

  • HIGH JUMP annual report 11-12

    During the two or three years that they are enrolled in High Jump, students participate in over 350

    classroom hours of academic enrichment annually, including Saturday programming and daily six-week

    intensive summer sessions. High Jump students receive mentoring, high school application and financial

    aid counseling, supplies and textbooks and are exposed to life-changing opportunities such as an annual

    educational leadership experience and other special activities.

  • 1OUR MISSIONHigh Jump equalizes access to education for middle

    school students who have exhibited exceptional

    academic ambition and potential, and who are of

    limited economic means. We provide academic

    enrichment, counseling, and support to students of

    diverse backgrounds, with the goals of sending our

    participants to superior college preparatory schools,

    ensuring their success while they are there, and

    enhancing their ability to gain admission to highly

    regarded four-year colleges and universities.

  • High Jump helped me turn opportunities that I thought were beyond my dreams into the next logical step. Shamsideen Musa, Cohort 7

    2 HIGH JUMP annual report 11-12

  • 3Shamsideen Musa, an alumnus of Cohort 7, shared an observation about the program that

    resonates in many ways with the year we have had here at High Jump. In reflecting upon his path to his May 2012 graduation from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago, Shamsideen told a room full of High Jump friends and supporters, High Jump helped me turn opportunities that I thought were beyond my dreams into the next logical step. In June 2012, High Jumps leadership realized a long-held dream to increase the number of students who benefit from the programs mix of rigorous academics, powerful peer networks and character and leadership skill development. We are increasing the number of young people in Chicago who will experience the kind of opportunities that Shamsideen was talking about. One of our founding partners, the Francis W. Parker School, joined Latin School of Chicago and the University of Chicago Lab Schools to welcome High Jump students into their school communities.

    Parkers support coupled with Latins steadfast partnership and Labs commitment to allow us to serve 40 percent more students in our Prep 6 program has allowed us to grow dramatically. We now serve 220 students and are on track to serve 280 by June 2013.

    I admit, being new to High Jump, I was nervous about pursuing a steeper trajectory of growth than High Jump had ever undertaken before. But the opportunity to find even more talented kids, help them develop their talents and then connect them to earned opportunities has been extremely meaningful to me both personally and professionally. Our staff team was so eager to double our recruiting challenge and find more students and then more great teachers to guide those students. Our board members were so invigorated to secure the financial support we needed and committed to guiding our growth. I realized this was a chance for High Jump to live up to the model Shamsideen and every other young High Jumper who had conquered fear, doubt and unease on their own path has set for us. We would turn this opportunity to grow into simply the next logical step.

    Such alchemy would be impossible without the ongoing support of our generous donors and partners. We thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to support High Jumps determined learners and future leaders.

    With gratitude,

    Lee HartExecutive Director

    Dear Friends of High Jump,

    from the Executive Director

  • 4Dear Friends,

    We are very pleased to share with you this annual report for High Jumps 2011-2012 school year, a period marked by tremendous change and growth for the program. At the beginning of the year, we welcomed Lee Hart as our new executive director. For those of you fortunate enough to have met Lee, you will know that her energy and enthusiasm for working with High Jumps talented students have only been matched by her drive to see the program serve more great kids. In just a short time, Lee has raised the bar pushing hard to grow the program to a third campus location and to ensure that our results are tangible and measurable.

    High Jump has a long history of providing high quality academic enrichment opportunities for Chicagos brightest, hardest-working middle schoolers. Since its founding, our tuition-free program has focused intently on helping to make an excellent education accessible to motivated students, regardless of their financial situation. Students graduate from High Jumps two-year course of study with a solid academic foundation, and 100 percent go on to attend the finest college preparatory high schools in and around Chicago, and across the country. Our students work hard to achieve their education goals, and as a community of supporters faculty, staff, parents, volunteers and donors we know that we must also continue to work hard to help them succeed.

    As we look back on the year, we can say with certainty that we did work hard on the students behalf. With the generous support of the Francis W. Parker School community, we opened a new location that will allow High Jump to double the number of students the program serves. This is not only an exciting development for High Jump, but it is welcome news in our city and for the many deserving students who will benefit from greater access to learning and choice.

    We are proud of our High Jump students, and of their achievements in school and in their careers. Their successes inspire us in so many ways. We hope that they continue to inspire you, too.

    Thanks very much for your support.

    All the best,

    Vince CozziChair, Board of Trustees

    from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

    HIGH JUMP annual report 11-12

  • 5Our students work hard to achieve their education goals, and as a community of supporters we know that we must also continue to work hard to help them succeed. Vince Cozzi, 2011-12 chair of the Board of Trustees

  • 6Organizational Highlights 2011-2012

    Independent, boarding and parochial

    schools have committed more than

    $1.4 million in financial support for

    18 graduates of 2012s Cohort 22.

    To ensure a quality experience for all

    students, High Jump began working

    with Mission Measurement, nationally

    respected consultants that work with

    nonprofits to measure and maximize

    their social impact.

    In the third year of programming, the

    number of students in attendance at High

    Jumps University of Chicago Laboratory

    Schools Prep 6 program increased by more

    than 40 percent. Even with the increase in

    students, High Jump was able to maintain

    a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

    With increased funding in 2012,

    High Jump was able to create frontline

    leadership positions for our campuses.

    This is an integral part of fulfilling

    the goal of becoming a successful

    multi-site organization with replicable

    goals and outcomes.





    HIGH JUMP annual report 11-12

  • 7High Jump secured several large

    multi-year gifts that allowed the

    program to launch a third campus at

    Francis W. Parker School in 2012.

    For the third year in a row, a High

    Jump alumnus was awarded the Gates

    Millennium Scholarship. In addition,

    one alumnus received the QuestBridge

    Scholarship and three alumni were named

    Posse Scholars. These college-access and

    youth-leadership scholarship funds are

    highly competitive on a national level.

    By June of 2013, High Jump will be

    serving 280 students annually. Since

    the programs inception, High Jump has

    produced more than 900 alumni.




  • 8 HIGH JUMP annual report 11-12

    Programmatic Highlights 2011-2012

    Exploring ChicagoSixth grade students toured the University

    of Chicago and attended the acclaimed

    Physics with a Bang showcase at the

    University of Chicago Kersten Physics

    Teaching Center. The day featured hands-on

    demonstrations and lively lectures given

    by university physics professors. Students

    were also given tours of physics laboratories.

    Seventh graders attended the Chicago

    Shakespeare Theatres world premiere

    family musical The Adventures of

    Pinocchio, and enjoyed the sites of

    Navy Pier.

    The eighth graders ventured to Six Flags

    Great America to study the laws of

    physics in motion and discover how

    math and science apply to roller coasters.

    Students built model roller coasters

    and learned how force and acceleration

    operate in the real world.

    Students build personal libraries of fiction and nonfiction booksHigh Jump students ended the school year

    with a dynamic collection of books including: l Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck l Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson l Orphan of the Sun by Gill Harveyl Chandras Secret by Allan Strattonl Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijiel Our America: Life & Death on the South Side of Chicago by LeAlan Jones & Lloyd Newmanl Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Penal The Giver by Lois Lowryl Lord of the Flies by William Goldingl Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradburyl A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespearel Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell