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  • Determined Learners, Future Leaders WHAT IS HIGH JUMP? High Jump is Chicagos leading tuition-free, two-year academic enrichment program for talented students with limited financial resources. Founded in 1989, the program prepares students for selective public, parochial and independent college preparatory high schools. Participating students have high academic potential but face limited opportunities and resources. 100% of program alumni matriculate to college preparatory high schools. Selected students participate in a rigorous two-year course of study on Saturdays and daily during summer sessions. The enrichment curriculum is designed to inspire both the discipline and love for learning in its students. The program helps students build academic and social skills, foster self-confidence and independent thinking and gain critical information about future educational choices. High Jump has graduated 22 cohorts of students that have gone on and attended over 110 college preparatory high schools and 200 colleges and universities across the country. Since the programs inception, over 900 students have been served. WHAT IS HIGH JUMPS MISSION? High Jump equalizes access to education for middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who are of limited economic means. We provide academic enrichment, counseling and support to students of diverse backgrounds, with the goal of sending our participants to superior college preparatory schools, ensuring their success while they are there, and enhancing their ability to gain admission to highly regarded four-year colleges and universities. WHO DOES HIGH JUMP SERVE? High Jump serves students from families with limited resources and income. Students are recruited from a wide range of neighborhoods and schools citywide. The ethnic profile of current High Jump students is: African American 42%; Hispanic 41%; Multi-Racial/Other 6%; Caucasian 6%; Asian American 5%. WHO SUPPORTS HIGH JUMP? High Jump is 100% supported by contributed income. Corporate giving combined with that of foundations and individuals enables High Jump to provide remarkable educational enrichment entirely free of cost. Support provides students with the entire High Jump experience: Saturday programming Daily six-week summer intensive programming Educational field trips Annual outdoor education experiences Meals on each meeting day Physical education & health awareness High school admission and financial aid counseling Mentoring All supplies, textbooks and curricular materials. WHAT IMPACT DOES HIGH JUMP HAVE? High Jump has opened a door in my life that allowed me to take advantage of the many opportunities out there that I never thought were possible. I will always remember High Jump and will keep looking for an educational environment like this one, but Im sure that no other program will ever surpass my High Jump experience. - Michelle Ng, Alumna, Cohort 18 59 West North Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60610 Phone: (312) 582-7700 Fax: (312) 582-7701

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