High and Late Middle Ages

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High and Late Middle Ages. 1050-1450. Where it begins…. Feudalism is the way of life Church & Nobles have a great deal of the power Monarchs will attempt to take power back. Who’s Next. King Edward dies Harold vs. Duke William Duke has Pope’s support Invasion of England. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of High and Late Middle Ages

  • High and Late Middle Ages1050-1450

  • Where it beginsFeudalism is the way of lifeChurch & Nobles have a great deal of the powerMonarchs will attempt to take power back

  • Whos NextKing Edward diesHarold vs. Duke WilliamDuke has Popes supportInvasion of England

  • William The ConquerorMonitors CastlesAllegiance of VassalsCensus- DomesdayHad to follow CustomsJury SystemWilliam vs. ChurchThomas Beckett- Archbishop of CanterburyTrend?

  • King JohnSon of HenryFaced Phillip II of France, Pope Innocent III, and his own noblesLost to Phillip, Lost Anjou & NormandyLost to Pope- excommunicatedLost to Nobles- Magna Carta

  • Magna CartaRebellious BaronsAffirmed Feudal RightsLegal rights- People/ChurchDue Process & Habeas CorpusMonarchy must obey lawCouncil before taxation

  • ParliamentEvolved from councilsUnified England, How?House of Nobles & House of CommonsChecks who?

  • Successful Monarchy of France987- Capetians take throneUnbroken for 300 yearsEffective BureacracyTaxes & LawGained Middle class backing

  • Phillip IIGranted ChartersStanding ArmyNational TaxGained English lands in Anjou & NormandyAt time of death, most powerful ruler

  • Philip IVRuthlessly extends royal powerAttempts taxes from clergyIgnored rules and arrested clergy that did not payClashed with Boniface VIIISends troops to seize Pope- diesPapalcy moved to Avignon France- why?

  • Louis IX King & SaintJustice & Chivalry2 Wars against Muslims, persecuted Jews & HereticsRoyal CourtsOfficials to check on officialsOutlawed private wars-ends serfdom- significance?

  • Estates GeneralReps from 3 classes- clergy, nobles, townspeopleDifference from Parliament?

  • Holy Roman EmpireAfter death what happened?Duke Otto I - King of GermanyWhat is Germany?Central & eastern Europe, parts of France & ItalyBishops appointed to governmentHelps Pope against rebellious noblesCrowned- HREEmperors chose bishops, issue?

  • Pope vs. HREPope Gregory VIIWants to separate from secular rulersBanned Lay InvestitureEmperor Henry IVHenry is exiled, Forgiven before new HREHenry invades Rome, exiles Pope1122- Concordat of Worms- Church picks Bishops

  • Struggle for ItalyFrederick Barbarossa- tried for Northern Italy, defeated by the pope and Lombard LeagueFredrick II- Clashed with PopesHRE- fragmented in feudal statesSouthern Italy & Sicily- upheavalSpain, France, & Pope try to gain influence

  • Height of Church PowerInnocent III - Claimed Papal SupremacyLaunched Crusade against French that wanted to purify churchMonarchs begin to centralize power, clash over clergy taxationPhillip- helps get Pope elected, power of papacy declines

  • CrusadesCauses?



  • CrusadesHoly LandPope Urban IICrusades on EuropeEconomic expansionIncreased Power of MonarchsThe ChurchWider World View

  • Reconquista in SpainExpel Muslims 1300 Christians Control much of Iberian Peninsula except for Granada

  • Ferdinand and IsabellaDrove Muslims from Granada- Spain unifiedUnder Muslims- Religious tolerationIsabella Ends tolerationStarted the Inquisition

  • Inquisition & Impact

  • Literature, Learning & Arts

  • EducationAcademic Guilds

    Student Life

    Women and Education

  • Europeans Acquire New LearningSpread of Learning- Muslims


    Science & Math

  • Medieval LiteratureEpics/Long narratives

    Dantes Divine Comedy

    Chaucers Canterbury Tales

  • Architecure & ArtRomanesque


    Illuminated Manuscripts

  • Romanesque

  • Gothic

  • Illuminated Manuscripts

  • Black Death

  • Post-Plague ChurchMany died during the plagueTough spiritual churchLuxury- for Pope in AvignonCaused a schism-1378-1417, ended with new pope from church council

  • Hundred Years WarEnglish vs. FranceLongbow helped Britain. Joan of Arc rallies FranceFrench have cannonKings expand powerParliament will have more power as well

  • Ready to ChangeRenaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration