High Jump and High Jump Training

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Presentation by Fuzz Ahmed, Senior Coach for British Athletics

Text of High Jump and High Jump Training

  • 1. HJ & HJ Training Fuzz Ahmed HJ UKA
  • 2. High Jump and high jump training Athletics Northern Ireland Fuzz Ahmed UKA
  • 3. Overview Introduction Philosophy High Jump Definition Drills Transitions into HJ Why do drills HJ Gymnastics Posture/Core Questions
  • 4. Who I am Fayyaz Ahmed (Fuzz) Jumped 2.21m aged 20 Coached by Mike Smith in Southampton Roger Black Kriss Akabusi Ewan Thomas Iowa State in the US from 1986-1990 Injured from 21-24 Returned to UK Retired in from athletics in 1994 Started coaching the same year NEC HJ UKA - October 2009-2012 - Senior Coach GB Athletics 2012-Onwards
  • 5. How I learned Learned because I had to! In athletics I have 32 years experience of L L C In coaching have not spent 20 years repeating the same thing I stick to what works I realised its not revolution but evolution Quality for LTD is more important than Quantity I approach coaches all over the world and ask why?
  • 6. Philosophy - Anatomy Da Vinci Vitruvian Man 1.61 (e) Golden Ratio Renaissance Artists - Divine Proportion Wingspan = Height Forearm = Foot Ankles = Wrists Knees = Elbows Hips = Shoulders Belly-button = Centre Motion creates emotion
  • 7. Philosophy - Coaching Sagittal Plane - Left/Right Frontal or Coronal Plane - Front-(Anterior)/Back-(Posterior) Transverse Plane - Upper/Lower
  • 8. Philosophy - Children are perfect
  • 9. High Jump
  • 10. High Jump
  • 11. High Jump - Definition A run up For most it is a straight line followed by a curve An explosive/gymnastic element at the end high jump noun ( the high jump) an athletic event in which competitors jump over a bar that is raised until only one competitor can jump over it without dislodging it
  • 12. High jump Steve Smith - an excellent natural talent
  • 13. High Jump - more detail The curve has strong forces that can be harnessed Entrance to the curve determines the way you exit it A good curve gives more energy for a good arch A good arch has gymnastic elements Your best jumps need to be your last jumps You compete against yourself over a bar Most of the time you end in failure
  • 14. High jump Angles/Strength
  • 15. High Jump-even more detail In time 90% of a high jump is running 6-10 massive power efforts The athlete has to be very strong from toe to head Distance judgement is very important Spacial judgement is also hugely important It is a very very technical precise event The bar is 3 cm wide
  • 16. High jump An excellent example of plant and forces
  • 17. High Jump So we know what the needs of the event are? This should in simple terms determine the training
  • 18. Training should include Lots of skill development - athletics Skills/drills that support running Should incorporate various jumping elements Be about getting strong from toe to head Have lots of mobility or strength in range Should have lots of distance proprioceptive skill Should have lots of spacial awareness skill Should incorporate lots and lots of technical elements Never leave technique alone
  • 19. High jump drills Ankle rolls on curve
  • 20. High jump drills Heel pick up on curve
  • 21. High jump drills Delicate straight leg on curve
  • 22. High jump drills Delicate straight leg open on curve
  • 23. High jump drills Straight leg penultimate on curve
  • 24. High jump drills Straight leg penultimate on curve
  • 25. High jump drills Two ones on a curve
  • 26. High jump drills Two ones on a curve
  • 27. High jump drills Delicate 3 2 1s on a curve
  • 28. High jump drills Both sides 3 2 1s on a curve
  • 29. High jump drills Standing 321 on curve
  • 30. High jump drills 5 4 3 2 1s on a curve
  • 31. Technique Dont do B before you master A If an athlete can do C, it doesnt mean they can do A&B so check! Athletes from other coaches may not have covered the same basics Technique must develop to keep up with speed/power improvements Maximise the benefit of training Reduce the likelihood of injury Sloppy technique will become habit if not improved upon
  • 32. Transitions into high jump 3-5 stride scissors into sand
  • 33. Transitions into high jump Hurdles on a curve
  • 34. Transitions into high jump Rhythm run ups, lots and lots
  • 35. Transitions into high jump Rhythm run ups, lots and lots
  • 36. Transitions into high jump Rhythm run ups, lots and lots
  • 37. Really high jumping 2.46m
  • 38.